Golden Rule Pledge dayz

The Day of Truth is today and the the Day of Silence is tomorrow. In some places, on both days, students are passing out Golden Rule Pledge cards. There does not seem to be as much media interest as last year but things are happening. Charisma Magazine has a brief review of the different efforts taking place.The unofficial them song of the GRP is Hero by Superchick. I say unofficial because the band has not authorized that but I like it and so here it is again.Don't walkout, walk … [Read more...]

Pope urges repentance

Because I haven't felt like I had much to add to the coverage, I have not posted on the megastory of the resurgent sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic church. However, I am looking into to the whole issue more and believe there are several really important theological and psychological issues involved. For now, though, I am just going to post some news stories as they come up and hope to add some commentary along the way.Today, the Pope is quoted as urging the faithful to repent. Seems like … [Read more...]

Reparative shake up in Northern Ireland

Yesterday, Alan Chambers posted about a trip to Belfast in order to speak about his newest book, Leaving Homosexuality. In the post, he disclosed that the two men hosting the series (note: according to Dr. Davidson, the recent sessions of Bergner and Chambers are hosted solely by Core-Issues), Michael Davidson and Paul Miller havebroken ties with Mr. [Richard] Cohen and neither utilize or endorse his practices. This would be a change for Dr. Miller since he is quoted on Richard Cohen's websit … [Read more...]

Celebration of Being: A new way to ex-gay?

Recently, Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality (JONAH) sent an email with the subject line “Specially Priced Workshops” offering a workshop called the Noble Man in collaboration with a group called Celebration of Being. The event is also offered on the JONAH website. The email offered special prices for combining the Celebration of Being and Noble workshops ($1420.00 for both weekends!). The rationale and promised results are: Offered by The Celebration of Being and the Jonah Ins … [Read more...]

Joyce Meyer denounces Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Three and a half months after her loud no comment to me, Joyce Meyer Ministries issued a statement to denouncing Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Joyce Meyer is on television everyday there and has invested much money and goodwill in good works there. If known, this statement should have some positive impact. Here is her statement:From: Joyce Meyer MinistriesDate: Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 3:03 PMIt is increasingly evident that the proposed "Anti-Homosexuality Bill" introduced … [Read more...]

What he said: Parliament committee member says Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill is “useless”

According to this report from News 24, the bill is not as important as, well, important things.Kampala - A Ugandan parliamentary panel said on Friday there is little backing for the country's widely-condemned anti-gay bill and no timetable had been set for its debate."I think it is useless and will not achieve what it intends to achieve," said Alex Ndeezi, a member of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee tasked with reviewing the bill before it can be presented to the … [Read more...]

Is there a political side to Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill?

I am not a political commentator by trade nor do I play one on TV. However, I have dabbled in it as it does not require a license.Commenting on US politics is difficult enough, but venturing into Ugandan politics is probably more treacherous. While I have frequently criticized Ugandan MP David Bahati's Anti-Homosexuality Bill on principle, I have infrequently discussed what, if any, political advantages may come from the introduction and support for the bill. At first glance, it seems re … [Read more...]

The Call Uganda – May 1, 2010

Bruce Wilson noted back in December that Lou Engle's The Call might be in Uganda sometime in May of 2010. According to The Call Uganda's website, the event will be held in Kampala on May 1.The purposes of the organizers are spelled out on the site:It is intended to awaken and revive the young and the old, men and women, church and family, government and the public and to fight vices eating away at our society.  We shall all join our hearts across tribal, political, denominational, and … [Read more...]