Citing Mid-Life Crisis and New Focus from God, Robert Morris Will Cut Back Preaching at Gateway Church

Poor Robert Morris. He is getting old and has a hard time preaching the same 35 minute sermon three times in a weekend. Guess we should rename Saturday and Sunday "the weakend."Morris began his sermon at the 12:30 Sunday service by confiding with the crowd that he and the elders decided to leave it up to Morris if he will preach at just the 4pm Saturday service and one other or just at 4pm on Saturday. Later in the sermon he confided more that one reason he might not be able to preach on … [Read more...]

New Website is “One-Stop Resource” on Mars Hill Church RICO Lawsuit, Global Fund and Result Source bills itself as a "one-stop resource" for information relating to the planned RICO lawsuit involving Mars Hill Church leaders.While fund raising is slow going, this site brings together various issues which should help anyone trying to understand why the potential plaintiffs want to bring suit. In addition to the value the site has to those interested in the lawsuit, it summarizes two of the larger controversies (Global Fund and Result Source).Although these issues … [Read more...]

Gospel for Asia’s President K.P. Yohannan and Indian Courts Seem to Disagree About His Status With Indian Charities


Listening to the May 14, 2015 Gospel for Asia staff meeting, I heard K.P. Yohannan say he doesn't have control or sit on any boards of GFA organizations in other countries. Listen:Transcript: And by the way, just so you know, I am not legally on any boards, any trusts, anything in any of these countries. I have no powers to make decisions or sign money, or release money, or make decisions, I am completely legally...why? Because anybody who work in the United States or overseas countries … [Read more...]

Gospel for Asia’s 2014 Audit is Late

Member organizations with of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability with are supposed to file renewal documents each year. When those documents are due depends on when the fiscal year ends. The renewal information is due by January 31 if your fiscal year ended on April 1 through September 30.The renewal information is due by July 31 if your fiscal year ended on October 1 through March 31. Gospel for Asia in the U.S. operates on a calendar year schedule so their renewal was … [Read more...]

Gospel for Asia Canada Gets C- From Canadian Charity Watchdog Organization


Charity watchdog Charity Intelligence Canada has given Gospel for Asia Canada a C- "based on the charity’s public reporting of the work it does and the results it achieves." Beginning in 2012, CIC rated 453 charities operating in Canada on the following dimensions: Charity Intelligence scored charities on answers to 26 questions covering strategy, activities, outputs, outcomes, and learning. We modeled the scorecard on charity sector resources developed by the Canadian Institute of Chartered A … [Read more...]

Gospel for Asia Changes Bridge of Hope Website, Raises More Questions


Yesterday, I posted the following image from Bridge of Hope's Indian website (Bridge of Hope is Gospel for Asia's child sponsorship program):This was what was on the website as of late afternoon yesterday (see today's Google cache for the page as it appeared on August 8).Today, it looks like this:Shades of Mars Hill Church and Mars Hill Global! GFA won't respond to questions from me but they will alter a website in an apparent response to my post. Mars Hill Church did the … [Read more...]

According to Gospel for Asia’s Indian Website the Bridge of Hope Program Doesn’t Accept Foreign Sponsorships


In May of this year, I pointed out that Gospel for Asia requests $35/month to sponsor a child in Asia through the Bridge of Hope program but much less per month in India. Thanks to an alert reader, I was made aware that the Indian website for the Bridge of Hope program tells potential Indian donors that Bridge of Hope doesn't accept foreign sponsors. According to the Indian website, Bridge of Hope is a program of Believers' Church. The American website doesn't mention Believers' … [Read more...]

David Barton Says Founders Took Bill of Rights from Genesis. What If They Did?


David Barton has lately started sounding like the Institute on the Constitution. Michael Peroutka tells people that the American view is based on the Declaration of Independence and proves that "The American View" of government is that there is a God, the God of the Bible, our rights come from Him, and the purpose of civil government is to secure our rights. Barton promoted those points on Glenn Beck's show recently and added that the Bill of Rights came from Genesis 1-8. Watch (from Right … [Read more...]