Kuchus in the news

Not sure if I have used that term before to refer to homosexuals in Uganda but it appears in Huffington Post via an article by Mark Canavera.The kuchu movement is abuzz in Uganda. Kuchu is a (plural: kuchus) word, apparently of Swahili origin, that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) Ugandans have minted to describe their identities. "We do not use the word 'queer,'" explains Frank Mugisha, chairman of Sexual Minorities Uganda, an umbrella entity that brings together … [Read more...]

College of Prayer’s Julius Oyet promises arrests after the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is passed

Apostle Julius Peter Oyet is a co-laborer with Martin Ssempa in the effort to pass Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Oyet is a leader in the Born Again Federation of Churches in Uganda and has championed the "7 Mountains" theology in Uganda and the United States. Essentially, Oyet believes that the church should infiltrate the government and the media and run them by the teachings of the Bible. He is also President of the Ugandan branch of the College of Prayer, a ministry run by Rev. Fred … [Read more...]

Scott Lively on The Daily Show

There is absolutely no need for commentary. Really, you'll see.The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon - Thurs 11p / 10cGay Reichswww.thedailyshow.comDaily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea PartyOk, maybe a little commentary. To read all my posts on Scott Lively's tough gay nazi assignment, click here.Hat tip to XGW … [Read more...]

Have gays been arrested in Uganda? Ssempa says no, Mbale says yes

In his appearance on Michael Brown's Line of Fire show, Martin Ssempa said that homosexuals have not been arrested or killed under current law. Canyon Ridge Christian Church provided a transcript of a short portion of the show (oddly calling it an "unedited interview") where Ssempa responds to charges from Jim Burroway at Box Turtle Bulletin:Brown reads a written challenge from Jim Burroway posted on Box Turtle Bulletin, and Martin responds regarding death penalty provision and allegations … [Read more...]

Has Martin Ssempa’s Facebook page been removed?

It seems like a distinct possibility.Over the weekend, various Facebook users (e.g. here) reported that Martin Ssempa's Facebook page had been removed. Sure enough, it is not available. I contacted Facebook and asked if any statement could be made about the removal. Facebook spokesperson Simon Axten wrote to say he could not comment on specific users but in response to my inquiry said:We take our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities very seriously and react quickly to … [Read more...]

Abateesi – Martin Ssempa goes pop

Ugandan pop has got some game as indicated by this energetic music video collaboration of Ugandan artists Weasel, Radio, and Chance Nalubega with a guest appearance by Martin Ssempa. Below the video, I have a translation provided by Thomas Muyunga.ABATEESI BY RW&C VERSE I (CHANCE SINGING)……You have made me part of the common conversation, as if am Museveni,am part of all your conversations, that I Chance, am showing off, What is wrong with my showing off?P … [Read more...]

The Anti-Homosexuality Bill: Rumors of amendment have been greatly exaggerated

Canyon Ridge Christian Church pastor Kevin Odor told his congregation earlier this month that one reason they continue to support Martin Ssempa is so they can have an influence on his work. Since March when they met with Ssempa, he has gone a little quieter. He did meet with Muslims to rally support in May and in late March, he called Molotov Mitchell to complain that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill was being misrepresented. Mitchell then did a video which claimed to accurately describe the bill. … [Read more...]

Protest at Canyon Ridge Christian Church

Sunday morning, a small group of teens stood outside Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas and protested that church's support for Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill. I reported about this event last night on Salon.com.Chase Cates and Spencer Niemetz are listed as the organizers of the event on this Facebook event page. According to Chase, 17 students came out altogether with about 10 at any one time. The protesters ranged in age from 15-19 and represented a variety of views, backgrounds … [Read more...]