Happy Independence Day!

Hey, Mrs. T. provided the perfect picnic partner...Happy 4th of July! … [Read more...]

Gov. Sarah Palin to resign?

That's what Ben Smith and Jonathan Martin at Politico are reporting.What can it all mean? Not running for re-election, one could understand if indeed she wanted to seek the GOP nod in 2012 but why quit now?Much of the negative said about Palin during the election was not accurate (as I documented). Since the election, she is often mentioned as a contender for 2012. However, I wonder how an early departure from Alaska will effect those plans. … [Read more...]

The scandal of the public evangelical – Mark Galli

Good commentary today in Christianity Today from Mark Galli.This comes near the end of the article - do read the whole thing.Note how one writer put it in reflecting on the Gosselin debacle. (I'll leave the writer anonymous, because my beef is not with her.) The sentiment expressed is widespread in our movement. After rightly suggesting that the flaws of Jon and Kate reflect our movement's flaws, she says that we must do things differently: Find new role models, practice forgiveness … [Read more...]

While we’re on the subject of the Holocaust…

David Irving has a reputation as a world-class Holocaust denier. He also has some views about gays and others which may not be as well known. In this clip from the Southern Poverty Law Center's Youtube page (at about 7:09 and following), you get a sense of his views of blacks, gays and others.To be clear, Scott Lively does not in any way deny the Holocaust. He makes this clear in his talks. I am only posting this because the broader topic of the Holocaust and Nazism has become of … [Read more...]

The Pink Swastika and the Hidden Holocaust?

One purpose of The Pink Swastika is to minimize the suffering and persecution of homosexuals during the tenure of the Third Reich. In reaction to gay holocaust theories employed by some gay advocates, Lively and Abrams advance a theory about why some homosexuals were persecuted while others were Nazi promoters. Lively and Abrams suggest that masculine oriented, "Butch" homosexuals were favored by the Nazis. These "Butch" gays hated and persecuted effeminate, "Fem" homosexuals when the Nazis came … [Read more...]

Leadership University removes “Homosexuality and the Nazi Party” article

Leadership University is a ministry affiliated with Campus Crusade for Christ and exists as a "faculty outreach and training arm" of CCC. Until recently, LeaderU had Scott Lively's article Homosexuality and the Nazi Party available to readers (Scroll down and you can see the link here). Now if you click that link (http://www.leaderu.com/jhs/lively.html) you will not find the article.This is the same article that Exodus International linked to but then removed in light of the Uganda ex-gay … [Read more...]

Connecticut church tries to cast out homosexuality

Sad.Conn. church creates stir with gay exorcism videoBy JOHN CHRISTOFFERSEN - 1 hour agoBRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP) - The video shows the 16-year-old boy lying on the floor, his body convulsing, as elders of a small Connecticut church cast a "homosexual demon" from his body."Rip it from his throat!" a woman yells. "Come on, you homosexual demon! You homosexual spirit, we call you out right now! Loose your grip, Lucifer!"The 20-minute video posted on YouTube by … [Read more...]

Ministry alert: Lighthouse World Evangelism, Inc.

ExgayWatch has a disturbing and apparently developing story about Matthew C. Manning and his Lighthouse World Evangelism group. There is more here than I can unravel but I think it is worth considering the story.Matthew Manning has been on CBN and the Joni Show with an incredible story: he not only has been delivered from homosexuality but also HIV/AIDS. However, according to public records discovered by David Roberts at ExgayWatch, Mr. Manning's deliverance is in some question. I have asked … [Read more...]