Driscoll’s Recommended 2013 Raise

Wenatchee the Hatchet has obtained a memo apparently from Sutton Turner which recommended Mark Driscoll get a raise to $650k.Have a surplus, spend it on the pastor. … [Read more...]

Will Mars Hill Church Heed Sutton Turner’s Advice?


Yesterday, I posted a must read 2012 memo from Sutton Turner to his fellow executive elders. The memo described a serious financial crisis at the time with tentacles that have grown into a worse situation today. In the document, Turner provided suggestions, some of which he set in motion at the time. Note:In the second item above, Turner said he would revised the budget of each church for the rest of the fiscal year. He said, "This will cut back their staff spending and staff payroll." … [Read more...]

Acts 29 Fallout: Information About the Mars Hill Church Partnership with Corban University and Western Seminary

Free lance writer Becky Garrison has been asking Mars Hill Church's partners in education if there is any fallout relating Acts 29 Network's removal of Mark Driscoll and the church from the organization's membership. Western Seminary and Corban University are slated to offer classes at the church's new Northrup Way location in Bellevue.Western Seminary Garrison emailed Derek Hiebert, the Seattle Teaching Site Director for Western Seminary inquiring about the status of their relationship … [Read more...]

Michael Peroutka: To Determine Whether or Not a Law is Valid, One Must Consult the Bible

Michael Peroutla wants the Bible to be the law of the United States. It is the Christian reconstructionists dream. Here he presents in a nutshell (see what I did there) the crux of his argument that the law of the land must square with the Bible or else it can be ignored.Post by Institute on the Constitution.Before we can say whether a law is now or not we have to consult God's Word? That's precisely what I'm saying. That's exactly what I'm saying. That's exactly what our founders … [Read more...]

Where in Hudsonville MI is This American Club?

On Wednesday, I reported that the Institute on the Constitution has expanded their American Clubs into Michigan. Specifically, I posted a link to some pictures and a video of high school students IOTC said made up an American Club in Hudsonville, MI. Appropriately, Peroutka titled this picture "high school student indoctrination."Here are some other pictures of the club.Peroutka says these meetings took place at a high school in Hudsonville, MI. As far as I can determine, there are … [Read more...]

Spokesperson: Thomas Nelson Working With Driscolls to Address Real Marriage Citation Issues

I asked Harper Collins Christian Publishing Director of Corporate Communications, Casey Francis Harrell for comment regarding when the print edition of Real Marriage would reflect the changes now seen online. In response, Ms. Harrell said in an email: We are aware of the issues that have been raised about Mark and Grace Driscoll's REAL MARRIAGE, and we are working with the authors to address them as efficiently and effectively as possible in all formats. Thomas Nelson has addressed two of the … [Read more...]

Update on the Sovereign Grace Abuse Case

On May 29, plaintiffs filed a request to reconsider the dismissal of claims in the Sovereign Grace abuse case.  Plaintiffs are alleging a conspiracy on the part of Sovereign Grace leaders which, if granted, would allow the presentation of claims relating to that claims. Read the entire motion here.A helpful summary can be found here.A leading advocacy group formed out of the Catholic church abuse scandal has spoken out in condemnation of Christian leaders who have come to the defense of … [Read more...]

What Happened Yesterday?

(What it Might Have Been Like for Victims)by David BlakesleeI got up. I got dressed. I hugged my children. I called a friend. I went to work. I packed my bag for a prolonged business trip. I went to lunch. I then went to the doctor’s office for a final check on my health and then, to get my teeth cleaned.I was traveling for my work to a place where it might be hard to get medical attention. I sat down in the waiting room. I found a magazine, Sports Illustrated, to read. I flipped the … [Read more...]