Faith Christian Church Student Groups Cleared by University of Arizona, Banned by UA Religious Council, Looking for New Home

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The Arizona Daily Star is reporting that the Faith Christian Church, accused of being a cult by former members, is now without a building for services. The Star also disclosed that the University of Arizona found no violations of the student conduct code in the operation of FCC's student groups on campus. The action by UA doesn't relate to the church nor does it prevent the school's University Religious Council from keeping the church's student groups from membership.In March, Tucson, AZ … [Read more...]

Breaking: Pakistani Supreme Court Stays the Execution of Asia Bibi

Pakistani journalists are tweeting that Asia Bibi's execution has been stayed. See below:A three member #SC bench accepts Aasia Be Be's appeal against her blasphemy conviction and put a stay on execution. #dunyatv— Ajmal Jami (@ajmaljami) July 22, 2015Ajmal Jami is a correspondent for Dunyan News.I will add details and additional confirmation as it becomes available. Here is another news report about the stay of execution. And this from Dawn News also confirms the … [Read more...]

C’mon Gospel for Asia, Let’s Talk

On May 7, 2015 Gospel for Asia's Chief Operating Officer David Carroll told me he would no longer answer any more of my questions. Leading up to that email was my question about why funds given and reported outside of India didn't show up in Indian records. Specifically at that time, I asked about the funds (15 million Canadian dollars) declared in Canada as being sent to India in 2013 but never reported as being contributed from a foreign source as required by Indian law (I later wrote about … [Read more...]

In Second Planned Parenthood Sting Video, PP Executive Appears to Negotiate Tissue Prices (Full Video)

Full video at the end of the post.In the mean time, here is the second sting video dropped by Center for Medical Progress which is designed to bring attention to Planned Parenthood's policies and practices related to organ and tissue donation and/or sale.I will reserve comment on this video until I see the uncut footage.In the mean time, comments are welcome but name-calling and disrespectful comments will be deleted. Discuss the video, the full version, the ethics of secret … [Read more...]

Prayers for Asia Bibi; Appeal Set for July 22

According to this Christian Today report, Christian housewife and mother Asia Bibi has one more chance for freedom. See also this report from the British-Pakistani Christian Association which provided the basis for the CT report.Even if she is released, there are reports of a $5000 bounty for her life.I recall many efforts to secure her freedom, from a British legislator to the mayor of Paris to the Pope.Islamabad, Pakistan is nine hours ahead of us so it will be Wednesday very soon. … [Read more...]

David Barton’s Legend Grows to Include Supreme Court Winner

David Barton was given a PhD by Glenn Beck and was sorta called "America's Historian" in a World Net Daily article and speaks for over 400 (600?) groups per year.  Barton has also added NCAA Division One basketball player and translator for the Russian gymnastics team. Now, he can add winner of cases at the Supreme Court. Watch this invitation to hear Barton speak at an Assembly of God church in Texarkana, TX (full video here):Barton has filed some amicus briefs (friend of the court) … [Read more...]

Tony Anthony: Reframing the Tiger


Remember Kung Fu Kristian Tony Anthony? He's back with a recycled book. Mark Woods at Christian Today is on the case.The Guardian called Anthony a "serial fantasist." I can think of a couple of other folks described by that phrase.Well, he's back with an edited book which he says is substantially the same.  Buyer beware. … [Read more...]

What’s Next for Mark Driscoll?

The first thing will be another video appearance.This week Brian Houston plans to show his interview with Mark Driscoll to the audience at Hillsong's London conference. Protesters will be there as well.The transcript of the interview to be shown at the London conference is posted at the ChurchwatchCentral blog.Driscoll's next moves are unknown to him according to this interview with Houston. However, the Driscolls did enjoy a farewell party about 10 days ago in Seattle. Where … [Read more...]