Democratic Platform Committee member stumps for McCain in PA, MI

This October 7th article in the (Wilkes-Barre) Times-Leader follows up Shelly Mandell’s endorsement of McCain-Palin. Dem group backing McCain Prominent Hillary Clinton supporter helps open Democrats for McCain headquarters in Scranton. BILL O ’ BOYLE SCRANTON – A major supporter of Hillary Clinton and member of the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee, on Monday said the Democratic Party has nominated “the worst candidate” while Republicans have nominated the best. Lynn Forester de Rothschild helped open the Democrats for McCain headquarters… Read more

Zogby Poll: Obama – 47, McCain – 45

The margin of error is 2.8%… Read more

Presidential debate – Mortgages, taxes and Israel

Differences on many issues were clear in the debate tonight. The three issues which stood out to me involved McCain’s plan to directly assist troubled mortgage holders, tax policy and Israel. Question 13 on Israel was striking to me. If Israel was attacked, would the candidate commit troops to support Israel? McCain was clear that we would defend Israel. I am not sure what Obama would do based on his answer; he said he would not options off the table… Read more

CNN report on the Barack Obama – William Ayers relationship

As always, I am very interested in hearing from readers about why this does or doesn’t matter. The CNN report makes it clear that Obama wants to minimize the actual relationship. I think this mostly goes away if Obama said somthing like, I made a mistake in hitching my wagon to this guy and moved away from him when I realized what he did and what he stood for. However, as documented by this report, his campaign has fudged a… Read more

Obamanomics and the subprime lending crisis

Researching Barack Obama’s philosophical influences, I came across an article called Obamanomics by David Moberg and published in the left-leaning, In These Times. The March, 2008 article is worth a read in light of the current economic troubles. Moberg predicts the current crisis and discusses Obama’s position regarding the financial industry at that time: Subprime plans When it comes to many of the larger issues hounding the economy, Obama hasn’t done much to distinguish himself. He has not been a… Read more

Another Black Monday – Dow down 800

I remember the 1987 Black Monday; this one isn’t quite as black in percentage terms but we may not be finished. Wow, glad we passed that bailout rescue plan. I am not actually sure how I mean that. One could say if the rescue plan was still in doubt then the bloodletting would be worse. But then one might say the rescue plan is inadequate to address the serious fear which appears to infiltrate the financial markets. Chime in… Read more

Shelly Mandell, head of LA chapter of National Organization for Women endorses McCain-Palin

Imagine Jim Dobson or Rick Warren endorsing Barack Obama. Imagine the headlines and news stories which would derive from such an endorsement. Now imagine a major Democratic operative, who is heads one of the largest chapters of the National Organization for Women endorsing John McCain and Sarah Palin, primarily due to Sarah Palin’s place on the ticket. Both would be big news, right? One would think either scenario would be reported widely. However, when Ms. Shelly Mandell endorsed Sarah Palin… Read more

International Healing Foundation looking for new leader

In his Fall, 2008 newsletter, Richard Cohen says that he is looking for a new Director of the International Healing Foundation. On page 3, Cohen announces: PASSING THE TORCH OF TRUTH AND LOVE Now that these three landmark healing protocols are completed, it’s time to raise up the next generation of healers. Therefore, I would like to announce that we are seeking a new director for the International Healing Foundation (IHF). We are looking for a committed person with a… Read more

House leaning toward passage of bailout/tax plan/mental health parity

Looks like the Senate made it safe for some Monday no voters to come out yes today. Who knows what will be in it by the time it is passed. Read more

Obama Junior Fraternity Regiment

I do not know if Obama knows about this or had anything to do with it, but I would like to find out. This You Tube page has some information that I cannot verify at this time but you can read it there. This is the organization which the poster of the You Tube video says is responsible: URBAN COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP ACADEMY, 1524 PASEO BLVD, 18th & Vine District, Kansas City, MO. And then there is this video making the… Read more

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