More coverage of police crackdown on gay rights meeting; anti-gay bill may be considered this session

Freedom of association, freedom of speech; these are precious freedoms that Ugandan gays do not have. And if David Bahati gets his way, very soon, Ugandan LGBT people may not have freedom to live.Note Bahati at the end of the video. He says Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee Chair Stephen Tashobya has assured him that the bill will be acted on in the next session.Folks, it looks like it is time to wake up again. … [Read more...]

Police break up LGBT conference in Uganda

Uganda's police with nothing better to do...KAMPALA — Ugandan police on Monday raided a gay rights workshop in Kampala and questioned activists attending the gathering, rights campaigners said.East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project, the organisation behind the workshop, said that police interrupted the meeting and began questioning participants at the event, including activists from Canada, Kenya and Rwanda.The police forced their way into some of the a … [Read more...]

Exodus issues additional statement regarding criminalization and Dennis Jernigan in Jamaica

Been traveling so this is just now going up:Exodus International Releases New Policy Statement On the Criminalization of HomosexualityMinistry responds to Christian Music Artist and Exodus Board Member, Dennis Jernigan’s Remarks in Kingston, JamaicaOrlando, Fla—Exodus International, the oldest and largest Christian ministry dealing with homosexuality, released a new policy statement on the criminalization of homosexuality. While the ministry has long held this perspective, they felt c … [Read more...]

Did we refer to original sources in Getting Jefferson Right?

Of course we did. I have referred to the original table of texts used by Jefferson on this blog to point out where David Barton incorrectly added some miracles to his account of the Jefferson Bible. They are also in Getting Jefferson Right.I pointed out here and we provided in the book the subscriber's lists proving that Jefferson was not one of a few founders who financed the first hot-pressed Bible in the United States. He subscribed to it, as did over 1200 other people.We quote the e … [Read more...]

Did Alabama Public Television fire executives over David Barton’s videos?

Maybe.Two executives, Allan Pizzato and Pauline Howard, were fired with no reason given on Tuesday. One of those fired gave no specific reason but another provided a hypothesis:Howland, deputy director and chief financial officer, described the firings in an interview with Current and said she was "baffled" by the dismissals. But she also recalled how Pizzato had asked staff in April for advice about a series of videos that AETC commissioners wanted APT to air.The videos featured David … [Read more...]

Dear Thomas Nelson: How many reviews will it take?

Last week, InterVarsity Press stopped printing a new book on the Reformation due to a negative review of the book by Reformation scholar, Carl Trueman.  The book pulled was by G.R. Evans and titled The Roots of the Reformation. Trueman uncovered multiple errors of fact and other misleading statements in the book which led IVP to make a decision to take the following action:Therefore, as of the beginning of June, IVP has taken The Roots of the Reformation out of print and will no longer be sh … [Read more...]

More calls from Uganda’s clergy to bring back anti-gay bill

This thing is never far from the surface.Top religious leaders from across the country have asked Parliament to speed-up the process of enacting the Anti-Homosexuality law to prevent what they called “an attack on the Bible and the institution of marriage”.I don't think the committee chair in charge of the bill (Stephen Tashobya) wants to  deal with the bill. Several months ago, he told me his committee has much more important business. However, he told me something similar during the last Pa … [Read more...]

Exodus International issues statement on reparative therapy

This seems to be a change...The California House recently passed a bill outlawing reparative therapy for youth under the age of 18. The Senate is set to vote in coming days. With the media abuzz, we have had numerous calls from news reporters across the country, asking for our opinion and position. Many others have simply mischaracterized Exodus International as a reparative therapy organization. One such instance was a newscast on an ABC affiliate  in San Francisco. The reporter stated that o … [Read more...]