Rolling Stone’s Facebook page removed; Martin Ssempa returns?

This from editor Giles Muhame's Facebook page:"The Rolling Stone newspaper's facebook page has been scrapped by the social networking website management in US for spreading a hate camapign against homosexuals in Uganda," according to Cliff Abeneitwe, the newspaper's marketing manager. We will miss you guys....For his part, Abenaitwe promises more "men of shame" in next week's issue of the Rolling Stone, perhaps defying a Ugandan judge who ordered a cessation of the outings.Meanwhile, the … [Read more...]

Michael Brown responds to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Are evangelicals obsessed with homosexuality?

On Tuesday, I posted a link to a column in the Washington Post by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach about a debate he had with Michael Brown, head of the FIRE School of Ministry, regarding the topic: Is Homosexuality America's Greatest Moral Crisis? I did not watch the debate since I read up on the Rabbi and believed I already agreed with him. I have had many discussions with Michael Brown and those affiliated with him and know we are far apart.After I published the post, Dr. Brown contacted me saying t … [Read more...]

The meaning of the 2010 elections

Sitting in McDonalds this morning two days after the election I overheard this conversation:Dude 1: Hey, who got in as governor?Dude 2: CorbettDude 1: How did Dahlkemper do? (incumbant Rep. from PA's 3rd district)Dude 2: She lost.Dude 1: Who got in?Dude 2: Mike KellyDude 1: Who's he?Dude 2: He owes car dealerships down in ButlerDude 1: (With his thumb up) Good, we need change. Things ain't going to get better until everything changes.Dude 1 didn't know much abo … [Read more...] petitions Oral Roberts University to end silence on Ugandan anti-gay bill

Progressive website has created a petition targeting Oral Roberts University due to the presence of Martin Ssempa on the ORU Board of Reference. In a January post, I noted that Ssempa was on this advisory board and ask ORU for comment. Here is what I wrote then:Oral Roberts University – Martin Ssempa is on the Board of Reference for ORU. Public Relations Director, Jeremy Burton explained the Board of Reference duties:This Board of Reference is to provide for effective c … [Read more...]

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach gets it: How evangelicals lost political credibility

This is a must read. He presents his perspective well and communicates clearly. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, a conservative Rabbi debated Michael Brown, a really conservative minister last night in North Carolina over whether homosexuality is America's greatest moral crisis. Rabbi Boteach wrote about it in WaPo's On Faith Blog today:I argued passionately that evangelicals had become obsessed with homosexuality. They took a single prohibition in the Bible and elevated it to single moral standard … [Read more...]

Gug speaks to CNN

Gay Uganda talks to CNN. Roll the tape: … [Read more...]

Statement from Ugandan LGBT coalition; Judge rules against Rolling Stone

It was an eventful day in Uganda. The Rolling Stone distributed part 2 of their "hang the gays" tabloid, and a Ugandan judge ordered the tabloid to cease outing gays. Just a bit ago, Sexual Minorities Uganda made the following comments and press release.Kampala.  2.11.2010Uganda: Court issues an interim order restraining the "ROLLING STONE"In two of its publication issue No 5 and Issue no 6. The Rolling Stone a Ugandan weekly Tabloid., “outed” Uganda  LGBTI People. These outings incre … [Read more...]

Uganda’s Rolling Stone continues “Hang Them” campaign (Photos)

Update: According to the BBC, a Ugandan judge has ordered the Rolling Stone to stop outing gays.Giles Muhame, editor of the two-month-old Rolling Stone paper, told the AFP news agency that he would defy the ban."We will publish more pictures but in a diplomatic way, so that we can dodge the law," he said.On his Facebook page, editor Giles Muhame said this about the court ruling:I have heard on grapevine that Kampala high court today afternoon issued an injunction barring the mighty … [Read more...]