David Barton Continues the Whitewash of Jefferson as Slave Owner on the Bill Martinez Show

In prior posts, I have demonstrated that Thomas Jefferson was allowed by Virginia law to emancipate his slaves. Barton says he couldn't do it, but we demonstrate in Getting Jefferson Right that Barton omitted from The Jefferson Lies the citation to Virginia law that proves Jefferson could have done so.In a June 14 podcast of The Bill Martinez radio show, Barton compounds the problem by distorting the situation even more. About Jefferson and his slaves, Barton tells Martinez starting at 11:10 … [Read more...]

Did we parrot our professors to write Getting Jefferson Right?

Yesterday, on his Wallbuilder's radio show, David Barton took another swipe at Getting Jefferson Right. More precisely, he said:The book we recently did on the Jefferson Lies, there's two professors who came out with a book rebutting it before I'd even released the book! We don't have to read this stuff, we know it all false.I know of no other book by two professors which rebuts The Jefferson Lies, so I am pretty sure he is referring to our book. As RightWingWatch blogger Kyle Mantyla points … [Read more...]

Fired Alabama Public Television CEO May Sue Over Dismissal

Co-author of Getting Jefferson Right: Fact Checking Claims about Our Third President, Michael Coulter, was interviewed for this Current.org article which goes in depth about the firing of Alabama public TV executives. One fired executive suggested that the firings related to refusal to air David Barton's DVD series about the founding era. The current APTV board says the firings were unrelated to disagreements over programming. After reading the article, I think there is room for skepticism about … [Read more...]

ForAmerica promotes spurious Jefferson quote

Brent Bozell runs Media Research Center and founded ForAmerica but is promoting a quote falsely attributed to Thomas Jefferson. See the picture below exploding all over Facebook.The problem is that Jefferson did not make this assertion. The folks at Monticello have the whole story on the quote:Quotation: "My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government."Variations:"My reading of history convinces me that most bad government has grown … [Read more...]

Uganda now says it doesn’t discriminate against gays; AP says the bill has been shelved

Which part of this post's headline do you believe?Here is the link to the AP article in the Washington Post.Simon Lokodo appears to be in a bit of trouble now that he has broken up a couple of legal meetings of LGBT people. It appears that Lokodo had the green light to harass gays but now he is on his own.I am aware that Stephen Tashobya, the committee chair of the committee where the bill sits thinks there are better things to do than mess with the anti-gay bill. However, it is just … [Read more...]

Nobel Peace Laureates issue statement on behalf of LGBT people

Government oppression of freedom of conscience and expression is unconscionable. View this statement from four Nobel Peace Laureates expressing support for such freedom with special application to LGBT people. Uganda's Frank Mugisha is quoted in the statement as well.The statement begins:(Washington – June 21, 2012) In an unprecedented statement, four esteemed Nobel Laureates, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Muhammad Yunus, have expressed solidarity with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans … [Read more...]

The Jefferson Lies in Williamsburg, VA

While visiting Colonial Williamsburg yesterday, I ran into a surprising display. See below:The Jefferson Lies was on a prominent display along side other legitimate books of scholarship in the Williamsburg Visitor's Center bookstore. When I talked to the manager about the book, he was sympathetic but said there was nothing he could do, saying such books are included as a business decision.Idealist that I am, I was disappointed to see it there. Gentle readers, weigh in. Should I be … [Read more...]

Uganda to ban NGOs over gay rights

The crackdown continues:KAMPALA (Reuters) - Uganda said on Wednesday it was banning 38 non-governmental organisations it accuses of promoting homosexuality and recruiting children.Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda, along with more than 30 other countries in Africa, and activists say few Africans are openly gay, fearing imprisonment, violence and losing their jobs.Ethics Minister Simon Lokodo told Reuters the organisations being targeted were receiving support from abroad for … [Read more...]