Monumental: Shouldn’t a movie about history be historically correct?

Crosswalk published my commentary today on the revisionism of the movie Monumental.In it, I look at three claims made in the clips released in advance of the movie. Specifically, did Thomas Jefferson and a dozen founders financed the Thompson Hot Press Bible of 1798? Did Congress print the Aitken Bible and recommend it as a "neat edition of the Holy Scriptures for use in schools?" Was the Jefferson Bible just a devotional book and not an extraction of miracles and divinity?I hope you … [Read more...]

Kirk Cameron’s Monumental Revision of Thomas Jefferson

Kirk Cameron is giving some in the media advanced looks at Monumental (which premieres tonight), including Christianity Today. In a follow up interview, Cameron extends his revision of Thomas Jefferson to a discussion of Jefferson's faith and the Jefferson Bible.Interviewer Andrew Thompson gets credit for asking a couple of hard questions about Jefferson's faith. Cameron dodges them with historical fiction. Thompson asked:The documentary mentions that the founding fathers were Christians, … [Read more...]

Could this be Santorum’s version of the Dean Scream?

First Santorum says Romney is the worst Republican to face Obama and then he gets all nasty when asked about it, calling bullsh*t on the reporter.I doubt this improves his chances to be the VP selection. Who would want to be the running mate of someone who is uniquely disqualified to run?  … [Read more...]

Getting Jefferson Right: Fact Checking Claims About Our Third President

That is the title of an upcoming eBook I am publishing on along with fellow Grove City College professor of political science, Michael Coulter. We are greatly expanding the posts I did here examining and debunking claims by David Barton and others about Thomas Jefferson. Most of the book is new material and examines claims about Jefferson in the areas of church and state relations, education, the Bible, his religious views and current politics. There is an extensive section on the … [Read more...]

Must Be Spring, Day of Silence Derangement Syndrome is Breaking Out

On April 20, thousands of students will remain silent for part of the school day to call attention to anti-gay bullying and harassment. Called the Day of Silence, the event is sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network.In 2008, some Christian right organizations called on parents to keep their kids home on the Day of Silence. This is happening again this year.The Day of Silence brings out some really odd statements from those opposed to it. One would think that … [Read more...]

Gay Staffer Says Invisible Children is Not Anti-Gay

In a post dated March 19, Vice-President for Business Operations at Invisible Children, Chris Sarette, says IC is not an anti-gay organization. Sarette has some credibility on this statement since he came out as gay in 2007. In the post, Sarette wrote:Invisible Children has attracted supporters, employees and board members who otherwise might sit on opposite sides of the aisle. The Invisible Children community‚Äôs common conviction that people are people, and the actions that back it up, are one … [Read more...]

Why Santorum can’t win in November

Watch this clip:Tony Perkins' pastor, Dennis Terry, brings the Christian nation rhetoric in a large way. Everyone else can just get out.Can a candidate who wants to unite the nation clap at such rhetoric? Santorum did. He says he didn't, but he certainly is clapping when the camera moves his way when Terry says the Holy Spirit will "show up" if we elect godly leaders.I do not believe the electorate will be as forgiving to Santorum as they were to Obama over his … [Read more...]

WND: Lively sued over “biblically based beliefs”

Of course, WorldNetDaily would weigh in on the lawsuit against Scott Lively. As usual, WND slants the matter to misinform their audience. The article by Bob Unruh tells readers that Lively is being sued overhis biblically based religious beliefs that homosexuality is a sin, and his statements about his beliefs.If you read the suit, you will find that the other people who went to Uganda with Lively (Don Schmierer and Caleb Brundidge) are not being sued. Those guys put out some misinformation … [Read more...]