Glenn Beck on Why Ted Cruz Will Win: We Have Almighty God on Our Side

Glenn Beck earlier today in Tulsa.So if Cruz loses the nomination, will God be a loser too?Cruz has made it much farther than Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, the two candidates in 2012 who claimed God's calling. If Cruz makes it, it will indeed be a miracle. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump: Unintended Consequence of Fear Mongering

Like a extra piece of chocolate cake, politics is a tempting distraction for me. I vote and I have worked as a local volunteer in a few campaigns over the years but I mainly watch. Like many, I have lots of opinions and I think I am right. I also indulge in a fair amount of Monday morning quarterbacking but know full well that I am frequently wrong.I felt that way reading this New York Times article on the GOP's desperate attempt to stop Donald Trump. The article read a little like the … [Read more...]

Ronald Reagan and George Bush on Illegal Immigration

I fondly remember this Republican party. More evidence to me that the GOP has lurched right and has left many of us in limbo. Unlike these principled leaders of the past, now the front runners for the presidential nomination argue over draconian details of a modern-day trail of tears. For this and other reasons, I don't believe Ronald Reagan would be welcome in today's GOP.Mass deportation of 11 million people would be a humanitarian disaster. I will do what little I can to prevent it. … [Read more...]

Lifestyles of the Rich, Famous, and Hillsong

Coming up in medium to small, mostly middle class churches, I have not experienced a lot of the excess I write about. Gospel for Asia lets hundreds of millions draw interest in banks, pastors make half-a-million plus, million dollar book advances for Christian books, lavish lifestyles, jet planes, etc.But then yesterday, a reader sent a link to the Instagram account of Esther Houston, wife (is she really also a pastor?) of New York City Hillsong church pastor Joel Houston. The description is … [Read more...]

Mega-Ministry Methods: David Jeremiah Sows the Wind and Reaps the Windfall

One of the key events that led to the demise of Mars Hill Church in 2014 was the revelation that the church leaders had used around $250,000 of church money to strategically buy a spot on the New York Times bestseller list for Mark and Grace Driscoll’s 2011 book Real Marriage. Manipulating bestseller lists became a debated topic for several months after it was learned that other leading Christian authors had also used Result Source to manipulate the bestseller list (e.g., Les & Leslie P … [Read more...]

Dominionism Denial 2.0

During the last election, certain evangelicals denied the dominionist leanings of Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann.I haven't seen much dominionism denial this time around, but here is an effort from David Limbaugh. Echoing David Barton's evangelical founders theme, Limbaugh denies that evangelicals are the boogeymen. Don't believe fear-mongers who preach that evangelicals and other Christians seek to suppress liberties. You can be sure that precisely because of their Christian and biblical … [Read more...]

On Presidents Day, Family Research Council Incorrectly Quotes Presidents

Like these...(Update: Since I posted these tweets, FRC has taken down the George Washington quote. Clean up the Lincoln quote and they will be almost back where they started.)#GeorgeWashington believed God & the Bible should remain essential to our nation's character. #PresidentsDay— FRC (@FRCdc) February 15, 2016Mt. Vernon's website lists this as a spurious quote.#AbrahamLincoln relied on the wisdom of God and the Bible to lead our … [Read more...]

Amarillo Paper Reports on Mark Driscoll’s New Church

With Jimmy Evans as the hook, the Amarillo Globe-News today published a story about Mark Driscoll's new church.Evans is a pastor at The Trinity Fellowship in the Amarillo area.Along with Perry Noble and Robert Morris, we can add Jimmy Evans to the list of pastors who have taken a one-sided view of the situation in Seattle. Where is the effort to reach out to the former members and elders of Mars Hill?One can read the report of elder charges here. This matter was never resolved. A … [Read more...]