Uganda: The other shoe drops

According to this article from Ugandan news source, New Vision, a bill was introduced and then tabled in the Ugandan parliament yesterday.The bill would make homosexual relations with someone under 18 punishable by the death penalty.Here's more:The Bill, entitled the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009, also states that anyone who commits the offence of homosexuality will be liable to life imprisonment.This was already the case under the current Penal Code … [Read more...]

Is Harry Hay an icon?

Last week, I noted that Department of Education appointee, Kevin Jennings, wrote uncritically about Harry Hay in his book, Becoming Visible.  I wondered why Jennings would write about Hay without comment on Hay's consistent support for the North American Man-boy Love Association.Forget Kevin Jennings for a bit; Harry Hay is an interesting character in his own right. As is typical of me, once I start looking into something, a side aspect of a story catches my interest. Such it is with Harry H … [Read more...]

Crashing the pajama party

I am pretty sure Andrew Malcolm nails it here.Saturday night before he was asked about "don't ask-don't tell" Obama told the banqueting but impatient Human Rights Campaign crowd (full text right here) all the Democratically-correct things it wanted to hear before the big march for LGBT equality the next day.So it was very surprising -- even jarring -- when on Sunday CNBC's John Harwood, long a respected political journalist, reported a conversation with an anonymous White....... House … [Read more...]

Harry Hay, NAMBLA and associations

For the last couple of weeks, Kevin Jennings has been at the center of controversy over his handling of a high school boy who came to him for advice about involvement with an older man. More recently, conservative bloggers have been attempting to make connections between Kevin Jennings and Harry Hay. Harry Hay was the founder of the Mattachine Society, the first gay rights organization in the country.The reason Jennings' critics want to make this connection is because Harry Hay was a … [Read more...]

Obama: Prince of Peace?

President Obama wins Nobel Peace PrizeOSLO - The Nobel Committee stunned the world today by awarding US President, Barack Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize.Committee chair, Thorbjoern Jagland, said it was kind of a consolation prize since Chicago didn't win the 2016 Olympic games."We just all felt sorry for Obama," Jagland said. "He was all sad and stuff, you know, over the Olympic thing, so we thought it would be a nice pick-me-up."Hearing the news, Nobel Laureate, Al Gore said, " … [Read more...]

Michael Glatze writes again; removes inflammatory comment from blog

Michael Glatze is back and according to one of the blog posts he left up, he is ready to "rumble."  Glatze caused quite a stir in July, 2007 when he announced that the former Young Gay America editor had gone straight. He was interviewed by NARTH's Joe Nicolosi in addition to being featured by various socially conservative groups.If you clicked the first link above, you went to a WorldNetDaily article by Glatze where he gives an update of his life since he first left his work as an ad … [Read more...]

APA Monitor on the APA sexual orientation and therapy report

The current American Psychological Association Monitor briefly reports on the August report from the Task Force on Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation. Not much new here for regular readers of the blog. The big news in my view was the treatment of religion which did not get as much coverage as the discouragement of change therapies.The article ends with quotes from NARTH's Julie Hamilton and me.Warren Throckmorton, PhD, an associate professor of psychology and fellow at … [Read more...]

PFOX wants libraries to heart Alfie’s Home

At least, I think Alfie's Home is the book meant by the following PFOX (Parents and Friends of Exgays) news release:"Ex-gay books are also not made available in many community public libraries," said Griggs. "The libraries in West Bend and Beaver Dam, Wisconsin will not accept our donation of an ex-gay book for children, although these libraries circulate several picture books with gay themes for children."I wrote to ask PFOX if Alfie's Home by Richard Cohen is the book they tried to donate. … [Read more...]