Gay City News prints letter clarifying sexual identity therapy

Part of the chorus of dissent bringing down the recent APA symposium was an April 24 article in the Gay City News, called "Junk Science on Stage." In that article, some false claims were made about sexual identity therapy and my work. I addessed themhere on the blog recently.Generally, "junk science" is a phrase used by advocates when they want to discredit views with which they disagree. The tobacco industry used the term to describe the research on second hand smoke and generally the term … [Read more...]

Court says Texas had no right to keep children

Testing the intersection of religious liberty and child protection, the state of Texas removed over 460 children from a Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) in April, 2008.Today, an appeals court said the state of Texas was in error given that Texas law requires imminent danger as a test for removal. The authorities appealed to the "pervasive belief system" of the cult as one reason to take all children. The court indicated that the beliefs of the cult was … [Read more...]

GID controversy gets some media attention

We have been talking about it just about non-stop here and MSNBC's Brian Alexander takes a look at the GID-DSM controversy in this piece - "What's 'normal' sex? Shrinks seek definition." … [Read more...]

Principal to resign over GSA

Of all the things that could be covered, I am surprised that FOXNews picked up on this story.Here is a situation where the First Amendment Center guidelines would be helpful I think... … [Read more...]

Music video – Stop and Stare by OneRepublic

Just for fun...I think I have found another band I like. Coldplay meets Collective Soul.Haunting melodies, crisp vocals and nice layers in the music make this a song I like hearing over and over again. The lyrics reminisce a feeling of being stuck and getting ready to make a change. … [Read more...]

WND Day of Silence incident reports – The rest of the story

Yesterday, WorldNetDaily filed a report about Mission America’s efforts to keep kids out of school on the Day of Silence. I noted that the WND article reproduced the Golden Rule Pledge card and called it a “popular poster used to promote the Day of Silence.”However, reading further, I became curious about some of the bullet-point reports from various schools labeled by the WND article as Day of Silence “incidents.”This post is the follow up of two allegations. First, from a Kirksville, MO … [Read more...]

WorldNetDaily. Golden Rule Pledge. Day of Silence.

I couldn't think of a good title for this one so I just assembled the players, so to speak.Check out this Worldnetdaily article banging away at the Day of Silence and then scroll about half way down the page and check out the "popular poster used to promote the Day of Silence."I was saddened to see that Linda Harvey believes her efforts were successful. But I had to smile a bit to think that the Golden Rule Pledge card was considered a promotion for the DOS.Maybe next year we'll have … [Read more...]

A new science of mating.

Check out this LA Times article which describes how DNA may juice up the matchmaking biz. … [Read more...]