CNN, Richard Cohen and California dreaming

More later, but here is the CNN episode which discusses the CA law which once required study of factors which might lead to homosexuality.Cohen quotes the ACP sheet that I just critiqued...It must have been a very slow news day for this story to make CNN. The law involved has apparently not been used and is an anachronism. Even if it stays on the books, I suspect the CA legislature would grant about $1 to fulfill it. Pointless.UPDATE:CNN follows up with Clinton Anderson. Kyra … [Read more...] A critical review

Yesterday, Focus on the Family's Citizenlink promoted a new website from the American College of Pediatrics, called Facts About Youth which purports to be a resource created by health professionals to provide policymakers, parents and youth with the most current medical and psychological facts about sexual development.The website makes additional claims about the information presented.Amid debate in the medical and mental health fields concerning the causes and proper approaches to youth w … [Read more...]

60 Minutes on US HIV/AIDS intervention in Uganda

Last night, 60 Minutes provided a sympathetic review of the PEPFAR intervention in Uganda. As I have discussed here before, the program has been immensely successful. The broadcast puts real faces on the success (especially the kids) and the problems (extraordinary footage of HIV informing sessions). Near the end of the segment, 60 Minutes interviewed Martin Ssempa but without any mention of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.Watch CBS News Videos OnlineBob Simon notes that the spread of HIV … [Read more...]

I will rise – Chris Tomlin

Happy Easter - He is risen! … [Read more...]

good friday to you

the one thing that i know... … [Read more...]

Molotov Mitchell spins the record

Note: the ads for Bing, Dell, Resolve, etc., seem to have disappeared from the Mitchell video below...Another day, another need to post the actual text of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Molotov Mitchell makes little film clips that WorldNetDaily puts up on various topics. Yesterday, he put up a second video on the Ugandan bill which claims to tell viewers what the bill says. He takes on an unfortunate straw man and then creates one of his own.I have rarely used the short hand, … [Read more...]

Fool in the Rain – Led Zeppelin

Happy April Fools Day! … [Read more...]

Archbishop Tutu leads coalition to oppose Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

This statement was just released. It represents an affirmation of rights and opposition to Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill by a diverse group of civil and religious leaders.Press Release:March 31, 2009Leading African clergy, jurists and civil society groups call on Uganda to stop the Anti-Homosexuality BillLeading African clergy and prominent individuals, as well as more than 60 civil society and human rights groups from 10 sub-Saharan African countries have endorsed a statement ca … [Read more...]