Mankind Project provides journalist with a “very weird weekend”

The Mankind Project has been off my radar for months. However, UK journalist Tom Mitchelson put it back on with his eyewitness account published in Saturday's UK Mail Online. I first heard about the MKP's New Warriors Training Adventure at a NARTH (National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) conference in 2003. Various members, including then President Joe Nicolosi, were recommending it to those in attendance as a way to support healthy masculinity.  A few same-sex att … [Read more...]

The President lip synchs a speech? ONN is all over it.

No not that ONN, the Onion News Network. See for yourself:Obama Caught Lip-Syncing SpeechAt least, he's in good company...Obama Caught Lip-Syncing SpeechAt least, he's in good company... … [Read more...]

The value of self-determination in counseling

In response to the recent attacks on the sexual identity therapy framework, a supportive reader contacted me with a story of one of her experiences in counseling. I do know the person and can confirm the accuracy of the situation. Why should therapists avoid imposing their beliefs on clients? Read and see what you think.As someone who has been in counseling, I enormously appreciate your emphasis on self-determination.  As you wrote the other day, any therapist can force any views at any … [Read more...]

Ugandan religious leaders speak out against the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

There are many problems still here but this statement represents some movement. The consensus for the Anti-Homosexuality Bill as written appears to be waning.Position of ICRCUTuesday, 9th March, 2010IRCU is an initiative that brings together different religious institutions to address issues of common concern.Its membership comprises of the Roman Catholic Church in Uganda, the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, the Church of Uganda, the Uganda Orthodox Church and the Seventh Day … [Read more...]

VIDEO: ABC News Nightline on Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

ABC News Nightline went to Uganda and filmed Martin Ssempa showing porn in church and then got Scott Lively on camera. Here it is: … [Read more...]

Is NARTH the next target?

As I noted yesterday, Peter LaBarbera of American for Truth About Homosexuality doesn’t like the sexual identity therapy framework, sayingAs you can see above, Throckmorton’s and Regent University’s Mark Yarhouse’s “Sexual Identity Therapy” model grants the possibility that some clients may come to embrace a positive “gay identity” that “modifies” their religious beliefs in such a way as to “allow integration of same-sex eroticism within their valued identity.”If he is consistent, he will nee … [Read more...]

Losing my religion? That’s news to me…

UPDATE 2: Is NARTH the next target for Peter LaBarbera? Since NARTH's website also allows for client self-determination regarding goals and objectives, they are the next logical target. Also, Dr. Nicolosi, co-founder of NARTH does not discourage homosexual behavior in his clients.UPDATE: Jim Brown at ONN published a follow up article to the one which is the subject of this post.Dr. Warren Throckmorton of Grove City College says he has not lost faith in God's ability to change people who … [Read more...]

ABC News: Anti-Homosexuality Bill causes global uproar

Tonight, Nightline is covering Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill. The preview is an article on the ABC News website, extensively quoting Martin Ssempa and Scott Lively.First a catchy way to begin a news story:Standing onstage in black velvet robes, despite the stifling heat in the open-air church, Pastor Martin Ssempa's face is a mask of disgust."Anal licking!," he shouts, directing the crowd's attention to the images of hardcore gay pornography that he's projecting via his laptop. … [Read more...]