World Magazine Calls on Donald Trump to Withdraw from the Campaign

This is a bold move and one I admire. In an editorial just out, World magazine's editor Marvin Olasky called on Donald Trump to withdraw from the campaign.Calling Trump "unfit for power," Olasky said, "Our journalistic task is to call powerful people to account, regardless of their party, regardless of the politics of the moment."While there was concern before the 2005 tape was disclosed by the Washington Post, clearly the revelation was key. Olasky wrote: The new video pushed t … [Read more...]

K-LOVE Wants You to Pull Over and Pledge

The national Christian radio station is droning through their Fall pledge drive right now and the begging is fierce.Just today a DJ was heard imploring drivers to pull over and pledge to keep K-LOVE on the air. That was a new one on me. The DJ actually wanted people driving to pull off the road and get that pledge in.  I hope nobody got hurt.Just a reminder, K-LOVE's CEO Mike Novak makes over $550,000 per year and K-LOVE’s net revenue over expenses for 2014 was over $64-million. That's a … [Read more...]

Life Christian University Confirms David Barton’s “Earned Doctorate”

Over a month ago, religious right luminary and self-styled historian David Barton bragged for one day in a video that he had an "earned doctorate." Although he hid the diploma on the video, the doctorate appeared to come from Life Christian University, a school in FL which gives degrees in consideration for ministry experience. The day after he posted the video on Facebook and YouTube, Barton removed it from social media.  He has not commented since about the video or "earned doctorate."Now i … [Read more...]

Some Evangelicals Turn Away from Trump, Some Remain, Some Haven’t Spoken

The fall out continues from the audio of Donald Trump claiming to use his celebrity status to assault women. While some evangelical Trump supporters have remained on the Trump train, at least two prominent ones have jumped off. At least one prominent Trump supporting evangelical has stayed quiet.UPDATE: Christianity Today's Andy Crouch produced a hammer after the video scandal and didn't spare his evangelical brothers and sisters who are enabling Trump. Must. Read.The LeaversWayne … [Read more...]

Will Evangelicals Stand By Their Man?

Update: Trump just now posted an apology video, if you can call it that. In it he goes on the attack and shows no sign of stepping down.Update: Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) calls on Trump to drop out.Alan Noble started a petition aimed at the RNC to fire Trump.......................The October surprise (although it shouldn't be a big surprise) has come and Donald Trump's support from evangelicals is being tested. Will they signal to him that they are leaving or will they stand by … [Read more...]

Evangelist Joyce Meyer Claims Earned PhD from Life Christian University, Missouri Law Forbids Use of False and Misleading Degrees

Life Christian University claims to provide earned degrees to "distinguished degree holders" who get PhDs based on their written works and ministry experience. At least some of those people portray them as earned academic degrees. Joyce Meyer is one of those degree holders.Meyer, who is based in Fenton, MO, refers to the degree as an "earned PhD in theology" (in contrast to two honorary doctorates) on her website (see also here and here):She also recorded a video where she said she wa … [Read more...]

Can You Trust Glenn Beck’s Mercury One?

Today on his Facebook page, David Barton made a video pitch on behalf of Mercury One, Glenn Beck's personal charity. Barton is the president of the board for Mercury One. In the appeal, he held up shirts which are being sold to help support Christians who are targeted by ISIS. Barton said Mercury One has helped 12,000 Christians avoid ISIS.I would really like to believe this. But here's where it gets real. I can't trust Barton, so I don't readily accept that 12,000 people have been helped. … [Read more...]

The King’s University Will Now Accept Credits from Charis Bible College

The King's University is a ministry training school founded by preacher Jack Hayford and later moved to Southlake, TX to be housed at Robert Morris' Gateway Church. In May, I reported that TKU was losing students and considering the closure of several branch campuses around the country.  Nonetheless, Morris and the school leadership continue to promote the school.TKU is not regionally accredited but rather boasts accreditation by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Sc … [Read more...]