You didn’t win?

This one was gone for awhile. I am glad it is back because it is fierce. … [Read more...]

Today in history: George Washington on religious freedom

To Bigotry No Sanction, to Persecution No Assistance...-George WashingtonOn August 17, 1790, President George Washington wrote a letter to Moses Seixas and the Jewish congregation of Newport, RI. Washington did so in response to a letter sent by the group when Washington visited their city. The account is on the Library of Congress website and provides important historical context for debates over freedom of religion for Muslims.On August 17, 1790, the Hebrew Congregation of Newport, Rhode … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer too far right for the AFA?

I wondered if this might happen. The AFA now issues a disclaimer that Bryan Fischer's views are his and not theirs.This information comes via Right Wing Watch:And now Fischer's blog posts on the AFA website, like this new one calling the Cordoba House the "Timothy McVeigh Mosque at Ground Zero," are carrying this disclaimer:Unless otherwise noted, the opinions expressed are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Family Association or American Family Ra … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer: Now let’s ban the mosques

The American Family Association has become scary. There I said it.At one point, I presented facts to the AFA correcting a report from their information source, OneNewsNow, about the American Psychological Association's task force report on sexual orientation but their reporter hung up on me. I was allowed to rebut some criticism aimed my way which they published as hearsay, but the damage was done. But these are minor problems compared to where Bryan Fischer has taken the group.I have dis … [Read more...]

American Bible college opens Ugandan branch, discourages “gay culture in Africa”

In the FYI file:A Life Christian University is starting up in Kampala this month and one its purposes will be to discourage gay culture.From the Daily Monitor:A US-based Life Christian University has opened up a branch in Kampala to teach ethics, evangelism and church management, its officials have said. The Academic Dean, Dr. Dennis Sempebwa said the university will apply the American syllabus of evangelism and discourage gay culture in Africa.“To be a pastor, God calls you but y … [Read more...]

Accidentally in Love – Julia Nunes

Wishing you some love this weekend... … [Read more...]

Martin Ssempa didn’t like the article on gays in Uganda

Sunday, the Uganda Observer published an article on July 22 titled, "Inside the world of sexual minorities." The article quotes local physicians with an informative article regarding various terms for sexual minorities. The article seems to make an effort at balance and information rather than opinion and moralizations.Well, that did not sit well with Martin Ssempa who wrote a letter to the editor published today:Wednesday, 04 August 2010 17:50I am responding to the story ‘Inside the wo … [Read more...]

CA Proposition 8 decision due today UPDATE: Prop 8 overturned

UPDATE: Prop 8 was overturned. Read more here (WSJ) and here (LA Times).However one feels about it, the decision will be a big news event and an indicator of how constitutional amendments nationwide will fare under challenge.This is going to the Supremes no matter what and that will be when the lady with girth sings.I will update the post when the decision is handed down.CNN has a brief explanation of what happens next.Here is the ruling. … [Read more...]