Cutting Medicare Advantage is not the change we need

I have a family member with a Medicare Advantage plan and am very well aware of how it works. Compared to what I know about basic Medicare, I think advantage is an accurate description. When I read that President Obama believes these plans are helpful only to the insurance companies, I have to disagree.Disagreed so much I wrote an article about it which has been published several places, including here. … [Read more...]

Anti-Christian atrocities in Pakistan

Horrible. Just horrible. Let's stand with our brothers and sisters and lift them up.A spasm of religious violence came to this rural town in the shape of an angry Muslim mob Saturday morning. The Muslims marched to avenge what they believed was the desecration of a Koran one week earlier. When it was over, dozens of houses were torched and Faith Bible Pentecostal Church lay in ruins. Two villagers were shot dead, residents said. Five others, including two children, burned alive.Killing … [Read more...]

Abortion amendment to health care reform bill passes then fails

I spent some time watching the House Energy and Commerce Committee consider a variety of proposed amendments to the House health care reform bill (HR 3200).Several abortion related amendments were considered culminating in a dramatic reversal of an amendment offered by Rep. Joe Pitts (R-PA). Pitts offered an amendment making it clear that no public funds were to be used for abortion as a consequence of the health care reform bill. Initially, this amendment passed the committee by a 31-27 … [Read more...]

Ben Taylor – Just in Time to Fall Down (Tower for Fools)

A rerun here. Ben Taylor has a mellow voice like his dad and a super song that ranks right up there on my all time list of favorites. Enjoy.The last verse is worth some reflection...Just in Time to Fall Down (Tower for Fools)-Ben Taylor (2002)I made bricks of my lies, stones of my rules.I used dreams as my plans, and obsessions as my tools.You know I built me a great big old tower for fools,to look down upon the earth and sing the … [Read more...]

Are we nearing a consensus?

Dan Gilgoff, blogger at US News and World Report, is fascinated by the stance taken by Alan Chambers in his new book, Leaving Homosexuality.What striking is that Chambers is not promoting so-called conversion therapy, which some religious conservatives claim can convert gays and lesbians to a straight sexual orientation. Rather, he acknowledges that, for gays and lesbians, homosexual attraction never goes away. But he suggests that homosexuals can resist those urges through Christianity … [Read more...]

Sexual identity therapy: A blast from the past

In light of conversations on the Exodus-PFOX thread, I thought it might be good to review a past mainstream media article that brought SIT more into the mainstream conversation.The LA Times article now titled "Approaching agreement in debate over homosexuality" by Stephanie Simon (now with the Wall Street Journal) was published on June 18, 2007 with the title, "New ground in debate on ‘curing’ gays.”The article begins with some familiar ground to this blog:Alan Chambers directs Exod … [Read more...]

Collective Soul with the Atlanta Youth Symphony – Run

It's not Kumbayah, but Ann will be happy... … [Read more...]

Bryce Faulkner’s parents say he willingly entered program

Here is a story about a young man who may have entered an ex-gay program. I am not going to comment much at this point as the details are still fuzzy.One side, a former boyfriend and activist looking to make a name for himself, say the young man was forced into a program. The other side, including the fellow's parents say he chose to enter.Eventually, we will find out.(via Exgaywatch) … [Read more...]