Prior to Official Launch, Mark Driscoll’s The Trinity Church Is on the Hook for $2.5 Million in Building Debt

Apparently Mark Driscoll's The Trinity Church will pay nearly $2.5 million for the Glass and Garden Church in Scottsdale, AZ. Although appraised at about ten times that amount, the church is making payments to the church on two loans.Read the Deed of Trust.All of the details are not here, but it looks like the church may not have put much up front but instead has promised to pay the full amount over time to the owner. If the church defaults, the Glass and Garden Church take over. … [Read more...]

GOP Delegates Vote Down the Conscience Clause

Kendal Unruh's conscience clause was voted down in the rules committee just now. The committee voted to bind the delegates and to refuse to allow delegates to vote their conscience. Now the committee is voting to bind the delegates to Rule 16. It looks like the stop Trump movement is about to go down in the rules committee. I don't know what else is on the agenda of the anti-Trump movement but it doesn't look good.To watch the debate, go here.Unruh promises a floor fight.The GOP … [Read more...]

Eric Metaxas Says His History of Religious Liberty Has Been Misrepresented

Responding to Rachel Held Evans on Twitter, Eric Metaxas claimed his position on religious liberty during colonial times has been misrepresented.@rachelheldevans My position on this has been misrepresented. OF COURSE we had horrible instances of such things. I'd never deny it. — Eric Metaxas (@ericmetaxas) July 14, 2016I'd like to know how his position has been misrepresented. Please, Mr. Metaxas enlighten us with passages from your book.  John Fea from Messiah College, Tracy McKenzie … [Read more...]

If Trump Becomes the GOP Nominee, the RNC is Responsible

There is a way that the GOP can be saved. The Wall Street Journal maps it out here.Since a Virginia court case earlier this week made it clear that a state may not enforce laws overriding the rules of a political party, it is now up to the GOP rules committee to adopt a rule allowing delegates to vote for the candidate they now believe will be the best person to take on Hillary Clinton. If the delegates vote for Trump, so be it. If not, the GOP might have a chance in November.Right now, … [Read more...]

Donald Trump Says His Experience Shows That Blacks Who Feel System is Rigged Might Be Right

Donald Trump's been all over the place with his views of the African-American experience. Yesterday, he said he can't relate to African-Americans because he isn't one. He says Obama has been a divider and we need a cheerleader. Then he declines an invitation to speak to the NAACP, where he could cheerlead a little. Then he told Bill O'Reilly he could relate to the system being rigged against blacks because it is rigged against him.No really, watch what he said below:He was right … [Read more...]

Virginia Court Decision Frees Delegates, Paves Way for GOP Convention Fight

Today, a Virginia law binding delegates to the results of the state's primary was overturned by a federal court today paving the way for a delegate challenge to Donald Trump's nomination. The case was brought by Beau Correll who sought to prevent enforcement of a Virginia law binding delegates to the primary results. He does not want to vote for Trump and now he doesn't have to. Judge Robert Payne concluded: For the foregoing reasons, judgment will be entered in Correll's favor on Counts I and … [Read more...]

David Barton: Christian Professors Oppose Him Because They Were Taught by Pagan Professors

David Barton has said things like that before but at Charis Bible College last week he claimed he has the truth because he has "all the original documents." Watch:In this video, David Barton renews his war on Christian college professors. He claims we were all trained by "pagan" professors and just say what they taught. However, he is right because he has all the original documents. It is hard to imagine a more arrogant position. He surely knows that any documents of consequence in a … [Read more...]

What Really Happened with Saeed Abedini?

Phoenix Preacher is beginning a multi-part series about the case of Saeed Abedini, the Iranian born Christian preacher who was imprisoned in Iran and became an internationally famous symbol of religious repression in Muslim nations. PP was a champion of Abedini's cause while he was in prison but has now come to doubt key aspects of the narrative. The post today opens an exploration of those key claims. His introduction sets the tone: When Saeed Abedini was imprisoned in Iran in the summer of … [Read more...]