Conflicting signals from Uganda about the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

If yesterday was yang, then I guess today is yin.The foreign minister said today that the Anti-Homosexuality is alive and waiting for more discussion. This from Voice of America:The Ugandan foreign minister denies the government is backing away from proposed anti-gay legislation because of foreign policy implications, saying the government is still discussing its position on the issue.  Gay rights activists express caution over reports the president has backed away from the bill.I … [Read more...]

Article on sexuality in Uganda’s Independent

This morning, The Independent, a Ugandan daily, published an article from me on sexual orientation and the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Titled, "What makes someone gay and can people change orientation?" I wanted to provide an honest summary of the issues surrounding causation and change.The article begins:Defending the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, Hon. David Bahati told the BBC, "It's [homosexuality] not an inborn orientation, it's a behaviour learnt - and it can be unlearnt." Is this … [Read more...]

Voice of America program on Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Today, the Voice of America did a program on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill today featuring Jeff Sharlet, David Bahati, Matt Kavanagh and Olara A. Otunnu.For now, it is downloadable, go give it a view... … [Read more...]

Movement away from Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill?

Scroll to the end for updates and audio of President Museveni's speech and a video report from NTV.Uganda Talks, the blog of The Independent posted this on Twitter this morning:Uganda backs off anti-gay bill: Saying that it contradicts Uganda's foreign policy, President Museveni announced t..., the link goes to a page which says the content has been moved or not published yet. I called the Indenpendent to learn that the content has not been published. … [Read more...]

Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill: What are American Christians doing?

This post will be a work in progress in that I am going to list organizations with connections to those in Uganda who are suporting the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. As I learn of various statements and positions of American Christian groups, I will post them, even if there are no particular ties to promoters of the bill. I need to caution readers that being listed here does not mean that the organization or anyone in it supports the bill. Reactions have varied and those reactions are what I am trying … [Read more...]

Scott Lively endorses a revised Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill

I have yet to see an actual revision, Lively proclaimed his support for one on his website today, saying in a release dated Jan 10:A leading U.S. based pro-family NGO has today endorsed the Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill after it was revised to remove its unacceptable provisions and to add a provision offering treatment to sufferers of same-sex attraction. Dr. Scott Lively of Defend the Family International, who advised the Ugandan Parliament on the issue of homosexuality in March rejected … [Read more...]

The Anti-Homosexuality Bill has some American defenders

Sadly, some in America defend Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009. A brief summary:I have already noted that Scott Lively is defending himself and the bill by saying it is a "step in the right direction." A few are emerging to agree.Gary Demar runs an organization called American Vision and recently posted this piece by Joel McDurmon, A Perfect Hatred. This article reveals an extreme form of Calvinist dominionism, writing:Now, it just so happens that God revealed that the homosexual a … [Read more...]

Scott Lively: Anti-Homosexuality Bill is “step in the right direction”

I am behind on posting relevant news concerning the main characters in the Ugandan drama.Here is an audio clip, you need to hear if you want to put Scott Lively's opposition to the Ugandan bill in perspective.Alan Colmes wondered how you could oppose the death penalty and call the bill "a step in the right direction." About the show, Colmes wrote:Scott Lively, one of three evangelicals who went to Uganda at in 2009 to preach against gays, says he doesn’t support Uganda’s bill that would … [Read more...]