Taiwanese study links parenting and adult homosexuality

This study from authors, For-Wey Lung and Bih-Ching Shu in Comprehensive Psychiatry (opens a pdf file in this window) assess adult ratings of parent-child relationships as correlated with sexual orientation. The authors find significant differences between the gay and straight groups in parental overprotection and parental concern. There appear to be significant issues with this study but I thought I would note it since it is quite appropos to discussions we have here. I have written the … [Read more...]

Donnie Davies & Joey Oglesby: Together at last

They meet!. I believe that my original theory should be revisited. If you are still interested in this bizarre story, you should go check out the link quickly because it was on YouTube once for a few hours and then pulled. If you aren't that interested, then you might be annoyed, disappointed, upset or worse. Donnie Davies' C.H.O.P.S. program is starting to take shape though.UPDATE: 2/14/07 - We interrupt your V-Day celebrations to bring you news that Donnie Davies has now posted the … [Read more...]

Music video of the week: Coldplay – Talk

Good song for a blog, eh? … [Read more...]

New York Times covers sexual reorientation issue

Michael Luo has a story in the New York Times this morning titled, "Some Tormented by Homosexuality Look to a Controversial Therapy." Intended to provide coverage of reorientation efforts in the greater New York City area, the article reviews some familiar ground.The article focuses on Corey Larson, a young man who is seeking change through People Can Change and David Matheson, a student of Joe Nicolosi's. At first read, it looks to me like a surface review of some issues that breaks little … [Read more...]

Sexual identity therapy: An interview with Dr. Nicholas Cummings

This is a draft of an article that is looking for a home. Dr. Cummings related his experience in private practice working personally with an estimated 2,000 plus gay clients. The HMO (Kaiser-Permanente) where he was Chief of Mental Health used their experience with between 15,000 and 16,000 gay and lesbian people to form policies that were implemented while he was there. He discloses this information here in print for the first time. Having interviewed Dr. Cummings, I understand better why he is … [Read more...]

NARTH adopts Leona Tyler Principle

February 8, 2007 - The Leona Tyler Principle, adopted by the American Psychological Association (APA) in 1973, has just been unanimously adopted by NARTH's Governing Board on the advice of its Scientific Advisory Committee.In essence, the principle states that when psychologists are speaking as members of their profession, any advocacy in which they engage should be based on scientific data and demonstrable professional experience. Perhaps Dr. Tyler, then APA's president, was able to foresee … [Read more...]

Church coalition files FCC complaint over suicide of Brent Dugan

David Blakeslee posted in January about Reverend Brent Dugan's tragic death in Mercer, PA hotel room. Now, a coalition of Pittsburgh area church denominations have filed a complaint with the FCC surrounding the reporting of KDKA - Pittsburgh.The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette posted a complete copy of the letter filed by the "Christian Associates, a regional ecumenical association representing 15 Christian denominations."I will be adding background and information on this matter as I find it. … [Read more...]

WWRD? "What Would Reagan Do?" An Interview with Historian Paul Kengor

I tend to post about sexuality, religion, music and politics in about that order. Here is one about recent political history. I recently interviewed Grove City College colleague again about his new book called The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism (HarperCollins, 2006) and can be read here. … [Read more...]