Interview with David Bahati: Ugandan lawmaker defends Rolling Stone outing campaign, says bill will be considered

Last Friday (11/12), I interviewed David Bahati, the Ugandan Parliamentarian who authored the Anti-Homosexuality Bill (a bill that would lead to a death sentence for HIV positive gays, and life in prison for others). During the interview, Mr. Bahati defended the Rolling Stone's "Hang Them" campaign. He also laid out a schedule for what he believes will be the passage of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. I asked Mr. Bahati if he thought the court was correct in their ruling to stop the campaign or if … [Read more...]

Uganda’s Rolling Stone blames terrorist attacks on gays

Escalating their war on homosexuality, Uganda's Rolling Stone is blaming the Kampala bombings on gays, as well as making up links to terrorist Joseph Kony in the North. The following images are from the November 15-22 issue out now.Click on the image on the right to read the Rolling Stone's claims. As you will see, no sources are offered, no proof is provided. Perhaps in a nod to the recent court ruling in Uganda, the editors said that none of the bombings were carried out by people named in … [Read more...]

Girls and boys are protected by law in Uganda

Some defenders of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda say that the bill is needed to cover instances of same-sex defilement. However, as this news report demonstrates, police are able to arrest those who commit crimes against boys or girls.KampalaA primary school teacher in Luweero District has been arrested over allegations of sodomy.The teacher, names withheld for legal reasons, is accused of having sexual relations with three male pupils from one school. According to a Police … [Read more...]

What kind of dialogue will we have?

Focus on the Family's revised Day of Dialogue seems to be a kinder, gentler version of the former Day of Truth. On the new website, the group comes out strongly against bullying:Any form of bullying and harassment of others is always wrong, including making fun of others, speaking down to them and saying things that hurt people. Christian students in particular should be bold in speaking up to oppose that kind of behavior because it goes completely against the model Christ gave us and that is … [Read more...]

Teen’s suicide said to be related to anti-gay bullying

Earlier today, Focus on the Family announced a remodeled Day of Truth (Day of Dialogue). Then just a few minutes ago, I read of a Middleburg, PA youth who ran in front of a truck due to his despair over being bullied. According to this local report, Brandon Bitner had endured bullying for years before walking 13 miles to Route 11 where he ran in front of a tractor-trailer.There seems to be little doubt in the students’ minds why Bitner did what he did.“It was because of bullying,” friend Ta … [Read more...]

Day of Dialogue?

This doesn't look promising.A major Christian group will take over an annual event that challenges homosexuality, weeks after the event's main Christian sponsor pulled support for the student-focused program, saying it had become too divisive and confrontational.Focus on the Family, an influential evangelical organization, will begin sponsoring the event known as the Day of Truth but will change the name of the happening to the Day of Dialogue, the group is set to announce Thursday.The … [Read more...]

Pro-life Congressman blasts Family Research Council over election attack ads

A pro-life Congressman is speaking out about the decision of the socially conservative Family Research Council to run ads attacking him just prior to last week’s election. The first Vietnamese American to serve in Congress, Rep. Joseph Cao (R-LA) was unseated last week by pro-choice Cedric Richmond. Rep. Cao, who has a solid pro-life voting record, was attacked by the Family Research Council on conservative talk radio due to his votes in favor of including sexual orientation in hate crimes law a … [Read more...]

New ark to be built: Grizzlies & other bad animals excluded

I guess I shouldn't be surprised by this WHAT? report:AFA to rebuild Noah's Ark; Grizzlies, other bad animals excludedTupelo, MS - The American Family Association's Bryan Fischer today announced that he is going to rebuild Noah's Ark. Citing media reports of animal attacks on humans, he says only the good animals will be allowed."We are going to break this curse on the land and only take in the animals which do not attack people," said Fischer. "For instance, everyone knows tha … [Read more...]