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Our bodies tell us who we are

Warning: Long post...This post could be part three of the series on sexual identity therapy and neutrality but I chose this title because I want to focus on one specific issue, at least in my mind, with telling psychotherapy clients that "our bodies tell us who we are." Saying something like this to a client is the expression of a natural law argument that is expressed by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi in his article "Why I Am Not a Neutral Therapist."Our Bodies Tell Us Who We … [Read more...]

Scent of a man

Another smell study, this time examining hormone and mood responses among straight women to male sweat.This passage from an article in the London Daily Mail is provocative:Dr Claire Wyart, of the University of California, said: "This is the first time anyone has demonstrated that a change in women's hormonal levels is induced by sniffing an identified compound of male sweat."This male chemical signal, androstadienone, does cause hormonal as well as physiological and psychological … [Read more...]

Year in review – Top ten stories from 2006

As much for my own reference and recollection as anything else, I compiled this top ten list of stories from 2006. Since I am the only voter, the list is subjective and regular readers might arrange them differently or think I should have included another story over one of these. I am interested to hear any reactions along those lines. They are arranged in the order of the interest the story seemed to create here on the blog, not their actual importance in the real world.I first note the … [Read more...]

The eyes have it: Sexual orientation and perception of invisible images

An interesting study out Monday suggests that sexual attractions direct primary appraisal (unconscious attention). What one pays attention to may relate to one's sexual orientation. The study, "A gender- and sexual orientation-dependent spatial attentional effect of invisible images" by Jiang, Costello, Fang, Huang & He and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science masked nude images of men and women in such a way as to make them virtually invisible. They found however, … [Read more...]

Another Press Snafu: The UPI misinterprets the lesbian story

As if to say, "me too!" The UPI is taking its turn at incorrectly reporting the Savic pheromone study. Here is what the UPI report said:Lesbians like men - with major differenceWASHINGTON, May 16 (UPI) -- Lesbians react to body odors like heterosexual men but with an important difference -- they are not sexually aroused, Swedish researchers say.In a study of lesbians who smelled a derivative of progesterone found in male sweat and an estrogen-like steroid found in female urine, the … [Read more...]

Just when you thought it was all about the smell

I think the study of attraction is just full of fun. What pheromones? … [Read more...]