Guidelines for commenting

In the interest of safe dialogue, if you comment here observe the following:

Posts may be rejected if they include defamation, threats, namecalling, profanity, ad hominem attacks, disruptive comments, or anything else that I think creates a hostile environment for people to engage in civil dialogue. Disagreement is fine as long as it is done in a respectful manner. Off-topic comments will be deleted if they detract from the post. Don’t use CAPS except in ways that reflect proper grammar. This is viewed on the web as SHOUTING and is offensive so don’t do it.

At times, commenters make a practice of deflecting discussions to themselves or find ways to derail a discussion off-topic. I will ban such practices after a warning.

Some comments are mixed. I may contact a commenter with the remedy if I have time. If you don’t see your comment up within 24 hours, you can assume it was rejected. If that is the case, and you want to complain, send an email.

At times, due to time constraints, I may have someone helping me do comment moderation. If ever you feel a comment was not approved and want to ask me about it, please email me at