House votes to defund ACORN

This is a good thing, in my opinion.I had a few posts on ACORN during the election. … [Read more...]

Brain plasticity and sexual orientation: Wrapping up with a couple of experts

Earlier this month, I posted three times regarding an article by Neil and Briar Whitehead with the title, “Brain Plasticity Backs Up Orientation Change.” This is a wrap up for those posts to indicate that very little backs up the Whiteheads' article.I asked Adam Safron and Norman Doidge to comment about the Whitehead article. Dr. Doidge is the author of the book (The Brain that Changes Itself) misrepresented by the Whiteheads. As I noted in a previous post, the Whiteheads failed to cite Doidg … [Read more...]

Shame and attachment loss: Going from bad to worse

Trying to keep up on the new developments in reparative therapy, I purchased NARTH's co-founder Joseph Nicolosi's new book, Shame and Attachment Loss: The Practical Work of Reparative Therapy. This post is not a review but more of a prep for a review. I am going to provide some excerpts and comments which may form the basis for a more formal review at a later date.You have to get past a couple of features of Nicolosi's writing in order to proceed. He has an annoying (to me) habit of speaking … [Read more...]

Christianity Today on evangelical divide over reparative therapy

Christianity Today has an article out online today which covers familiar ground to readers here.Written by Bobby Ross, the article notes the divisions over reparative therapy which have been accentuated by the recent APA report on sexual orientation and therapy.No surprise here: Evangelical leaders who advocate gay reparative therapy took umbrage at a highly publicized American Psychological Association (APA) resolution that criticized such efforts.By a 125-4 vote, the … [Read more...]

New SIT Framework website and list

Late Friday afternoon might not be the best time to post this but...I want to announce the new Sexual Identity Therapy Framework website and invite people to join the SIT Framework list serv.Here is the listserv portal:Click to join sexualidentitytherapyThe discussions will be geared primarily to mental health professionals but interested ministry leaders and others may find them to be of value. There may be some overlap with the blog but there will be unique material as well. … [Read more...]

Your brain on sex

Well, maybe not your brain but this article is an intriguing review of some research relating to brain scans of sexual arousal. I have not examined the original sources yet (plan to) but wanted to put this up for some TGIF reading.Perhaps the author was unaware of the Safron et al study but I am going to see if there are points of connection.Thanks, Lynn David for the tip. … [Read more...]

York, PA paper examines faith, sexuality and APA report

The York Daily Record ran a story in the September 6 print edition and then online on the 8th which examined the American Psychological Association report as well as the Jones and Yarhouse study. The article by Melissa Nann Burke included interviews from local Exodus ministries as well. Some good things here...The men and women who come to Dan Keefer with moral distress about being gay or bisexual often seek to change because their sexual attractions conflict with their religious … [Read more...]

Discover article on sexual orientation change and the APA report

Discover magazine has an online article out today which covers the APA report, NARTH and the Jones and Yarhouse study.Here are some excerpts:Joseph Nicolosi, a psychologist in Encino, Calif., says he can rid adults, teens, and even children of homosexuality. For nearly 30 years, he has offered a "psychodynamic" form of reparative therapy for people—mostly men—seeking to change their sexual orientation."If [a patient] can accept his bodily homoerotic experience while staying connected … [Read more...]