The world an end, and faith a means

The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis provide a narrative of an experienced demon, Uncle Screwtape, mentoring his nephew, Wormwood, in the family business -  luring people away from God. Lewis weaves in philosophy, psychology, theology and then-current events into his work and provides an evangelical look into temptation. Last night reading Letter #7, I came across a passage which brought to mind some of the pitfalls of the culture war for Christians. In 1942 wartime context, Lewis, via Screwtape, … [Read more...]

Important new documentary: American influence in Uganda

Current TV's Vanguard series takes on the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill in a documentary which will air next week on Wednesday, May 26. There is some important footage of Martin Ssempa and Scott Lively in the trailer with much more to come in the documentary next week.This is must see TV for anyone interested in any aspect of this issue. The work is quite well done and informative. To see the trailer on the Current website, you can also go here and there get more details about the … [Read more...]

Uganda: The HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Bill: Full Text

The HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Bill, 2010 was published in the Uganda Gazette on April 30 in advance of the first reading yesterday.HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Bill, 2010 … [Read more...]

Malawi gay couple jailed for “unnatural acts”

According to this CNN report, the Malawian same-sex couple who wed have been found guilty of indecency and unnatural acts.The pair was arrested in December at their home in Blantyre, Malawi, for professing their love in a traditional engagement ceremony. They were rounded up after news reports surfaced, charged under colonial-era sodomy laws and detained at Chichiru Prison without bail.The arrests received some popular support in the conservative southern African nation, but sparked … [Read more...]

Uganda: The HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Bill

According to this report and the Order Paper from today's session, The HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Bill was tabled for first reading before Uganda's Parliament this morning. The bill would criminalize the intentional transmission of HIV. However, the wording of the bill is raising critical concerns among human rights groups.The Human Rights Watch has a detailed and updated analysis of the bill here. Apparently, this bill has been contemplated for some time and is not simply an effort to c … [Read more...]

New study: Switching meds can help teens with depression

AOL Health quoted me today on a new study which provides evidence for aggressive treatment of teen depression. The study supports the practice I found effective when I worked with teens and young adults on a regular basis.Some might argue that the SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) need more time. However, practically, people don't stay compliant with recommendations when there is little to no improvement. There are so many options from which to choose, it seems reasonable to … [Read more...]

Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill: A status report

In January, rumblings came from Kampala that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill (AHB) might not have the full support of the government. Then on January 12, Uganda’s President Yowari Museveni expressed reservations and caution in a speech to his party members, sayingSo therefore, I strongly advise you that you agree to the idea that the cabinet sit down with Bahati, a sub-committee, and see how best to handle this issue because...because... it is a foreign policy issue. It’s not just our internal po … [Read more...]

Survivor – Julia Nunes

Like some Ukulele sometimes? Gotta check out Julia Nunes. Never heard of her? You will.What? … [Read more...]