Go take this survey…

Bridge builder Andrew Marin is researching the religiosity and sexuality with a survey I can recommend. There are three weeks left in the survey period and I want to invite readers to go check it out.Here is his call for participants:We only have 3 weeks left in our 4 year study of faith experiences and religious/spiritual acculturation within the LGBT community!You can click here for all of the information (and answers to questions that were raised about it in the comment section) on … [Read more...]

Francis Collins rebukes the American College of Pediatricians: A closer look

Friday, I reported that Francis Collins released a strongly worded statement on the website of the National Institute of Health denouncing the Facts About Youth website. The website is a project of the American College of Pediatricians, a small conservative group of health and mental health professionals. For references, here again is the statement:Statement from NIH Director Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., in Response to the American College of PediatriciansFrancis S. Collins, M.D., … [Read more...]

NIH Director, Francis Collins, denounces American College of Pediatricians

As noted here at length, the American College of Pediatricians new website Facts About Youth falls far short of achieving the stated goals of being up-to-date and non-religious. The website also distorts the words of Francis Collins, National Institutes of Health Director. In a statement dated yesterday, he commented about the distortion on the NIH website:Statement from NIH Director Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., in Response to the American College of PediatriciansFrancis S. Collins, M … [Read more...]

Factsaboutyouth.com: A critical review

Yesterday, Focus on the Family's Citizenlink promoted a new website from the American College of Pediatrics, called Facts About Youth which purports to be a resource created by health professionals to provide policymakers, parents and youth with the most current medical and psychological facts about sexual development.The website makes additional claims about the information presented.Amid debate in the medical and mental health fields concerning the causes and proper approaches to youth w … [Read more...]

Altered Sexual Orientation Following Dominant Hemisphere Stroke

Things that make you go, hmmmm....Check out this story of "change."Case ReportThe patient, a 57-year-old right-handed man, sustained his first cerebral vascular accident in the right middle cerebral artery region at the age of 45, which resulted in right-sided hemiparesis that resolved completely within 3 months. He continued to run his private business successfully while living with his mother.The patient lost his father in early childhood. There was no evidence of an emotional … [Read more...]

Brain plasticity and sexual orientation: Train it to gain it?

This article about brain plasticity by Neil and Briar Whitehead posted on Anglican Mainstream caught my attention for several reasons. Some relate to classes I teach but for this post, I am interested in discussion surrounding the main reason the Whiteheads wrote about neuroscience: sexual reorientation.I have a few questions.Sex and gender researchers working in the belief that the brain and its functions were more less set, believed they might find evidence that homosexuality was … [Read more...]

WHYY interview with Judith Glassgold about APA task force report

Yesterday, I was on WHYY out of Philadelphia for an interview with Judith Glassgold, chair of the recently released APA Task Force report. Marty Moss-Coane is the host of Radio Times, a show broadcast over NPR as well as locally on WHYY.You can listen to the interview here. It is long (about an hour) but the long format allowed us to unpack the report and some of the clinical issues involved.Among other points, Dr. Glassgold affirmed my understanding and analysis of the APA task force … [Read more...]

New Scientific Research revisited

In the category of "Old Business."On July 23, I asked blog readers what the phrase "new scientific research" meant.Here is what some of you said:New: Recently reported (not in media for more than 3 months)Scientific: Can document measuring criteria, tested, revealing a need to do further researchResearch: Primary DataIf it’s new, it’s not a review of past literature.Data that hasn’t been reported before.Not -A literature reviewA meta-analysisA re-analysis of dat … [Read more...]