I think we are back

Sorry for the absence.The blog problems kept things quiet around here for a day or so and then I am working on something which I will talk more about next week. Let's just say it involves history. … [Read more...]

Santorum gets nausea over separation of church and state; gets JFK wrong

The repetition of the throw up line is strange to me. Maybe it was something in his breakfast coming back on him.On ABC News This Week program with George Stephanopoulis, Santorum said he wanted to throw up frequently.STEPHANOPOULOS: You have also spoken out about the issue of religion in politics, and early in the campaign, you talked about John F. Kennedy's famous speech to the Baptist ministers in Houston back in 1960. Here is what you had to say.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)SANTORUM: … [Read more...]

Blog bumps: Server migration ahead

It is time to move.Move servers that is.In the process some comments might get lost between the two universes that is this server and the one to come.If you like the Fox Mega Show Fringe, you will not only understand but like it.If you don't like it or know what I am talking about, well then I can't help you. … [Read more...]

Change.org petition asking Citibank and Barclays to condemn Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill now has over 20,000 signatures

I really didn't expect that many but this petition which began with a goal of 200 now has over 20,000 signers.UPDATE: As of 9:20pm, the petition has over 85,000 signatures. … [Read more...]

BBC Interview with Uganda’s President, Yowari Museveni

Here is 4 minutes of it...You can listen to the entire interview here.Hmm, he might run again in 2016?Museveni doesn't believe in promotion of homosexuality - sounds like Bahati. … [Read more...]

What Barack Obama and Thomas Jefferson have in common

Both of them were/are considered infidels and anti-Christian during their tenure in public life by the religious right of their era.I started this post when some Christian right leaders went ballistic over Barack Obama's reference to his religious views at the National Prayer Breakfast earlier this month. Then, Rick Santorum called Obama's theology "phony." And then today I see that my friend at Messiah College John Fea is at the heart of a storm over his statement that Barack Obama is "the … [Read more...]

Petition targets Citibank’s and Barclays’ Ugandan operations; calls for banks to condemn anti-gay bill

At Change.org, Citibank customer Collin Burton posted a petition aimed at Citibank and Barclays banks. Both banks have significant operations in Uganda. From the petition:With the “Kill the Gays” bill looming in Uganda’s parliament, Citibank and Barclays have unique and necessary voices that could help stop this bill in its tracks. Their presence in Uganda is significant, and their voices in opposition to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill could have a profound impact in keeping LGBT people safe in Ug … [Read more...]

Museveni says gays not persecuted; forgets persecution last week

What a short memory.Uganda's President says gays aren't persecuted in his country just days after his Ethics Minister raided a GLBT conference and chased activists out of the hotel fearing arrest.Note to the rest of the world - The President of Uganda wants you to subscribe to his version of reality where disrupting and threatening a peaceful assembly is not persecution. … [Read more...]