Public Service Announcement: Post-Christmas Stress Disorder (PCSD)

Going back to 2005, I have been warning blog readers about the scourge of Post-Christmas Stress Disorder. Sadly, this malady did not make it into the latest edition of the psychiatric manual, DSM-V. I am convinced that the omission of PCSD is one of the significant weaknesses of the new edition. PCSD resembles Pre-Christmas Stress Disorder and some people just have Christmas Stress Disorder. In most cases, PCSD spontaneously remits but in severe cases, intervention is warranted. Through research … [Read more...]

Monty Python’s Election Night Special

I'm just getting a loud buzzing noise in my left ear... The loud buzzing noise should improve after Tuesday night. … [Read more...]

The Official Winter Wear of Journey Into Manhood

  The Official Winter Wear™ of Journey Into Manhood unveiled! You have to feel it to heal it! … [Read more...]

Government to ministers: Preach or pay

Spoof alert - Taketh not this first part seriouslyeth. Washington, DC (HUH) - Today, Barack Obama pledged to introduce legislation which would allow the President to set days of public prayer and thanksgiving. Obama said he had come to recognize the importance of prayer to the nation and he believes the President should set the tone. However, a clause in the proposal has some religious leaders nervous. According to the Bill for Appointing Days of Public Fasting and Thanksgiving, ministers … [Read more...]

Statement from Harold Camping

"Oh, snap! I meant the other Earth!" … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer: Ban everything

He's getting harder and harder to spoof, but here goes... AFA analyst calls for ban on everything Tupelo, MS - Writing today for the website RenewMerica, Bryan Fischer asserted that all sex everywhere needs to be curtailed. "Just one wrong move and you're done for," Fischer wrote. "It's like cigarettes and gay sex, we are all one smoke or one hook up away from disaster." Fischer was reacting to a government report suggesting that one cigarette can be the one that kills you. "Of … [Read more...]

New ark to be built: Grizzlies & other bad animals excluded

I guess I shouldn't be surprised by this WHAT? report: AFA to rebuild Noah's Ark; Grizzlies, other bad animals excluded Tupelo, MS - The American Family Association's Bryan Fischer today announced that he is going to rebuild Noah's Ark. Citing media reports of animal attacks on humans, he says only the good animals will be allowed. "We are going to break this curse on the land and only take in the animals which do not attack people," said Fischer. "For instance, everyone knows … [Read more...]

The Tennessee house fire: The tales of Good and Bad Samaritans

According to this AP report, Gene and Paulette Cranick forgot to pay their $75 fire protection fee and the local fire department let their house burn to the ground. Paulette Cranick said they had paid the fee in the past, although sometimes late, but it slipped their mind this year. I have forgotten my yearly car registration before and paid extra for my attention deficit. I have forgotten other things too, but right now I forget what they were. So I can believe the Cranicks forgot to pay the … [Read more...]

Colonel Sanders responsible for homosexualization of America

Bolivia - WTHN - Today, Spero News reported that Bolivian President Evo Morales linked eating hormonally enhanced chicken with problems in masculinity, saying, “The chicken that we eat is chock-full of feminine hormones. So, when men eat these chickens, they deviate from themselves as men.” The chicken - homosexuality link was presaged in the US by a WorldNetDaily author, Jim Rutz, who linked soy products with an upsurge in bromance around the world. Rutz said, "Soy is feminizing, … [Read more...]

Obama says health care costs, sun to rise

Obama says health care costs, sun to rise At a political rally today, President Barack Obama touted his new health care reform proposal to a sun-baked crowd in New Jersey. Stunning the crowd, he said, ”Mark it down, people, healthcare costs are going to go up.” Obama added, “And if we wait long enough, the sun is going to come up in the morning too.” Harmon Morris of Boonton, NJ, clearly overcome by the President’s predictions, said, “The President really convinced me. … [Read more...]