Mark Driscoll: I Made The Mistake Of Trying To Be Under the Authority Of My Elders

In this video, Mark and Grace Driscoll acknowledge they made mistakes in ministry. What were those mistakes?At 5:23 into the video, Driscoll makes revealing statements about his views of his elders. These opinions give insight into the changes in governance at Mars Hill since 2007. Watch and take note between 5:23 and  7:00 minutes.Starting at around 5:37, Driscoll said: ...but I knew as a big personality and pretty intense so I wanted to be under authority, but I made a mistake of, … [Read more...]

Megachurch Methods: Weekly Top Giver Lists at Mars Hill Church


I have attended Christian churches since high school. Never have I attended a church or even heard of one where the pastors and elders know what members donate to the church. I have been in leadership in three churches as a deacon or elder, I have never known what anyone else donates. Only the treasurer in these churches has that knowledge and it is carefully guarded. Church boards I have served on get monthly financial reports but these are only summaries; there is no means to know who gives … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Phoenix Becomes Phoenix Bible Church

Earlier this month, Mars Hill Church announced the closing of their Phoenix campus. Now, some in the former Mars Hill location are promoting the creation of a new work called Phoenix Bible Church.We believe that God has begun something very special through Mars Hill Phoenix. As things come to an end on September 28th, we want to explore next steps to continue as a church family and essentially start a new church out of what was Mars Hill Phoenix.Our first Sunday together would be October … [Read more...]

Memo: Mars Hill Church Staff Worried That Real Marriage Campaign Would Benefit Mark Driscoll More Than Church


According to the charges filed by the 21 former Mars Hill Church elders, Mark Driscoll told current elders in May 2014 that he was unaware of the details of the ResultSource agreement which artificially landed his book Real Marriage on the New York Times bestseller list. The former elders alleged: May 2014—Mark told elders that he was not aware of the ResultSource agreement but had chosen to admit knowledge of it for the sake of the team in his letter to the church, and that others had made the … [Read more...]

A 2008 Caution About Mark Driscoll From Australia


Martin S.* is a Presbyterian pastor from Australia who attended a training put on by Acts 29 and Mark Driscoll in 2006. In response he wrote an article with a polite but clear warning about Driscoll to his fellow Presbyterian pastors. Given some of the charges, and discussion about eldership at Mars Hill, I thought this would be an revealing item to review. The article became a letter to the editor of the Australian Presbyterian magazine (Sept. 2008). Start reading at Uncultured … [Read more...]

Former Mars Hill Church Women’s Ministry Leader Discusses Her Time at the Church

Becky Garrison has a solid interview of Wendy Alsup posted at Faithstreet.Alsup discusses Mars Hill as a cult of personality and provides insight into the 2007-2008 period when she decided to leave.Go check out the entire interview.  … [Read more...]

Citing Church Finances and Personal Attacks, Sutton Turner Resigns Position at Mars Hill Church (UPDATED)

Recently, Sutton Turner deleted the Mars Hill Church information from his Twitter profile as well as most of his past tweets. His Linked In profile went private.An announcement may be coming yet today. Reportedly, an announcement has been made internally. Reports are that Turner will no longer be an executive elder or staff.If the reports are accurate, it will be interesting to learn if the severance situation is like the other pastors.In 2012, Turner offered a blunt assessment of … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Pastor Asks and Answers: Should I Continue to Tithe?

Right now, I suspect the remaining Mars Hill Church pastors are living in tension. One tension is how to ask people to give money when there are obvious problems and lack of transparency. I wouldn't want to be in that position. One such pastor is Brian Stoddard, a non-staff pastor at Mars Hill Sammamish. I have obtained a message he posted September 16th on Mars Hill's social media website, The City where Stoddard asks and answers the question: Should I Continue to Tithe? From Pastor Brian … [Read more...]