Another controversy opens a NARTH conference

Just over three years ago, I decided not to make a planned presentation to the annual conference of the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality. At the same time, friend and colleague Dr. David Blakeslee resigned from the NARTH Scientific Advisory Board. We decided to take these actions in response to NARTH's slow and, in my opinion, inadequate response to statements by NARTH members and advisers, Joseph Berger on bullying of gender variant kids and Gerald Schoenewolf o … [Read more...]

World Day of Prayer for Uganda

When: NOWWhere: Where you areWhat: The Facebook Group which is standing in opposition to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda is encouraging the over 4700 members to pray for the removal of the bill. See this page for the information. Thanks to Andrew Marin for organizing this.If you are on Twitter, tweet something like this: #PrayForUganda - World Day of Prayer for Uganda - sure the descriptor #PrayForUganda i … [Read more...]

Exodus opposes Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2009: Open letter to the President of Uganda

This letter was sent this afternoon from Exodus to the President of Uganda. It is also on the Exodus website and an open letter expressing reasons why the proposed bill is wrong and counter to Christian principles.Exodus Sends Letter Opposing Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill   November 16, 2009 Exodus International sent the following letter to Uganda's President Museveni regarding The Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009 currently being considered in the Parliament. The bill would cr … [Read more...]

How the Anti-Homosexuality Bill could impair AIDS progress in Uganda

This post has the potential to be a more formal article, but for now, I am getting some thoughts together which are in addition to what I wrote at and the Christian Post about the topic.In the earlier article, I noted that the Director of the AIDS Prevention Research Project at Harvard University, Edward Green, said that effective work with marginalized populations (e.g., glbt people) requires that health care workers develop trust with those they want to reach. Dr. Green said t … [Read more...]

Caption contest: Picture of the Capitol Building

Some fun for the weekend. This picture was taken by Marcia Brennan of nearby Pittsburgh while she was in Washington, D.C. for a rally opposing the House health care bill. She sent this around and gave me permission to post.Now let's think up a caption for this beauty. I say it is a contest, but there really isn't a prize. Or maybe I'll send out a Throckmorton band CD for the winner. … [Read more...]

Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill discussed on Premier Christian Radio

Yesterday morning my time, I was on the Premier Christian Radio Network (UK) to discuss the Anti-Homosexuality Bill currently being considered in Uganda. Also on the show was prime supporter in Uganda, Martin Ssempa.You can listen here (If audio is down, try this...).Some Christian leaders in the UK are speaking out about a proposed law in Uganda which would introduce the death penalty for gay people.The British government's already announced it's unease at the idea.It's already … [Read more...]

The future is now, part two – Ugandan want ad

This ad was in Uganda's Monitor on Sunday:Note the ad in the red oval. When the link is clicked it goes to this ad:Two homosexuals, Namutebi Ruth and Hilda are wanted by the police, anyone who sees them and has information leading to their arrest should report to the nearest police station for the safety of our country. A big reward waits.Since this is a sponsored link, anyone could have placed that ad. There may be a Ruth and Hilda but whether they are gay or not is not the point. … [Read more...]

More media on the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Here's a treatment of the bill which quotes all sides.Not sure when this article was researched but this section seems to contradict another statement of a Bishop from the Anglican Church of Uganda.The Bill has the support of various religious groups in Uganda, who have been battling the gay movements. Some of the leaders in the Pentecostal churches in Uganda have been accused of practising homosexuality.Religious leaders from the Orthodox Church, Pentecostal Church and Islam, in … [Read more...]