Alan Chambers: 99.9% have not experienced a change in their orientation

As noted Friday, President of Exodus International, Alan Chambers, spoke that evening as a part of a panel discussion at the annual conference of the Gay Christian Network.  Audio of the panel is now up at GCN (Part 1, part 2). During part 2, about 5:30 into the file, Alan Chambers is asked, I think by GCN Executive Director Justin Lee,  about the way Exodus and member ministries describe the work they do. Specifically, Lee asked about the slogan "change is possible." Chambers responds by d … [Read more...]

Alan Chambers to be part of a panel at Gay Christian Network conference

Tonight, if you are around Orlando, FL, you could take in a panel discussion (tip XGW) at the Gay Christian Network conference featuring Alan Chambers, Jeremy Marks, Wendy Gritter, and John Smid. I am told that a video will be made of the event and available on the GCN website.Marks, Gritter and Smid have issued apologies for their advocacy of the ex-gay movement over the past several years. Smid today sent an email to his mailing list linking to another apology on his website.I will … [Read more...]

MIA for about 3 hours

Sorry, gentle readers, if you tried to visit the blogstead from about noon to 3pm or so, you would have found a nasty "account suspended" page.Scary. Nasty. Let's just forget it ever happened.We are still figuring out the problem, or I should say the experts are trying to figure it out.For awhile, some of the features of the blog will not work - commenting features and the like. If you see anything disturbing lurking about, please email me at warrenthrockmorton at gmail dot … [Read more...]

Seton Hall professor: NARTH member “misreported and misrepresented” my research

Another researcher has issued a statement accusing a member of the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) of misrepresenting research. In a statement first issued to blogger Rob Tisinai yesterday, Theodora Sirota, a professor of Nursing at Seton Hall University, said, NARTH advisory board member Rick Fitzgibbons “mis-reported and misrepresented the results of my 2009 research.” At issue is a 2009 Archives of Psychiatric Nursing article* authored by Sirota abo … [Read more...]

Perry to stay in the race?

Rick Perry went out jogging and apparently that was all the reassessment he needed. Just a bit ago, Perry tweeted:And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State...Here we come South Carolina!!! this and this.Either he is going to continue his campaign now that Bachmann is out or he really means he is running a marathon in South Carolina. … [Read more...]

Iowa Caucus Results by County, Romney squeaks out of Iowa

UPDATE: Romney by 8 votes over Santorum with Paul third. Perry goes home to Texas to reassess his campaign, Gingrich goes negative and Bachmann soldiers on.A really nice county map of Iowa is up at Talking Points Memo.You can see the results for the state and each county as they come in.The Iowa GOP site has a nice state map too... … [Read more...]

NARTH burnishes science credentials by promoting Torah Declaration

In other news...Leaders of the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) like to say that the group is a scientific organization. Past president and current board member, Dean Byrd, told me that NARTH would not take a position on the criminalization of homosexuality because it is a scientific organization.However, NARTH will promote the Torah, or at least the understanding of the Torah that requires reparative therapy. On the NARTH website, a link to the … [Read more...]

The Daily Beast examines Ron Paul’s Reconstructionist roots

Last week, I reported that Ron Paul hired Mike Heath (is he still AFTAH board chair?), and that Ron Paul touted an endorsement from an Omaha pastor who wants to implement Mosaic law, complete with executions for gays, adulterers and delinquent children.Today, the Daily Beast's Michelle Goldberg examines the topic and notes that many evangelicals who are coming Paul's way today in Iowa lean toward the Reconstructionist side of the evangelical world.  The other interesting aspect of her … [Read more...]