More Michael Glatze

Michael Glatze has more to say about his story on World Net Daily today.UPDATE: Michelangelo Signorile interviewed Paul Schindler of the Gay City News about Michael Glatze today. Mr. Schindler talked with Michael and said that Michael indeed an up and coming leader among young gays. Further, Mr. Schindler revealed that Michael backed out of the Paula Zahn Show and today's Signorile radio show because he prayed about it and did not believe he would get a fair hearing.There was some … [Read more...]

Michael Glatze to appear with Wayne Besen tonight on Paula Zahn Show

Wayne Besen is reporting that he will "debate" Michael Glatze and Charlene Cothran tonight on the Paula Zahn Now show at 8pm. I put debate in quotes because the format of the show rarely allows much time for any substantial give and take -- mostly sound bites and zingers. But it might make Crossfire fans yearn for the return of the show.UPDATE: TWO is now reporting that the segment has been cancelled or postponed. … [Read more...]

The return of Richard Cohen

When last we heard from Richard Cohen, he wrote to me a letter of apology for his appearance of the Daily Show. Back in April, Richard wrote again to tell me that he had given up his counseling practice and was limiting his work to teaching and speaking.He has a new video out on YouTube that summarizes his history and promotes his work. From the video, one might think he is still seeing clients. However, on his website the promo states about Cohen: "Recently, he retired from counseling to … [Read more...]

Counseling Today letter to the editor on religious diversity and sexual identity

Several weeks ago, I wrote about an article on religion and sexual identity that was published in the April 2007 issue of the American Counseling Association's monthly newsletter, Counseling Today. The article was titled "Strange Bedfellows? Spirituality meets sexual identity in the counseling office." I felt the article was one-sided in that no options were offered for same-sex attracted clients who have believe homosexual behavior to be wrong. In response, I co-wrote a letter to the editor of … [Read more...]

Interview with Michael Glatze

I spoke with Michael Glatze earlier this evening by phone and we corresponded some by email. First, by email, he gave me some answers to questions about the nature of his religious beliefs. He said:My religious beliefs are these: Jesus Christ came to take upon Him all of our sins. There is a place called The Kingdom of God. The only way to the Kingdom of God is through Jesus Christ. We must "give up our lives for His sake" and do as He commands, and we become welcomed in the Kingdom of God. … [Read more...]

Young Gay American former editor writes of changed life

Today's WorldNetDaily carries an article and column featuring Michael Glatze, who describes a religious conversion that he says has led to sexual conversion as well.Glatze says a 2005 appearance with Judy Shepard stimulated reflection that led to an evaluation of his life. While it will be tempting for those opposed to homosexuality to generalize Mr. Glatze's experience, I hope they will resist it (apparently WND already has done so). I also hope pro-gay proponents will not savage the man … [Read more...]

Ex-ex-gays make public statements

This has been widely reported by now but the AP has a story making the rounds that report statements by Michael Bussee, Jeremy Marks, and Darlene Bogle lamenting their work in ex-gay ministries. Actually, this is old news as Michael has been ex-ex for a long time, Darlene since 1990 and Jeremy since 2000. What made it irresistable to the AP, I suspect, was the tension between the ex-ex-gay conference and the Exodus conference occuring this week.By now, the dinner is over I suppose. I wonder … [Read more...]

Paula Zahn to examine "changing attitudes and lifestyles"

Wednesday June 27, at 8pm (est), Paula Zahn will examine changes in attitudes among people doing sexual identity therapy and ministry. I was interviewed for this segment as was Alan Chambers. Not sure what the exact focus will be. But the Zahn website has this brief description:Wednesday's showBoys who want to be girls... women who want to be men.. and gays who want to be straight! Uncovering changing attitudes and changing lifestyles, this Wednesday on "Paula Zahn NOW," 8 p.m. ET. … [Read more...]