Paul Canning has the details… Read more

Two Saturdays ago, I interviewed Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr by phone about the recent upsurge of anti-gay rhetoric in Ghana. Dr. Okoampa-Ahoofe is a Ghanaian who now lives in the US and is a college professor at Nassau Community College. I intend to incorporate his input in future articles on Ghana. For now, I am just going to refer to a column he wrote for Myjoyonline about our interview. He included just about everything we discussed so it is a pretty… Read more

This morning, Religion Dispatches published my article with advice for Rick Perry from our second President, John Adams.   David Barton is right about one thing: John Adams was a religious person. Adams twice called for national days of prayer and fasting during his presidency and attended many churches of different views. Although Adams had no patience for Calvinists or Catholics, Adams had immense respect for Jesus as an enlightened teacher.   Knowing this, Benjamin Rush lamented to Adams in an 1812 letter, just prior to… Read more

Anyone else up watching this mess? Politico just sent out word there would be no vote tonight. Read more

I noted earlier that Michele Bachmann declared today that her husband and their business were not running for President and thus, she would not answer questions about his policies or practices. However, earlier this year, Bachmann thought Michelle Obama’s views were fair game. Mrs. Bachmann criticized Mrs. Obama about Obama’s recommendations that women should breastfeed their babies as one means of preventing childhood obesity. Bachmann accused the First Lady of promoting a “nanny state.” As an aside, since nannies bottle… Read more

Today, at the National Press Club, Michele Bachmann was asked about her husband’s clinic. She avoided the question again. This time there was no shoving or tossing mics, but she again dodged the issue. Of course, these are fair questions for people to ask. She will get these questions until she can come up with some narrative about the clinic that will satisfy the media. Obama had to deal with his church, his business dealings (Bachmann is co-owner of the… Read more

I spoke yesterday with Ugandan MP Hon. Otto Odonga who told me that the Parliament will bring back the Anti-Homosexuality Bill soon, perhaps “by the end of August.” Although the re-introduction of the antigay bill had been expected, Odonga said the bill is “back from the perspective of the new parliament starting from where the last parliament ended.” Since the end of the Eighth Parliament, observers have speculated that the Ninth Parliament might not require re-introduction of bills deliberated upon but not… Read more

Yesterday, I posted a piece at Religion Dispatches about the response of Ghana’s government to my inquiries about the recent calls for arrests of gays. Here is the lead: In the face of reports that Ghana’s Western Region Minister recently called for the arrest of gays, a Ghanaian government source told RD today that the government was not “clamping down” on sexual minorities. The source, who did not want to be named since he was not speaking officially, said that… Read more

Why won’t Michele Bachmann discuss her counseling clinic? Nearly three weeks after The Nation and Truth Wins Out published separate accounts of sexual orientation change efforts at their Minneapolis-area clinic, Bachmann continues to avoid media questions about the matter. As was demonstrated by her response to questions Sunday at a campaign event in Davenport, IA, her inability to handle the issue has allowed the story to live on. Late yesterday, WQAD reported that they were snubbed by Bachmann over a… Read more

After this prayer, NASCAR could do one of two things: Make this guy chaplain or enact a wall of separation between church and race. Boogety, boogety , boogety. Read more

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