Plaintiff’s Lawyer in the Gospel for Asia Fraud Case: Show Us Where the Money Went

"There is a blogger that regularly blogs. I'm certain that there will be something about this hearing on his blog because he follows the PACER regularly in everything that comes out, and there are a group of people that are -- they -- it's a little bit of a family feud between these ex-employees and GFA." - Robert Mowrey, attorney for Gospel for Asia, May 16, 2017. On May 16, a hearing was held to set the calendar and procedures for the racketeering (RICO) lawsuit against Gospel for Asia … [Read more...]

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – David Barton, What Biblical Principle Is This?

July 12, 1787 (Click to read Madison's notes on the day) Summary The delegates argued again over representation of slaves. The delegates approved a motion to have a census within 6 years of the First Congress with the process repeated every 10 years thereafter. The final motion passed was: On the question on the whole proposition, as proportioning representation to direct taxation, and both to the white and three-fifths of the black inhabitants, and requiring a census within six years, and w … [Read more...]

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – Slavery Entered the Debate

July 11, 1787 (Click the link to read Madison's notes) Summary Due to discussion of the census, the debate turned to the 3/5ths clause. A vote was taken to substitute the word "all" for "3/5." It failed. It was agreed to take the census every 15 years. Influences on the Delegates Delegate Randolph moved to take a census but deferred to Hugh Williamson's motion which came later in the session: Mr. WILLIAMSON was for making it a duty of the Legislature to do what was right, and not leaving it … [Read more...]

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – Delegates Continued Representation Debate

July 10, 1787 Summary New York delegates Yates and Lansing left the convention today. The committee led by Gouverneur Morris recommended the House of Representatives consist of 65 representatives among the 13 states. Influence on the Delegates Again, there was little specific today. The delegates haggled over the number of representatives, whether to double their number and how many to allow from various states. Morris used the experience of the states for his argument against a census. Mr. … [Read more...]

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – More Debate About Representation

July 9, 1787 Summary The topic of the day was how to apportion representation. The passing vote today was one which allowed "the Legislature to alter the number from time to time according to wealth and inhabitants." Influences on the Delegates I can't point to much specific today. The delegates again discussed the representation of slaves. Some believed there should be no representation since they had no citizenship or rights. It is always surprising to me to read the arguments of … [Read more...]

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – One Vote for Each State in the Senate

July 7, 1787 Summary The delegates agreed that the Senate would give each state one vote. Influences on the Delegates Morris pointed to Germany and other states as an example what not to do: We must have an efficient Government, and if there be an efficiency in the local Governments, the former is impossible. Germany alone proves it. Notwithstanding their common Diet, notwithstanding the great prerogatives of the Emperor, as head of the Empire, and his vast resources, as sovereign of his … [Read more...]

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – Small Progress, Big Disagreements

July 6, 1787 (click to read Madison's notes) Summary The delegates retained as an option the provision that the House would be responsible for finance bills but referred the question of representation to a committee led by Gouverneur Morris. Influences on the Delegates Britain again was a touchstone for debate, this time regarding which legislative body should originate money bills. Mr. WILSON could see nothing like a concession here on the part of the smaller States. If both branches were … [Read more...]

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – Division Over Representation Continued

July 5, 1787 Summary Elbridge Gerry's committee reported recommendations for representation. Although the committee wasn't unanimous, the report recommended that the first branch (House of Representatives) have a member for every 40,000 citizens, with the Senate made up of one member per state. Finally, all finance bills should originate in the House without possibility of amendment in the Senate. Influences on the Delegates The disputation continued in this session. Even after Ben … [Read more...]