Sexual orientation hardwired according to WorldNetDaily columnist – The Soy Agenda, Part 3

So now it is settled. When WorldNetDaily comes into the biological determinism camp, can the entire conservative world be far behind? Anti-soy crusader, Jim Rutz, writing in his WND column this morning says this:No study says that soy dooms a child to homosexuality, but it's not hard to believe that at some point during pregnancy babies are hardwired for sexual preference. (See the Psychological Medicine article in endnote 27 below.) … [Read more...]

NARTH pulls the Melonakos article

Recently, I took some exception to the outdated article, "Why Isn't Homosexuality Considered A Disorder On The Basis Of Its Medical Consequences?" by Kathleen Melonakos. It was posted on the NARTH website and reprinted at Lifesite News but has now been pulled from the site. You can still read it at the Lifesite News page. I commend Dave Pruden and the NARTH leaders who are taking seriously these concerns for accuracy.UPDATE: 1/5/06 - A commenter pointed out that the Melonakos article has now … [Read more...]

The controversy over Dr. Dobson's Time editorial

Old news by now, there is a dust up over Dr. Dobson's column regarding Mary Cheney and subsequent complaints by writers Dobson quotes. While not much is happening on this story in the mainstream press, blogs are all over it.I have not looked into the matter much and am undecided how much time I am going to spend on it. It seems to me as I read the column that Dr. Dobson cites aspects of the work of these researchers but does not say they agree with his position. This happens all the time in … [Read more...]

The Soy Agenda

A bit more on the soy agenda.Jim Rutz provided blogosphere with a rich diet of comic material with his articles here and here.In his articles there is a pattern of selectively quoting material and using questionable sources next to authoritative ones.Just a couple of examples.In the most recent article, he quotes an FDA report saying that there was immediate controversy regarding the FDA guidelines regarding the beneficial health consequences of soy. While it is true that there … [Read more...]

Soy: The other devil food, Part 2

Jim Rutz must be seeing some converts to the Megashift. He is coming back for more with a new article and is making noises like he might start a weekly soy-bashing column over at WND.As an aside, I have an inherent distrust of anyone with a book titled, The Meaning of Life. … [Read more...]

Soy boys = Gay?

Can soy formula make kids gay? A minister named Jim Rutz thinks so. In a WorldNet Daily article called, "Soy is making kids 'gay'", Rutz claims: "Soy is feminizing, and commonly leads to a decrease in the size of the penis, sexual confusion and homosexuality." Soy formula is the blame, says Rutz, for the "rise in homosexuality." And here I thought it was a shortage of tennis rackets and pillows needing a beating.I researched this a bit and found some concern about mice but no adverse effects … [Read more...]

60 Minutes segment: Mother of fraternal twin boys a lesbian

In this 60 Minutes segment "Gay or Straight?" the mother of the young fraternal twins is a lesbian who was artificially inseminated to form a fatherless family. For some reason, I think I had heard this from some source that I cannot now find. The web story on the segment is available on the CBS News website. Dr. Michael Bailey disclosed this information today in response to a question from the audience at the Catholic University of America conference on sexual orientation. The 60 Minutes … [Read more...]

Same-sex marriage conference at Catholic Univ. of America

I'll write about this when I get back...THE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF AMERICAColumbus School of Law, Interdisciplinary Program in Law & ReligionThe Marriage Law Project, Washington, DC 20064What's the Story? A multidisciplinary discussion of Same-Sex Marriage & Religious LibertyMonday, December 11, 20068:30-10:00am Sexual Orientation, Gay Marriage and Child Well- Being: Understanding the Social and Behavioral Science DebateAre people born gay? Is there a gay gene? … [Read more...]