NARTH news

The 2006 Narth conference has come and gone and there is a wrap-up here. NARTH has had some changes in recent days. A. Dean Byrd, PhD, CEO of the LDS affiliated Thrasher Research Fund was appointed President-elect of NARTH and I heard through a friend who attended the conference that David Pruden, Executive Director of Evergreen International was appointed Executive Director of NARTH. Dr. Byrd is also a clinical professor in the medical school at the University of Utah and was formerly the … [Read more...]

Dr. Spitzer on YouTube

I have posted this before but am doing so because I finally uploaded it to YouTube. I wanted to see how this feature works. If you have seen Dr. Spitzer's interview, there is nothing new here. … [Read more...]

Australian news report on ex-gay therapy

"It's guaranteed!" says Richard Cohen.Here's audio. … [Read more...]

I am not a reparative therapist

I do not see this as a final word but I am reflecting on reparative therapy these days and wanted to get some of my thoughts down.I am not a reparative therapist.UPDATE: For more information regarding a framework for interventions regarding sexual identity, see the Sexual Identity Therapy guidelines... … [Read more...]

I am not a reparative therapist, Advocate article

From the Advocate:Gay man runs for APA presidentThe Advocate, CAAn openly gay man is running for president of the American Psychiatric Association. Jack Drescher heads the APA's Association of Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists and is a critic of therapeutic efforts to turn gay people straight. This summer he told The New York Times that "most people who go through these experiences often come out feeling worse than when they went in."Activists in the "ex-gay" movement say that if … [Read more...]