NARTH pulls the Melonakos article

Recently, I took some exception to the outdated article, "Why Isn't Homosexuality Considered A Disorder On The Basis Of Its Medical Consequences?" by Kathleen Melonakos. It was posted on the NARTH website and reprinted at Lifesite News but has now been pulled from the site. You can still read it at the Lifesite News page. I commend Dave Pruden and the NARTH leaders who are taking seriously these concerns for accuracy.UPDATE: 1/5/06 - A commenter pointed out that the Melonakos article has now … [Read more...]

The controversy over Dr. Dobson's Time editorial

Old news by now, there is a dust up over Dr. Dobson's column regarding Mary Cheney and subsequent complaints by writers Dobson quotes. While not much is happening on this story in the mainstream press, blogs are all over it.I have not looked into the matter much and am undecided how much time I am going to spend on it. It seems to me as I read the column that Dr. Dobson cites aspects of the work of these researchers but does not say they agree with his position. This happens all the time in … [Read more...]

Unprotected review on National Review Online

National Review Online printed my review of the book Unprotected this morning. … [Read more...]

Maryland Psychological Association joins APA in same-sex marriage brief

Last month, the Maryland Psychological Association was asked by the APA to join them in filing an amicus brief in support of a MD case seeking marriage rights for same-sex couples. A Maryland psychologist made me aware of the APA request and I have been following with interest the deliberations of the MPA. The MPA president and board gave their members and psychologists nationally opportunity to offer opinions and comments about how the MPA board should respond. Although I favored neutrality, I … [Read more...]

NARTH news update

I spoke with Dave Pruden this evening and asked him about the recent changes at NARTH. Dave was quite open about some changes that were announced at the conference. He noted that Dr. Nicolosi's term as NARTH president will actually end at the 2007 conference in Dallas. At that time, president-elect Byrd will assume the helm with Dr. Nicolosi moving to past-president. A new president-elect will be voted in at the conference. To clarify, the election was a board election, rather than a membership … [Read more...]

NARTH news

The 2006 Narth conference has come and gone and there is a wrap-up here. NARTH has had some changes in recent days. A. Dean Byrd, PhD, CEO of the LDS affiliated Thrasher Research Fund was appointed President-elect of NARTH and I heard through a friend who attended the conference that David Pruden, Executive Director of Evergreen International was appointed Executive Director of NARTH. Dr. Byrd is also a clinical professor in the medical school at the University of Utah and was formerly the … [Read more...]

Dr. Spitzer on YouTube

I have posted this before but am doing so because I finally uploaded it to YouTube. I wanted to see how this feature works. If you have seen Dr. Spitzer's interview, there is nothing new here. … [Read more...]

Australian news report on ex-gay therapy

"It's guaranteed!" says Richard Cohen.Here's audio. … [Read more...]