The Reduced Version of Gateway Church’s Solemn Assembly Will Solemnly Assemble Tomorrow

Remember the huge solemn assembly of 75,000 pastors Gateway Church pastor Robert Morris promised his congregation? Here is what he said last year about it.You know, I was just standing here thinking, I am really, really glad, to be in church.  I’m just, I just, really enjoyed worship.  And I hope you feel the same way.  Um, I will, just to let all of you know, so you can be in prayer and also so I like for you to know things like this because it’s, we feel like at Gateway Church, obviously … [Read more...]

GOP Platform Members: What Happened to Arms Help for Ukraine?

This WaPo article said Trump intervened in one issue during the week of putting together the GOP platform: Ukraine.Specifically, the Trump camp did not want the platform to call for providing arms to Ukraine to defend themselves against Russian aggression.Most conservatives want to help defend Ukraine. Why doesn't Trump? Perhaps, his advisors and his own view of the world is that Putin isn't a threat or that Ukraine isn't our problem.Ukraine watchers are worried and I believe Trump … [Read more...]

Donald Trump Announces Evangelical Advisory Board

And here they are (from Politico):· Michele Bachmann - Former Congresswoman · A.R. Bernard - Senior Pastor and CEO, Christian Cultural Center · Mark Burns - Pastor, Harvest Praise and Worship Center · Tim Clinton - President, American Association of Christian Counselors · Kenneth and Gloria Copeland - Founders, Kenneth Copeland Ministries · James Dobson - Author, Psychologist and Host, My Family Talk · Jerry Falwell, Jr. - President, Liberty University · Ronnie Floyd - Senior Pastor, C … [Read more...]

Sutton Turner Files Motion to Dismiss RICO Lawsuit Against Him and Mark Driscoll

Yesterday, Sutton Turner filed a motion to dismiss the RICO lawsuit naming Mark Driscoll and him as defendants. He said he was never served and asked the court to dismiss the suit. I. RELIEF REQUESTEDDefendant John Sutton Turner requests an order dismissing all of Plaintiffs’ claims against him for failure to effectuate service of process on him within the 90-day period prescribed under FRCP 4(m).  Plaintiffs filed their complaint on February 29, 2016, and to date, have failed to serve Mr. T … [Read more...]

Dana Carvey’s Trump, Sanders, and Clinton Impressions (Video)

Just because this is hilarious. I especially love the Bernie impression.  … [Read more...]

What is Conservatism?

In his column about conservatives moving toward Trump as devilish deal making, Michael Gerson concludes with thoughts about what conservatism isn't: Conservatism is not misogyny. Conservatism is not nativism and protectionism. Conservatism is not religious bigotry and conspiracy theories. Conservatism is not anti-intellectual and anti-science. For the sake of partisanship — for a mess of pottage — some conservatives are surrendering their identity. He says what conservatism is not but not what … [Read more...]

Bill Kristol Announces The Renegade Party to Oppose Trump and Clinton

While the beginnings are modest, I think a third party could take off this year as both Republicans and Democrats experience buyer's remorse.Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard founder and conservative pundit, is not voting for Trump or Clinton and hopes to attract conservatives to a movement which could win three states and push the election into the House of Representatives.The Twitter account is here and a website is coming. What they lack is a candidate.  … [Read more...]

Yesterday John Wilsey Was On Line of Fire Talking About David Barton and American Exceptionalism

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary historian and professor John Wilsey was on Michael Brown's radio show Line of Fire yesterday talking about American Exceptionalism and David Barton.You can listen to it here. He was on from 25:00 to 49:00.Specifically he mentioned my book with Michael Coulter, Getting Jefferson Right: Fact Checking Claims about Our Third President as a factual response to Barton's The Jefferson Lies.Wilsey pointed out how Barton is often correct on certain … [Read more...]