Just when you thought it was all about the smell

I think the study of attraction is just full of fun. What pheromones? … [Read more...]

Lesbians and pheromones, Part 3. Healthday.com article

Yours truly was quoted in a HealthDay article by Kathleen Doheny. This piece sticks much closer to the actual report than the AP article does. … [Read more...]

Lesbians and pheromones, Part 2. Email from Ivanka Savic

Here is an email I sent to Dr. Ivanka Savic today about the study of lesbians' response to putative pheromones. My note is in italics and Dr. Savic's reply is in bold letters. Dr. Savic: The Associated Press story came out today about your study and I think they have reported it incorrectly. First I am wondering if you can help me understand things more clearly. I am enclosing a link to the AP report: http://www.forbes.com/entrepreneurs/feeds/ap/2006/05/08/ap2729698.html First, in the report … [Read more...]

Lesbians and pheromones

News is starting to leak out about an article embargoed until 5PM today. The article reports a study by the same Swedish team that did the gay male and pheromone study about a year ago. This study shows that sexual orientation at the extreme (5-6 Kinsey scale) differentiates how the brain responds to a putative pheromone. The response from lesbians is not as clear cut as gay males. Lesbians process estrogen derived pheromones both in the normal olfactory fashion and via the hypothalamus (a link … [Read more...]