Lothar Machtan comments on Hitler’s sexuality and the Holocaust

Over the last week or so, Bryan Fischer made a series of claims regarding homosexuality and the Holocaust. He summarized his arguments in an article on the RenewAmerica website:Homosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler, and homosexuals in the military gave us the Brown Shirts, the Nazi war machine and six million dead Jews.In making his case, he relies heavily on two books: The Hidden Hitler by Lothar Machtan and The Pink Swastika by Scott Lively. Last summer, I did a series of posts critiquing T … [Read more...]

Family Research Council clarifies lobbying role on Anti-Homosexuality Bill resolution

Yesterday blogger Joe Jervis reported that the Family Research Council lobbied members of the House of Representatives against a resolution which expresses opposition to Uganda's proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill. The measure, House Resolution 1064 (full text) was introduced February 3 by Howard Berman (D-CA) and referred to the House Committee on Foreign Relations the same day with 62 co-sponsors. The title of the resolution expresses the essential purpose:Expressing the sense of the House of R … [Read more...]

Exodus International denounces calls for gay executions

Last night, on the organization blog, Exodus International denounced recent statements by Bradlee Dean and You Can Run International regarding the morality of gay executions. The post Randy Thomas begins:I was alerted to Dr. Warren Throckmorton’s post about Bradlee Dean’s (pictured) public comments saying that Muslim countries who call for homosexuals to be killed are more “moral” than American Christians. I listened to the segment of Mr. Dean’s radio program and was shocked. Click here to vi … [Read more...]

Children International has a good deed for you to consider

Garrett Kenyon with Children International wrote to make me aware of a situation that could use some love. I want to let this speak for itself:César’s story began like millions of others – just another poor kid from the slums, struggling to survive. When he was 3, César and his brothers left an unstable home to live with their grandmother, Elsa, a little woman with a huge heart who'd do anything for “her boys.” The move was good for the brothers. On society’s ragged edge, love shields the young … [Read more...]

Vilification Minnesota style: Bradlee Dean – UPDATED

Last week, the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer gave us an illustration of the verb "to vilify" by saying on his radio show, among other things, that Hitler couldn't find any straight people to work his evil, he had to find gay people to do it. He followed up with a column where he blamed homosexuality for "six millions dead Jews." I hesitated to even write that because of the horror of trivializing the holocaust, even in reporting what someone else said. However, he said it and he d … [Read more...]

Nothing brings Christians and Muslims together in Uganda like Plan B

This report is a little hard to follow but it sounds like a few Christians met with a large group of Muslims to celebrate Sharia law when it comes to gays.I have been wondering where Martin Ssempa has been and it appears he was just taking a break. He is here networking with his Islamic brothers to praise the way they do it in Iran and Gambia. I don't believe I have seen any news reports of this rally. If anyone reading has a report I missed, let me know.UGANDA: Sheiks Ranch … [Read more...]

Malawi couple pardoned – UPDATE: State Dept issues statement

This is an interesting development...Mr wa Mutharika had been under international pressure to reconsider the convictions of Steven Monjeza, 26, and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, 20. They were arrested in December after they were united in a traditional wedding ceremony in the conservative southern African country, where homosexuality is illegal.The two men were tried and found guilty of sodomy and indecency earlier this month in a trial viewed as a test case for homosexual rights in the … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer and the Nazis: This is what I meant by vilification

On Monday, I wrote about the corrosive effect of the culture war on the real business of Christianity. In that post, I wroteOn the other hand, my great concern is that culture warring lulls people into feeling that that the cause justifies the considerable offense that comes with vilifying those the church yearns to reach.As if to volunteer to be Exhibit A, Bryan Fischer helps define "vilifying" for us. On his American Family Radio program this week, Fischer, who erroneously believes the … [Read more...]