ReutersHealth covers Frisch gay mortality study

I talked about it here and yesterday, ReutersHealth published an article about Frisch's gay mortality study. With a sure to be provocative title, the article summarizes the main findings.I have been surprised that only bloggers - and few of them - have picked up on this research. There is a little something here for everyone; there is some evidence of reduced longevity but not to the degree hoped for by the Camerons.Mortality declines as same-sex marriage enduresLast Updated: … [Read more...]

Dutch government funds sexual identity ministry

This news report from the Netherlands Information Services, an English language Dutch new service, is intriguing.Govt Subsidises 'Homosexuality Healers'THE HAGUE, 22/11/08 - Emancipation Minister Ronald Plasterk subsidises two Christian organisations that see homosexuality as a curable complaint.Plasterk recently announced he would give subsidies to Christian gay organisations with the goal of making homosexuality discussible in these circles. But according to De Pers newspaper, … [Read more...]

New study casts doubt on older brother hypothesis and reparative drive theory

A new study by Andrew Francis of Emory University in the Journal of Sex Research casts doubt on both the fraternal birth-order effect and reparative drive theory.Here is the abstract:Using a nationally representative sample of young adults, I identify the family-demographic correlates of sexual orientation in men and women. Hence, I test the maternal immune hypothesis, which posits that the only biodemographic correlate of male homosexuality is the number of older brothers, and there are … [Read more...]

Obama may delay repeal of "don't ask, don't tell"

The Washington Times is reporting what seems like a smart move: Barack Obama will probably deal with the most serious problems facing the nation first and postpone action on potentially divisive actions, like the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell." My guess is that Obama will delay the push until after the 2010 mid-term elections.Bob Knight is quoted as suggesting that Americans don't have this policy on their radar now but will be quick to react negatively if the policy is debated … [Read more...]

Ex-gay history: Charles Socarides and Richard Cohen on CNN

Richard Cohen has added some content to his YouTube account with a new infomercial and a clip of an interview on CNN with Charles Socarides and Cohen from what appears to be the early to mid 90s (probably 1994 given this article). Socarides mentions NARTH so it would be after the founding of that organization in 1992. The sound does not match the speakers but this is an interesting clip nonetheless which demonstrates that NARTH's premise in the early days was to return homosexuality to a status … [Read more...]

Mankind Project self-destructing?

After a steady rise in influence and numbers, the Mankind Project may now be in decline. More about that in a bit.Today, Chris Vogel writes about a dispute within the murky inner-circle of the MKP which has become public. Vogel writes:Here’s some news for you readers who’ve been keeping up with The ManKind Project, the controversial so-called men’s self-help group that detractors have criticized for targeting members of 12-step recovery groups, practicing therapy without a licen … [Read more...]

Is there a question about this vote, really?

Look here:And then read this article.It could take awhile to get through the recount if that kind of vote is challenged.UPDATE: Coleman now leads by only 174 votes as the recount winds up day 2. … [Read more...]

Donofrio vs. Wells: NJ Obama citizenship case slated for SCOTUS conference

I have posted on the Berg vs. Obama case challenging the U.S. citizenship of Barack Obama. I am not posting on this because I have special knowledge of or belief in the assumptions of the case. I am more interested in how this narrative has become a parallel universe to the daily transition to an Obama administration and the ongoing economic problems of the nation.There are several of these cases meandering their way through various courts. Here is one which has gotten to the conference … [Read more...]