Mars Hill Church 2011 and 2012 Executive Compensation Studies


Yesterday in a blog post on the church website, Mars Hill Church described again how they set executive salaries. Mars Hill Church utilizes external salary surveys for large churches from two sources for determining it’s staff salaries, and an independent compensation study for our executives. Executive salaries also undergo a separate, additional independent third party review of appropriate salary setting procedures, accuracy and internal payroll controls.None of the Executive Elders set t … [Read more...]

Washington Attorney General’s Office Responds to Complaints About Mars Hill Church

An unknown number of people have filed complaints with the Washington Attorney General's office regarding various aspects of Mars Hill Church's financial dealings. Two of them forwarded the responses received from the office. The first one describes an informal and voluntary process to bring together the consumer and the church. The second response gives no hint about the existence of an investigation. The first response describes a time frame for Mars Hill to reply to the AG's office.Bob … [Read more...]

Legal Fund Created to Address Grievances Against Mars Hill Church

Former Mars Hill Church deacon Rob Smith has created a GoFundMe account to fund legal action, if necessary, to address grievances against Mars Hill Church.  The grievances primarily involve the Global Fund and non-disclosure clauses signed by former employees. Despite many appeals to Mars Hill Church leadership to address several grievances, it now appears that it will be necessary to take legal action to see that these greivances are addressed. Donors, ex-members and members are preparing to pu … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Posts Financial Audit and Information About Salaries and Global Fund

Just a bit ago, Mars Hill Church posted their financial audit and a blog post about various financial questions. Probably the most interesting post is the one which provides the church's view of salaries and Global Fund. Here it is: Today we posted our most recent Financial Audit. As we have done for years, this information is available for you to review at the bottom of our stewardship page. As questions have arisen this past year around executive compensation and what we have traditionally c … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz’s Father Spreads Barton’s Fables in Church

In private conversations with evangelical leaders about David Barton's pseudo-history, I have been asked what harm Barton's fables cause. After all, many of the founders were orthodox Christian and religious devotion was more respected then than now, so what does it hurt if Barton stretches the truth a little? He is basically on the right side of things so what's the problem?There are many problems with that line of thinking, most of which I don't have time to address now. However, one I … [Read more...]

John Catanzaro’s Naturopath License Suspended, Can Apply for Reinstatement in January 2015


The naturopath that Mark Driscoll called his physician can apply for license reinstatement when his suspension ends in January 2015. The order was announced by the Washington Department of Health yesterday and was the subject of a Seattle Times article posted last night. Marqise Allen, Communications Office  360-236-4072Kelly Stowe, Communications Office         360-236-4022 Snohomish County naturopath reaches settlement with state health officials OLYMPIA -- Snohomish County Naturopathic … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Bookstory in a Picture


I can't quite put into words what I felt when I looked at this picture from the Mars Hill Bellevue Facebook page, but I will try. I felt I was looking at a National Geographic story in pictures. I had to stop at this one and look at the many books still on the shelves. They seem like museum pieces now dated and out of place with a meaning different in the present than when they were first placed on the shelves. I can't tell if the man on the floor is collecting good buys or is reminiscing or is … [Read more...]

Bellevue Church to Establish Controls for Accountability in Governance

A little while ago, Pastor Jason Skelton posted this update on the City:Follow Up from the Eastside Vision Meeting Pastor Jason Skelton SharedEastside Family, We had a great day yesterday at our Eastside Vision Meeting, where we joined in partnership with our friends from Sammamish about what the Lord is laying on our hearts for the future of this church. For those who were unable to attend, we want to provide a brief synopsis of what we covered. First, we desire for this new church … [Read more...]