Spock on Implication

Someone left a comment on my post about Brian Houston's interview of Mark Driscoll. Most people seemed to think the interview wouldn't go forward. About 47 seconds into this clip, there is a debatable distinction discussed by the Spocks. WatchSpock: You lied.Spock: Awww, I implied. … [Read more...]

Missouri Baptist Convention Grateful to Help Host David Barton; Christian Historians Disagree

On Saturday, I pointed out that the Missouri Baptist Convention was co-sponsoring David Barton and George Barna to speak at the Turning America Conference to be held at the Second Baptist Church in Springfield, MO later this month.I asked Rob Phillips, communications director for the MBC, why the MBC was co-sponsoring Barton in light of the widespread criticism of Barton's historical claims by numerous Christian historians. The answer came from Dr. John Yeats, MBC executive director, who … [Read more...]

Tyndale House Talks to the Guardian (UK) About The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven; Emails Indicate Tyndale House Knew Details About Exploitation

I will have some observations and other questions about this article in the UK Guardian today about The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven.As I read this and examine the research I have, it seems to me that Tyndale House still hasn't confronted the seriousness of this situation. Their credibility was seriously compromised by their dealings with Mark Driscoll over plagiarism. This situation should prompt some serious public disclosures and changes.UPDATE: I have obtained a series of emails … [Read more...]

Another Organization Winding Down at the End of 2014: Invisible Children

Read this.And this.Watch this live. … [Read more...]

Dave Bruskas and Mark Driscoll to Mars Hill Church Elders in May 2012: We Really Need Your Help


The following post by Dave Bruskas and Mark Driscoll was made to Mars Hill Church's internal website The City and also sent via email to staff and elders on May 25, 2012. This memo contrasts with the reality of compensation for the executive elders, apparently unknown to the lead pastors and members at the time.This memo should be read along with the memo Sutton Turner sent to Mark Driscoll and Dave Bruskas in March of 2012 where Turner said the church was in serious financial trouble due to … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Bellevue Elders Will Remain in Place for Six Months Past Soma Transition

Yesterday, we heard from Jeff Vanderstelt about his move to Bellevue. Today we hear from Jason Skelton, pastor at Bellevue (now being referred to as "Eastside church"). Probably, the most interesting aspect of the communication is that the elders are committed to stay in place for six months. Vanderstelt said in his letter that the elders were willing to resign, but apparently that is not how it will happen. Somehow they will be assessed but the goal is to affirm each other (either oddly worded … [Read more...]

Current Mars Hill Pastor Says Investigation Findings Showed Mark Driscoll Not Qualified as Elder


In an ongoing conversation on a previous post, current Mars Hill pastor Steve Tompkins, indicated that based on the Board of Elders' investigation, Mark Driscoll is not currently qualified for the office of elder. Speaking to former elder Zack Hubert, Tompkins commented on the findings of the Board of Elders report of their investigation into formal charges by 21 former elders and other private witnesses.To my knowledge, Tompkins is the first current elder who has … [Read more...]

More Specifics About Changes at Mars Hill Church: Localized Governance, Financial Clarity, Culture Change

Lone executive elder Dave Bruskas gets more specific about changes in the works at Mars Hill Church in this message on The City (and the website): The full statement is here: From Pastor David Bruskas: Mars Hill,While most of the recent attention surrounding our church has been focused on accusations against Pastor Mark, I along with your Lead Pastors, are painfully aware that we have an unhealthy culture in our church, and many of us have contributed. We love you very … [Read more...]