Uganda Television Reports on Anti-Homosexuality Bill; Bahati talks to the press

NTV has been keeping up with the developments on the AHB:Nice to see more even coverage.Bahati has also been talking to the press, this time in the UK telling the Guardian that the Legal and Parliamentary Committee has 45 days to report back to Parliament with a report. This is in keeping with Parliament's rules for handling a bill. Bahati also says that a number of changes have been agreed to in advance of the second reading, including removal of the death penalty and a … [Read more...]

Uganda Monitor: $300 Million Lost to Corruption Per Year; Much Foreign Aid Gets Into Wrong Hands

While the Ugandan Parliament sounds a defiant tone to threats of removal of donor aid over the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, the government would be hard pressed to make up the loss of funds. According to this Monitor (Uganda) report, Uganda relies on funds from donor nations to account for 29% of the national budget. A significant portion of money, $300 million, is lost to corruption according to the World Bank.On point, The Monitor also recently revealed that MPs get the equivalent of just … [Read more...]

Ugandan Government Responds to Introduction of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

This just in from the Uganda Media Centre:ANTI-HOMOSEXUAL BILLFebruary 08, 2012RESPONSE TO INTERNATIONAL CRITICISMOF DEBATE ON ANTI-HOMOSEXUAL BILLUganda has today been the subject of mass international criticism as a result of the debate on the Anti-Homosexual Bill at parliament. What many of these critics fail to convey is the bill itself was introduced by a back bencher. It does not form part of the government’s legislative programme and it does not enjoy the support of the P … [Read more...]

Ugandan MPs Cheer Introduction of Original Anti-gay Bill

Uganda's Monitor and government backed New Vision both report this morning that MPs cheered when David Bahati re-introduced the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. According to the New Vision:There was excitement at Parliament Tuesday afternoon after the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2009 was re-tabled for consideration.Parliament resumed business on Tuesday after over a month of recess.MPs applauded as Ndorwa West MP David Bahati took to the floor to re-introduce the controversial Bill for reference … [Read more...]

Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill to be Tabled in Parliament Today – UPDATED

See Updates below:According to Parliament spokeswoman, Helen Kawesa, David Bahati's Anti-Homosexuality Bill is on the agenda to be tabled for a first reading in today's session of Parliament.Kawesa said, "The bill will go through a new process again. It is a new Parliament." This means that the bill will be referred today to a committee for study and recommendations. According to the Kawesa, the entire process of a first reading, referral to committee, public hearings and then a … [Read more...]

Follow up: NTV report says anti-gay bill to be brought to a vote

As I noted on Friday, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is back. According to this NTV report, it will be tabled soon, possibly tomorrow: Reports that the bill had been shelved are apparently incorrect. The Business committee met today and apparently came up with a schedule to return bills from the 8th Parliament to the floor of this new one.Here is the procedure for the bill if it is to be passed. If passed by the Parliament, the President cannot veto it. He may … [Read more...]

Was the Jefferson Bible just the words of Jesus? Part 2

In the mail Saturday, I received my copy of the Smithsonian edition of the Jefferson Bible. It is a marvelous reproduction of the original on display at the Smithsonian. Here is a picture of one of the pages which is photograph of the original manuscript:You can't see the words well but Jefferson cut out the portions of the New Testament he wanted to include in Greek, French, Latin and English. Verses are arranged so that the reader can see how they are translated in each language.I am … [Read more...]

Media report: Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill on Parliament’s Agenda Next Week

According to the UG Pulse:The Anti Homosexuality bill 2009 and the Marriage and Divorce bill are due for debate when parliament resumes business next week.The two controversial bills that raised public debate during the 8th Parliament are up for consideration when the Business committee of the House sits next week.In a letter to MPs on the committee from the office of the Clerk to Parliament, the meeting slated for Monday next week is expected to consider the legislative programme for t … [Read more...]