Youth movement: Quit bashing homosexuality

Although this article in the Ventura County Star doesn't predict a new Jesus Movement, the conditions described seem to be a good foundation for such a prediction. And the information relating to homosexuality should be read by every evangelical leader.Last night at GCC, I gave a talk to a group called God and the Gay Neighbor. This article dovetails very nicely with that talk and with what I heard from the students. A couple of students asked questions about how to counter activism but … [Read more...]

The sky is falling: Blame the Christians – New column

Mark Morford, columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, writes that "hordes of easily terrified, mindless fundamentalist evangelical Christian lemmings have been bad for the soul of this country..." Wow, so how do you really feel, Mark? In an otherwise on-target assessment of youth culture, he connects problems in our nation's education system with Christian lemmings. In my response, I note that those "lemmings" could help lead us out of the morass. … [Read more...]

University of Delaware ends controversial residence life education program

I received an email from Robert Shibley, Vice President of FIRE, this evening indicating that the President of the University of Delaware had stopped the controversial residence life curriculum.Here is the letter from UD President:A Message to the University of Delaware CommunityNov. 1, 2007The University of Delaware strives for an environment in which all people feel welcome to learn, and which supports intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, free inquiry and respect for the … [Read more...]

University of Delaware says, "there have been some missteps"

The University of Delaware appears to be taking seriously some of the concerns from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) regarding the student life ideological education program. In a letter from the school, Vice President for Student Life, Michael Gilbert, saysI do acknowledge that there have been some missteps with the implementation of our program. This is a new effort involving over two hundred staff. As with any University educational endeavor assessment and feedback … [Read more...]

Finnish study finds genetic effects associated with homosexual intention and behavior

An August, 2007 study in Biological Psychology has come in under the radar. The study of twins provides some interesting findings of interest to discussions here. For now, I am going to post the abstract, discussion section and reference.AbstractWe investigated the potential to engage in homosexual behavior in 6001 female and 3152 male twins and their siblings finding that 32.8% of the men and 65.4% of the women reported such potential ( p < 0.001). 91.5% of these men and 98.3% of … [Read more...]

Delaware school requires "treatment" for bad thinking

I have been following the development of a story out of Delaware regarding the University of Delaware and residence life trainings to address student worldview. The link is to the website of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Eduation (FIRE). According to the website and documents I have seen, the university keeps a portfolio on students to ascertain progress toward institutional goals. The goals include forced views of white privilege and "heterosexism." There are links on this site to the … [Read more...]

Post-mortem on the Obama-McClurkin dust up

The conservative Weekly Standard provides some dandy analysis of the Obama-McClurkin episode. Surprising to me is the writer Dean Barnett's reference to McClurkin as "semi-gay." Now we have yet another term to add to the collection, albeit not one that is likely catch on. Guess you can color him skeptical.. … [Read more...]

From meddling to preaching; two important articles on shifts in Evangelicalism

David Kirkpatrick has a lengthy analysis of shifts in evangelicalism in yesterday's New York Times. Called "The Evangelical Crackup," the article describes what appears to be a shift in evangelicalism away from political activism.And then the Rocky Mountain News describes a similar shift underway at Focus on the Family with the advent of Jim Daly as head of the organization. … [Read more...]