Racism on You Tube revisited

Last week, I posted briefly on the racist videos on YouTube and was glad to see that one racist's account (johnsmithxp1) was suspended. However, johnsmithxp1 is now back as johnsmithxp2 with most of the same videos. Conspicuously missing is the video that sparked interest in the site in the first place -- the clips of It's Elementary (posted now at MassResistance).For several days now, I have been reporting several videos (for examples, this and this) as hate speech with no change that I can … [Read more...]

Values Focused Counseling: Sexual Identity Therapy illustrated

In January 2005, I interviewed David Akinsanya, then of the BBC, for a documentary called Sad to be Gay. The BBC special aired without this footage due to some technical issues and time constraints. Through the permission of David and the BBC, I have been granted permission to use the interview for educational purposes. This segment is at the beginning of the interview and demonstrates an application of the sexual identity therapy framework that Mark Yarhouse and I were beginning to develop at … [Read more...]

Only the gay die young? Part 6 – Exodus International statement

Apropos to the recent series of posts examining the recent report from Paul and Kirk Cameron on life expectancy is this action from Exodus International. Up to earlier today, Exodus had a page titled "Is there a connection between life expectancy and homosexuality?" with various assertions about the health status of homosexuals as a group. One point claimed a very short life expectancy for homosexuals (in the 40s). Now when you access that page, you see this message:This article has been … [Read more...]

Racism on You Tube; It's Elementary clips pulled in copyright claim

I received an email from Stephen Bennett yesterday alerting his mailing list to videos demonstrating schools and teachers teaching about homosexuality. These were clips of It's Elementary, by Woman's Educational Media. I figured that these clips would be gone quickly with focus placed on them and I was correct. They are now gone.This not the main event as far as I am concerned. What shocked me was the other videos posted by the person or group who posted the It's Elementary clips. Going by … [Read more...]

Only the gay die young? Part 5 – Morten Frisch responds to Kirk Cameron

Just after I posted my evaluation of Drs. Cameron's gay life expectancy report, I received the following email from Morten Frisch which is a reply to Kirk Cameron's letter in rebuttal to Dr. Frisch.Dear Dr. Throckmorton,As sadly anticipated, Drs. Paul and Kirk Cameron were not objective when writing their report ’Federal Distortion of Homosexual Footprint (Ignoring Early Gay Death?)’ (1). The mission statement of their professional affiliation, the Family Research Institute, concludes … [Read more...]

Only the gay die young? Part 4 – Brief evaluation of Cameron & Cameron (2007)

As promised, I am posting my letter of response to emails sent by Paul and Kirk Cameron. The Camerons objected to my blog comments and those of Dr. Morten Frisch about their recent poster session at the Eastern Psychological Association convention in March. Due to length (6 pages), I am posting a link to the Word document.In general, I critique the multiple assumptions made by the Camerons in their recent study as well as the means of reporting it to the public. I am not sure what is next … [Read more...]

Music video of the week: Collective Soul – Run

Not sure I get the video, but I like the song. The Dosage CD is worn out from play. … [Read more...]

Only the gay die young? Part 3 – Kirk Cameron responds to Morten Frisch

In an email received Friday, Paul Cameron's son, Kirk, responded to the post here on this blog from Danish epidemiologist Morten Frisch. It is a 4 page response in a Word document which is why I will link to it instead of reproduce it in this post. Thanks to Dr. Cameron for permission to post.Read the response here: Kirk Cameron's letter of response.I probably won't have much to say about this until next week but I hope to comment in more depth then.DIGG IT … [Read more...]