Uganda update: Anti-Homosexuality Bill on tomorrow's agenda; committee report suggests amendments; bill pushed to Friday

UPDATE: (5/11, 6:00pm ET) - There are quite a few stories being narrated surrounding today’s session in the Ugandan parliament. The AP describes a walkout by female MPs over the Marriage and Divorce bill which left the plenary session without a quorum. If not for that action, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill might have been debated and passed.For additional updates, click here...UPDATE: (5/11, 12:10pm ET) - Parliament spokeswoman Helen Kawesa just told me that Parliament has adjourned but w … [Read more...]

Uganda updates: Hearings continue on Anti-Homosexuality Bill

UPDATE 5 (Tuesday, May 10) - I started another post for the developments today. Go to that post for the latest...UPDATE 4: This petition against the Anti-Homosexuality Bill (AHB) has 100,000 200,000 signatures; check it out and sign on. Also, tweet this post with the designation #Uganda.All eyes will be on Stephen Tashobya's Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee tomorrow. If the committee's report on the AHB is completed and presented to the Speaker of the House Edward Ssekandi, then … [Read more...]

Uganda report: Testimony in anti-gay bill to conclude Monday

As the closing of the 8th Parliament looms, two early supporters of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill continue to promote passage of the bill. Martin Ssempa and Stephen Langa both testified Friday before the Legal and  Parliamentary Affairs committee. A website called Weinformers provide more information about their message and also reports that hearings will conclude on Monday.According to this report, Ssempa advocated the removal of the death penalty because it is not a "behavioral c … [Read more...]

David Bahati: Hearings took place today on Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Today, public hearings on Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill took place before the Parliamentary and Legal Affairs Committee, according to the bill author, David Bahati. In an interview, Bahati said that the Uganda Law Reform Commission and several religious leaders were on the list of those slated to provide testimony. He added, "I know that the process of legislation is moving forward."Bahati declined to say that the bill would be voted on next week, saying that the actual end of Pa … [Read more...]

Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill: Hearings may be happening now

A report from blogger Gay Uganda indicates that hearings on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill may be taking place now in a committee of Uganda's Parliament.Other sources tell me that the bill is certainly not dead, even with the unrest which has rocked the country over food prices. Gay Uganda believes the bill could be used as a distraction from the rioting. In any case, there is concern among GBLT advocates there that the bill could be scheduled for vote next week. If hearings are indeed taking pl … [Read more...]

David Barton on the Daily Show

Last night's program with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show was underwhelming at best. Stewart did not get to Barton's use of quotes out of context until the end of the 2nd clip and then Stewart did not pin him down on specifics.In the extended sections embedded below, Stewart tried to pin Barton down about the effect of the First Amendment but Stewart provided no quotes from Barton. Barton has said that the First Amendment only applies to denomination establishment of Christianity but does … [Read more...]

The Cincinnati Bible Wars: When the Bible was removed from schools

The month of May marks the 400 anniversary of the publication of the King James Version of the Bible. The most published book in history, the KJV was once widely read in public schools around the nation. However, in 1872 that trend was reversed by the Ohio Supreme Court in Minor v. Board of Education of Cincinnati which addressed what was called at the time, the “Cincinnati Bible Wars.” In 1869, the Cincinnati Board of Education voted to remove the KJV from the public schools, sparking angry prot … [Read more...]

David Barton on the Daily Show tomorrow

Pass the popcorn.According to Jon Stewart's Daily Show website, David Barton will appear tomorrow night May 4 at 11pm.Wait, what? He won't come on the Paul Edwards Show with me, but he'll go on the Daily Show?UPDATE: Well, that was disappointing. … [Read more...]