McCain gives interview to Blade

The word is that John McCain has given an interview to the Washington Blade. I am not sure but this may be unprecedented for a Republican nominee.PageOneQ is reporting this as well. I will put up a link when it is dropped.Well, that was has been posted. … [Read more...]

Read the Senate rescue attempt here

Well, not here exactly, but at the Senate Conservative Fund website.It is a long read. Early talk is that it has stuff designed to get more House votes. Beware of Senators bearing gifts... … [Read more...]

Palin gives exclusive interview to Wasilla newspaper

Sarah Palin denies claims of wrong doing in an exclusive article in her hometown paper, the Frontiersman.On an issue, I have covered here and am about to cover in greater detail, Palin remarks on her real record of support for disabled people. She has actually done more than she reports here which I will document in coming days (e.g., the waiting list was 1300 when she took office and her administration is committed to eliminating the list).9. You’ve stated on the trail that you would be … [Read more...]

Sarah Palin on social issues

In her interview with Katie Couric, Sarah Palin comments on abortion, homosexuality and origins.I suppose the media now will attempt to track down Palin's dear gay friend.Stay tuned. … [Read more...]

Alternatives to a bailout

CNN Money has an article on alternatives to a bailout if no deal is done.Among the steps that the government could undertake are:-Suspend so-called mark-to-market accounting rules, which during the past year have required financial firms to write down more than $500 billion in losses.-Change federal requirements that force banks to keep a certain level of cash on hand for every dollar they lend out.-Give banks the chance to exchange loan notes for notes from the Federal Deposit … [Read more...]

What did Francis Collins really say about homosexuality?

In his book, The Language of God: A scientist presents evidence for belief, Francis Collins has this to say about homosexuality on page 260:An area of particularly strong public interest is the genetic basis of homosexuality. Evidence from twin studies does in fact support the conclusion that heritable factors play a role in male homosexuality. However, the likelihood that the identical twin of a homosexual male will also be gay is about 20% (compared with 2-4 percent of males in the general … [Read more...]

Palin did not cut Special Olympics budget: National Review Online

Paul Kengor and I have an article in today's National Review Online which addresses the claims that Sarah Palin cut the budget of the Special Olympics. … [Read more...]

Rep Phil English (R-PA) explains his vote to oppose financial bailout

My Representative, Phil English, (R-PA) voted against the financial bailout package today. Here is his statement in support of his stance.Contact: Julia Wanzco (202) 225-5406News for immediate releaseSeptember 29, 2008English Responds to House Vote on Financial Rescue PackageWashington, D.C. - Today, the U.S. House of Representatives voted on the Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, legislation aimed to restore confidence in the American financial markets. U.S. Rep. Phil … [Read more...]