National Prayer Breakfast spokesman: Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill sponsor will not attend the NPB

Yesterday, I disclosed that Hon. David Bahati, author of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill, would not be attending the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC on February 4. I then posted an update and statement from Ambassador Richard Swett, spokesperson for the National Prayer Breakfast. I am providing both here in this post.Here is my post from yesterday:Author of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill, Uganda MP David Bahati, will not be attending the National Prayer Breakfast according to … [Read more...]

Ugandan Muslim cleric threatens to hunt down gays

Buried in a feature article in Uganda's Daily Monitor about Martin Ssempa's plans to hold a march against homosexuality is a statement about a Muslim cleric named Multah Bukenya. Reporter Rodney Muhumuza wrote:Multah Bukenya, a Tabliq cleric, has also renewed his threat to form squads that would hunt gays.Tabliq is an explession of Islam which focuses on inviting others to join their faith, a kind of mission emphasis. In some places, notably Uganda, it has been linked to more radical poli … [Read more...]

David Bahati will not attend the National Prayer Breakfast

Author of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill, Uganda MP David Bahati, will not be attending the National Prayer Breakfast according to sources with the Fellowship Foundation. On Sunday, Uganda’s Monitor reported that Bahati planned to attend and to speak at the event. However, according to Bob Hunter and others with the Fellowship Foundation, Bahati was invited months ago to come to Washington DC only as a volunteer and not to attend the NPB event. According to these sources, Bahati declined the in … [Read more...]

Is David Bahati coming to America?

According to this report from the Uganda paper, The Monitor, David Bahati is planning to attend the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC during the week of February 4th.In February, David Bahati, the mover of the controversial Anti-Homosexuality Bill is expected to attend a prayer breakfast in the American capital of Washington DC.Mr Bahati told Inside Politics he is set to meet a special cabinet session to discuss the Bill tomorrow.“I intend to attend the prayer breakfast,” sai … [Read more...]

Accuracy in Media promotes inaccurate reading of Uganda’s Anti-homosexuality Bill

Not sure why this continues to happen. But here it is.Homosexual media activists in the U.S. such as Rachel Maddow of MSNBC and Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post have falsely depicted the bill in Uganda as an effort to kill homosexuals. In fact, it is designed to save lives by restricting dangerous homosexual practices, including pedophilia, child rape, and the deliberate spreading of the AIDS virus. The controversial death penalty provision, which even some pro-family activists in the … [Read more...]

Martin Ssempa plans million man march to support Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

From Reuters via the New York Times:KAMPALA (Reuters) - A Ugandan preacher with close ties to U.S. evangelicals and President Yoweri Museveni's family said on Friday he planned to organise a "million-man" march in February to support a proposed anti-gay law in parliament.The east African nation has faced intense pressure from Western governments and human rights groups over anti-homosexuality legislation tabled in parliament as a private members' bill last year.Museveni seemed to … [Read more...]

NPR: US evangelicals exports culture war to Uganda

This morning, Barbara Bradley Hagerty explores the connections between the US evangelical scene and Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Extensive material from Scott Lively is included with a brief comment from yours truly.  The transcript is at the link; go read and listen to the entire program but here are some segments.The battle over the Bible and homosexuality has torn apart Christian churches and entire denominations in the United States. But what happens when that culture war is exported … [Read more...]

Uganda’s Speaker of the Parliament opposes Museveni on Anti-Homosexuality Bill

This is interesting.I cannot make a sound inference from these statements from the Speaker. This seems more defiant than some believe is wise in Uganda. But here he is declaring his independence from his party's leader and President.It ain't over til it's over. … [Read more...]