Teen Mania Ministries issues statement about Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Add another US evangelical group to the list expressing reservations about Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Well, at least they kind of do...From the group's Facebook page:RON LUCE AND TEEN MANIA MINISTRIES desire to clarify any confusion surrounding the political happenings in Uganda that have come to view regarding the pending controversial bill before that nation’s legislature. While Teen Mania has partnered with many pastors and ministries in Uganda over the years, it has been to o … [Read more...]

Ugandan official says Anti-Homosexuality Bill not needed

This seems to be a promising development...Ndorwa West MP David Bahati’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill may be withdrawn from Parliament following pressure from the international community, a senior government official has said.The State Minister for Investments, Mr Aston Kajara, yesterday said the government was looking at the Bill with the possibility of withdrawing it. “The government’s official position is that we have enough laws to cover homosexuality acts,” Mr Kajara said. “Government did … [Read more...]

Uganda gay leader says Associated Press misquoted him; group not partisan

The New York Times this morning ran this Associated Press story on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill that did not make sense to me.Ugandan President Urges Softening of Anti-Gay BillBy THE ASSOCIATED PRESSPublished: January 7, 2010Filed at 7:12 a.m. ETKAMPALA, Uganda (AP) -- A provision that would impose the death penalty for some gays is likely to be removed from the proposed legislation following opposition from Uganda's president, the country's ethics minister said … [Read more...]

World Vision issues statement about Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

This comes from Dean Owens at World Vision:Statement by Rudo KwarambaNational Director, World Vision UgandaRegarding the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009The legislation under consideration by the Ugandan Parliament, commonly referred to as the “Anti-Homosexuality Bill,” has the potential to stigmatize some individuals in communities targeted by World Vision’s work.  World Vision hopes this legislation will not deter individuals from being tested for HIV or other sexually transmitted dise … [Read more...]

Richard Cohen sends letter to Uganda’s Parliament; opposes Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Richard Cohen sent this letter today to his mailing list.January 5, 2010 Dear Ugandan Legislators, My name is Richard Cohen. I am a psychotherapist, former homosexual, and director of the International Healing Foundation in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. In March 2009, we sent a representative, Caleb Brundidge, to Kampala to share his wonderful story of transformation from homosexual to heterosexual at the Family Life Network conference. The purpose of the conference, as we u … [Read more...]

Scott Lively’s nuclear bomb in Uganda

This is some disturbing video...Rwanda?I have resisted using the word pogrom but this video brings the word to mind. … [Read more...]

Fellowship Foundation’s Bob Hunter speaks about Uganda on the Rachel Maddow Show

Associate of the Fellowship Foundation, Bob Hunter, appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show tonight to discuss the Foundation and then the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Hunter left no doubt that the Fellowship Foundation opposes the bill. I also interviewed Mr. Hunter on Tuesday and will have more to report on that front soon.Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy and then part two...Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the … [Read more...]

WAIT Training breaks ties with Martin Ssempa over Anti-Homosexuality Bill

This just in. WAIT Training, the abstinence education group has broken ties with Uganda's Martin Ssempa.Here is the statement from their website:WAIT Training does not affiliate, endorse, associate or partner with anyone seeking to hurt or wound others. Our goals are to impart skills to help ALL individuals have healthy relationships, to LIVE WELL,  LOVE WELL and if they choose, to MARRY WELL.Recent developments in Uganda and around the world associated with Martin Ssempa have caused … [Read more...]