NEA not happy about leaks

Word from the NEA is that Reg Weaver, NEA prez, is not happy about the press reports regarding the NEA support for gay marriage. Someone on site reports are that he is using foul language from the podium in expressing his ire over the matter. The NEA flip-flop is stunning given the fact that the union should experience no difficulty getting supportive language passed at their Delegate Assembly. At least one gay blogger seems to think the NEA has caved but I suspect the original language will … [Read more...]

NEA running from original stance on gay marriage.

As reported below, the NEA seems to have created a firestorm of resistance in some quarters over the proposed resolution to support gay marriage.The original resolution was delivered to delegates at their winter meeting, Feb 23-25 of this year. There was no fuss until a delegate alerted the American Family Association and then all of a sudden the language was changed.The Alabama Education Association seems to read things differently than the Ohio EA . And in contrast to NEA president Reg … [Read more...]

Older brothers and gay little brothers

Anthony Bogaert has a new study out today about the older brother theory. Well, technically tomorrow, since it is not out on the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science website yet. This study seems to leave the "feared older brother" theory looking pretty shabby. However, the hype over the study is sure to overlook Blanchard and Bogaert's estimates that only about 15% of gay men owe their attractions to this effect.I have been reviewing prior work in this area today. About half of the … [Read more...]

NEA changing its approach to gay marriage resolution?

The National Education Association may be backpeddling on their original language regarding gay marriage. Originally, the education union offered the following proposed resolution:The language in this statement mailed to NEA delegates a week ago states:B-8 DiversityThe National Education Association believes that adiverse society enriches all individuals.Similarities and differences among races, ethnicity, color,national origin, language, geographic location,religion, gender, … [Read more...]

2004 Interview with Dr. Robert Spitzer

In early 2004, I interviewed psychiatrist Robert Spitzer for the documentary, I Do Exist. Only a portion of the footage made it in the video. During the Spring semester, GCC senior Randy Fulton transcribed the entire interview for an independent study. Thanks to Randy for that. The interview fully covers Dr. Spitzer's much discussed study. Of current interest is what Dr. Spitzer had to say about sexual orientation and depression. There is some conflict over what his study actually suggested with … [Read more...]

American Family Radio Two Part series on PFOX

Today, American Family Radio is broadcasting Part One of a two part series regarding the recent issues with PFOX and Richard Cohen's appearance on CNN. I think to be fair, tomorrow's segment will give Richard a chance to reply.UPDATE: Part 2 of the PFOX/Cohen story came are here and here today.UPDATE #2 - The print article derived from Jim Brown's reporting is here.To read the posts regarding this matter, click here. … [Read more...]

National Review on Love Won Out

Eve Tushnet, writing for National Review Online, reviews the June 10, Love Won Out conference near Washington DC. It's a pretty brief article but she finds most fault with the reparative therapy tone of the day. While she acknowledged that some men do fit the reparative-theory-predicted understanding of things, others don't. Interesting was the man, "Frank," who said he did fit the theory, but even with all the insight, he has not lost his same-sex attractions.On the whole, she is unimpressed … [Read more...]

Genetics and stigmatization

From the Journal of Health and Social Behavior (Dec., 2005), pp. 307-22 comes this interesting abstract:Title: Geneticization of deviant behavior and consequences for stigma: the case of mental illness. Author: Phelan JC. of the Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, Department of Sociomedical Sciences, 722 W. 168th Street, New York, NY 10032, USA. jcp13@columbia.eduAbstract: One likely consequence of the genetics revolution is an increased tendency to understand human … [Read more...]