Rick and Kay Warren condemn the denial of link between HIV and AIDS as promoted by the AFA’s Bryan Fischer

Early in January, Bryan Fischer, issues analyst with the American Family Association, threw his support behind the belief that HIV does not cause AIDS. On his daily talk show, Fischer hosted University of California, Berkeley professor, Peter Duesberg, who is the principle proponent of the theory that HIV is a harmless virus and that AIDS is the result of lifestyle choices, such as drug use and promiscuity, which weaken the immune system. Duesberg says that gay men are at special risk since they … [Read more...]

Former Bachmann advisor says Santorum should apologize to Bachmann

In other news, Peter Waldron thinks Rick Santorum ran a sexist campaign in Iowa and owes Bachmann an apology.Santorum Owes Michele Bachmann an Apology"...children's lives would be harmed if the nation had a female president" Jamie Johnson, Senior Santorum AdvisorContact: Dr. Peter E Waldron, 727-415-7189, contactamerica1@msn.comOPINION, Jan. 14, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Presidential candidate Senator Rick Santorum deployed a sexist strategy in IA. His IA Evangelical surrogates … [Read more...]

Religious conservative confab backs Santorum

Just one more thing religious conservatives did not need to do.Santorum sent out this email in response just a bit ago:I wanted you to be the first to know about some very big news the campaign just received.Last night, 150 of America's top religious and conservative leaders had a meeting to decide who they would unite behind in the Republican primary.I am honored -- and humbled -- to announce they have chosen to use their united voice to support our campaign.This latest end … [Read more...]

Busted Heart (Hold On To Me) – For King and Country

I like the sound of this band with some spirituality tossed in... … [Read more...]

Another Pastor Problem for Ron Paul? UPDATED

First read this:Ron Paul Receives Major Evangelical Endorsement from Dr. James Linzey, President of Military Bible AssociationThen, read this:James F. Linzey Espouses anti-Semitic, White Racialist Conspiracy TheoryThen, check out the reaction at the Daily Paul:Amazing evangelical endorsement from the president and founder of the Military Bible Association!Paul's supporters, for the most part, like the endorsement.Nothing yet from the Paul campaign. I wrote Dr. Linzey … [Read more...]

Is the Jefferson Bible just the words of Jesus?

In his American Heritage series, David Barton  told Matthew and Laurie Crouch that the Jefferson Bible was Thomas Jefferson's attempt to construct a Bible to evangelize the Indians. He said that Jefferson put together the "red letters" or the words of Christ (often written in red in King James Bibles) for this Bible so he could get across the moral teachings of Jesus. Listen to Barton's claims in this video:Regarding Jefferson and his edited Bible, Barton said:I have to stop … [Read more...]

Did Thomas Jefferson found the Virginia Bible Society?

David Barton says he did. Watch this clip from the American Heritage series. Barton is speaking to Matthew and Laurie Crouch.About the Virginia Bible Society, Barton saysYou get back here and you find the Virginia Bible Society. Now what makes that one particularly interesting is Thomas Jefferson was one of the founders of the Virginia Bible Society. Oh no, not Jefferson! He's secular, he wanted...you see Jefferson founded the Bible Society, he gave large contributions to get … [Read more...]

Nominate the blog for a Bloggie

Nothing subtle about that headline.If you like the blog, consider nominating it for the 2012 Weblog awards.Go here to read all about it...You can nominate it in whatever category makes sense to you (religion or topical makes the most sense to me) and then if the blog is nominated enough, it will be up for voting in February. … [Read more...]