Masculinity and same-sex attraction

I was talking to an acquaintance who attended a Journey into Manhood weekend. He was disappointed that his attractions to the same sex did not evaporate after the weekend. To be sure, he felt a greater sense of masculinity and much less self-conscious. During the first week or two after the weekend, he seemed to notice women more and did not feel the usual tug to look at gay porn. However, after awhile he noticed something unexpected. At what he felt was the height of his feelings of security … [Read more...]

Digest: Moon, Obama, Cohen, Povia, Weinland

I have been looking into several things of late, some of which may develop into a post. For now, I'll just a few spots (not sure if they are high or low, maybe just strange).-According to Unificationist websites, Barack Obama has been friendly with Sun Myung Moon front groups, the American Clergy Leadership Conference and True Family Values since before Obama became a Senator. One highly placed Moon follower and official related that Obama's wife may be involved in Unificationism in some … [Read more...]

Luca was gay: The lyrics in English

I posted in December, 2008 about the controversy in Italy regarding an ex-gay song to be sung in the Italian music festival, Sanremo by Italian artist, Povia. Up to now, the lyrics to the song not known. We now have them here.Thanks to a translation by Emiliano Lambiase, I can now post the lyrics to Luca Era Gay (Luca Was Gay), the song sparking all the fuss.INTRO:Luca was gay and now he's together with her, Luca speaks from his heart, Luca says I'm another man.1st VERSE:Luca … [Read more...]

Lost and found

Maybe... … [Read more...]

The brain’s love circuit or Something in the Way She Moves

A reader sent along this article from AOL News. There is some oversimplification but it is a good summary and good read.WASHINGTON -Like any young woman in love, Bianca Acevedo has exchanged valentine hearts with her fiance. But the New York neuroscientist knows better. The source of love is in the head, not the heart. She's one of the researchers in a relatively new field focused on explaining the biology of romantic love. And the unpoetic explanation is that love mostly can be … [Read more...]

Love is an Orientation: Andrew Marin

Andrew Marin's of the Marin Foundation promotes his new book Love is an Orientation in this video.I have not seen the book but I am very hopeful to get a copy soon. I feel very positive about what Andrew describes about his work and look forward to reading more. … [Read more...]

Can we infer the past from the present?

(This post has been moved up and republished)For the foreseeable future, posts about topics related to my book-in-progress will come up frequently, punctuated with articles regarding my new medical interest - PANDAS. The book relates to same-sex attracted people who are in heterosexual marriage. There will be a significant section on theories regarding sexual orientation.In that section, I will take up the problems of reparative drive theory and as such critique the primary means of … [Read more...]

Frisch & Hviid and reparative drive theory revisited

Commenter Evan recently posted a link to a informative powerpoint produced by colleague Morten Frisch regarding his study of social and family factors associated with homosexual and heterosexual marriage in Denmark. Morten is no stranger to this blog as he commented at length regarding the Cameron's biased attempt to estimate homosexual lifespans. I reviewed this study for a Washington Times article (the WT link is disabled but it is here)and believe it is a significant contribution to the … [Read more...]