What did Justice Ruth Ginsburg mean when she said “populations that we don’t want to have too many of”?

Read this GetReligion post and ask yourself, what could she possibly mean?This section of a New York Magazine article out this week is what is at the focus of what should be significant controversy.Q: If you were a lawyer again, what would you want to accomplish as a future feminist legal agenda?JUSTICE GINSBURG: Reproductive choice has to be straightened out. There will never be a woman of means without choice anymore. That just seems to me so obvious. The states that had changed … [Read more...]

Reparative theory: Only one way?

What he said :)Trinidad.Adventist.Gay?! is doing a couple of posts on reparative drive theory with a focus on "why this idea is so seductive for conservative Christians..."He is certainly correct about groupthink on the matter. … [Read more...]

The Pink Swastika and Hitler

In the hunt for the gay Nazis, the biggest prize is Mr. Nazi himself, Adolf Hitler. And Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams do not let us down. In Chapter 4, from about page 151 on, Lively and Abrams weave together various rumors to make a case that Hitler was homosexual. In fact, they have an ally of sorts with Lothar Machtan, a German historian. Machtan believes Hitler was gay and wrote The Hidden Hitler to prove it.Machtan is a historian and his book is to be taken more seriously that The … [Read more...]

Francis Collins to head National Institutes of Health

Those who have been reading awhile know I have not been President Barack Obama's biggest fan. However, he hit a home run with his choice of Francis Collins to head the NIH.President Obama on Wednesday nominated Dr. Francis S. Collins, a pioneering geneticist who led the government’s successful effort to sequence the human genome, as head of the National Institutes of Health.Dr. Francis S. Collins, leader of the federal human genome project, was selected to head the National Institutes o … [Read more...]

NARTH’s new journal is not a new study

Seeing some of the press out on the recent NARTH (National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) monograph, one might think the paper is a new study which demonstrates something that was once unclear.Not so. The first issue of the journal is actually a three part paper which reviews a variety of research studies mixed in with website postings and newspaper articles. There is no new research in the 121 page monograph. The three parts correspond to three claims the NARTH … [Read more...]

The Pink Swastika and Hate 2 Hope

In light of my series on The Pink Swastika, I thought it would be fitting to re-post this 20/20 episode regarding the white supremacist who reformed.You can read more about Tim Zaal and Matthew Boger at this prior post on Hate 2 Hope.A strict application of the thesis found in The Pink Swastika would make the story of Zaal and Boger very confusing.Prior posts in this series:May 28 - Scott Lively wants off SPLC hate group listMay 31 - Eliminating … [Read more...]

Paul Cameron to appear in Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Bruno”

This may make it worth the price of admission.Paul Cameron - yes, that Paul Cameron - will be in Cohen's new film, "Bruno", out Friday. From the NY Post, via Fox News:The Post talked to six people involved with the film — including four victims duped into appearing — to get their stories and figure out how, even after the massive success of "Borat," there are still people unfamiliar with Cohen's shtick. One didn't even know he was in the film until The Post phoned.Victim: Dr. Paul Cam … [Read more...]

Uganda soccer association plans anti-gay campaign

A Scottish soccer coach may have to choose between his job and his beliefs regarding homosexuality. The Ugandan campaign against homosexuality now spreads to a test of belief. Read on...Uganda FA Plan Anti-Homosexuality CampaignPublished: 4 July 2009A Scottish football manager could lose his job as manager of the Ugandan national team unless he signs a form condeming homosexuality.Bobby Williamson (left), the former Rangers and West Bromwich Albion star who is now head coach of … [Read more...]