This is big… Some of these folks came to Ohio just to vote for Obama. Here is more voter influence… Read more

As if spending your tax cut early wasn’t enough cash for Mr. Obama, he is charging the news media big bucks to cover his hoped-for victory celebration. The richest campaign in history will begin to educate the nation in how Chicago rolls on election night as follows: FishbowlLA links to a memo sent to news organizations informing them they would have to pay for credentials to Sen. Barack Obama’s Election Night celebration. It’s not cheap, either. According to the memo,… Read more

The LA Time Blog today put voice to something I was thinking. Barack Obama broke all fundraising records in September, raising $150 million dollars and yet his campaign is still collecting $10 or more so you can get your official Obama-Biden car magnet. Here is the email request: Friend — We’re facing an urgent deadline at midnight tonight. Final decisions about our ground operation will be based on the financial resources we have on hand. We’re too close to the… Read more

UPDATE: 11/6/08 – Tiffany Wilson has the scoop on Michelle Obama’s election night outfit; prob about 12k. Bet the MSM are preparing stories about it right now. Actually the whole clothing ruckus involving Sarah Palin is silly and being driven for political purposes. One of the media arms of the Obama campaign, Huffington Post admits as much here: Beyond the political tit-for-tat, however, the revelation of the clothing expenditures offers what some Democrats see as a chance not just to… Read more

Big media deal today; CNN’s Drew Griffin misquoted a National Review article as follows: He seems to have misinterpreted Byron York’s statements on Palin. York said: Watching press coverage of the Republican candidate for vice president, it’s sometimes hard to decide whether Sarah Palin is incompetent, stupid, unqualified, corrupt, backward or – well, all of the above. York was referring to press coverage of Palin and not offering a negative assessment. Watching Greta Van Susteren tonight, I see that CNN… Read more

Ok, I am trying to figure this out. Yesterday five prominent Democrat feminists campaigned with Sarah Palin in Henderson, NV. Palin was joined on stage by five women who endorsed her candidacy, including two members of the Democratic National Platform Committee, two leaders of chapters of the National Organization of Women, and a former editor of Ms. Magazine [Elaine Lafferty]. Lynn Rothschild, a Democratic National Platform Committee member and prominent supporter of Sen. Clinton, had endorsed the McCain-Palin ticket in… Read more

The New York Times woke up and published a story regarding ACORN that speaks to the kinds of problems that ACORN watchers have been discussing. Project Vote and ACORN are so closely tied together that it seems difficult to say Project Vote hasn’t done partisan work. In addition, the Consumers Rights League has sworn affidavits from 4 former ACORN workers accusing ACORN Housing of funneling money to ACORN’s voter registration efforts. The Times article is based on an internal report… Read more

Said as only Andy Borowitz can: October 22, 2008 McCain Sends Biden to Key Swing States ‘Just Keep Talking,’ Says Mac In a move unprecedented in the annals of presidential politics, Republican presidential nominee John McCain announced today that he was sending Democratic vice presidential nominee Joseph Biden on a campaign trip to several key swing states. “I told Joe, I will pay your plane fare, hotels, all your expenses,” Sen. McCain said. “Just get out there and say whatever’s… Read more

The Boston Globe on June 27, 2008 published an article by Binyamin Appelbaum about Obama’s state senate record on public housing. As a follow-up, Mr. Appelbaum was interviewed on July 1, 2008 by National Public Radio’s Farai Chideya along with Illinois state representative Julie Hamos. Ms. Hamos spoke in defense of private developers getting tax dollars to rehab public houing and Mr. Appelbaum elaborated on his report. You can listen to the entire interview at the link above or here…. Read more

Economics with Barney Frank: Wow, makes you want to be rich. The hyper-rich won’t miss half of their billions but after awhile the many of those rich people making over $250k might not be so rich. The Bush finance team wants a bigger “stimulus package” . Frank is apparently agreeing here. When will we just say no? Read more

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