More on Martin Ssempa’s “meeting” with gay leaders

Last Thursday, I reported a statement from Martin Ssempa regarding his views of the Hang Them campaign initiated by the Ugandan tabloid, Rolling Stone.  Ssempa said he...spent three hours with leaders of homosexuals along with Bishop Ssenyonjo-explaining to them his position as a father.I understood the statement to refer to a meeting specifically set up to meet with gay leaders. However, there is more to this statement according to others who were involved. First, here again is Ssempa's … [Read more...]

The Tennessee house fire: The tales of Good and Bad Samaritans

According to this AP report, Gene and Paulette Cranick forgot to pay their $75 fire protection fee and the local fire department let their house burn to the ground.Paulette Cranick said they had paid the fee in the past, although sometimes late, but it slipped their mind this year.I have forgotten my yearly car registration before and paid extra for my attention deficit. I have forgotten other things too, but right now I forget what they were. So I can believe the Cranicks forgot to pay the … [Read more...]

Martin Ssempa reacts to Ugandan tabloid’s “Hang Them” campaign

On Monday and Tuesday, I posted screen captures of a new Ugandan tabloid called the Rolling Stone (no relation to the rock and roll magazine) which claimed to out gays and called for their death. Martin Ssempa gave an interview to the magazine and was touted for his anti-gay activism. The tabloid claims to have another four parts to the outing campaign, with more pictures, names and addresses to come. Some of the Ugandan contacts I have corresponded with over the last 20 months have not been … [Read more...]

Did Martin Ssempa give an interview to Uganda’s Rolling Stone?

Here are more pictures from the recent outing campaign in Uganda conducted by the tabloid, Rolling Stone, edited by Giles Muhame and Joseph Bahingwire.Note the headline:Hang them: They are after our children!!Also note that according to the article, Pastor Martin Ssempa gave this crew an interview, saying:We shall fight on until we rescue our country from the hands of evil. A lot of money from gay organizations is filtering in to destroy the morals of our kids. The war has just … [Read more...]

CNN: A Christian’s response to anti-gay bullying

Dan Gilgoff's CNN Belief Blog published my article on anti-gay bias involved in recent bullying related suicides. I am allowed to print a little bit and then link to the rest. I hope you'll read, recommend, and discuss it at both places...This week marks the beginning of the 5th annual National Bullying Prevention Month. Tragically, this comes just at the time when the nation is mourning the recent suicides of three young teens, Billy Lucas, Asher Brown and Seth Walsh. Although each situation w … [Read more...]

The silence from Las Vegas continues…

No huge news here, just been thinking about why the Las Vegas press has not written one word about the connection of Canyon Ridge Christian Church to the international story of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Today, I was contacted by a Finnish writer and yesterday alerted that the BBC is investigating the matter yet again and may be in touch. Most American and many European news organizations have covered the story extensively. NPR and Salon have addressed the Canyon Ridge connection but only … [Read more...]

Jeff Sharlet talks about new book and visit with David Bahati

Last night, Rachel Maddow interviewed Jeff Sharlet about his new book: C-Street. I have not seen it yet but I am aware that his reporting on his visit to Uganda takes up a chapter and will provide much detail about the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Roll the tape:Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Note the intent of Bahati for his legislation as described to Sharlet. He is not trying to close any gaps in law on child abuse. He believes the government there … [Read more...]

Family Feud: Karl Rove on Christine O’Donnell

The Architect is redrawing the plans for a GOP takeover of the Senate given Christine O'Donnell's primary victory in DE Tuesday night. He doesn't think she can win and pretty much has the opposition research details covered. Roll the tape:Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comO'Donnell will not garner many glb votes either as she has a history on the subject. Here the Daily Beast interviews ex-ex-gay Wade Richards who used to work with her in an ex-gay ministry as well as with Peter … [Read more...]