Homosexuality 101 has some space

My Space, that is. Dr. Julie Harren, NARTH president-elect has launched a MySpace page extolling her Homosexuality 101 video. The description reads:Committed to educating the church and the world on the origins of homosexuality, we believe that freedom is possible! Although the two largest schools of thought on the issue today are that individuals are either (1)born gay or (2)choose to be so, we advocate that both views are incorrect. Based on scientific and psychological research along with … [Read more...]

Should HIV status ever be disclosed?

This is a question often debated among therapists in situations where an identifiable potential partner can be identified. For instance, here is a case where a husband's sexual activities will be made a part of an action by an ex-wife where the husband may have (alleged by the ex-wife) infected her with the virus.If you were a friend of this couple and you knew one of them had HIV, would you tell the other? If you were their marriage counselor? Recently, on the BoxTurtleBulletin blog, Daniel … [Read more...]

Christian Post covers MRSA controversy

Today's Christian Post has an article by Lillian Kwon regarding recent responses to the Annals of Internal Medicine article regarding MRSA among gay men. Yours truly is quoted:While Throckmorton believes it's good to give warning to groups at greater risk of infection, he said the latest study to him is "just a warning about sexual purity" in general.Referencing a comment made on his blog, Throckmorton said, "When you single out one group, the unintended consequence is people in other … [Read more...]

Ex-gay ministry may have been casualty of political endorsement

First, the Donnie McClurkin kerfuffle and now the Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell endorsement. That is not a sentence, but I'll bet a few Barack Obama supporters muttered that and more after it was recently learned that Rev. Caldwell's church promoted Metanoia (ex-gay) Ministry on it's church website. In a Politico.com article, Rev. Caldwell said this about the ministry:By Monday, Caldwell’s church, Windsor Village United Methodist in Houston, scrubbed its Web site of any reference to the gay co … [Read more...]

New York Times covers the MRSA controversy: Open Forum

After the San Francisco Chronicle printed an article linking MRSA with homosexual zip codes in San Francisco and Boston, the Unversity professors behind the original study are in the New York Times clarifying the intent and meaning of their remarks. See this article and let's continue the discussion... … [Read more...]

McCain wins South Carolina; Romney and Clinton win Nevada

No, this is not a political blog but I will get into the race more as 2008 moves along. I watched lots of coverage of the South Carolina race, where the AP called the state for McCain about 10 minutes ago. McCain has to feel pretty good about his showing; he carried independents, split conservatives and was respectable among Evangelicals. Where is Huckabee's next victory, outside of Arkansas? I don't see a place where he would do better than South Carolina, a state where he had some natural … [Read more...]

What Might Have Been – The Man Who Could Have Reversed Roe v. Wade, Part two

In December, I posted an interview with Grove City College colleague, Paul Kengor titled, What Might Have Been - The Man Who Could Have Reversed Roe v. Wade. In that interview based on his research for his book on Reagan's closest advisor, Judge William Clark, Dr. Kengor discussed how Judge Clark probably would have voted to overturn Roe vs. Wade if he had taken the appointment to the Supreme Court offered him by Ronald Reagan. In this follow up interview, Paul provides additional detail about Ju … [Read more...]

Call for research participants: Gay, ex-gay, ex-ex-gay and married?

If you identify as gay ex-gay or ex-ex-gay and are heterosexually married or have ever been, please contact me via email at warrenthrockmorton@gmail.com.  Just put "research study" in the subject line. You do not need to identify yourself by name at this time, just simply email to indicate your possible interest and I will provide details.Feel free to post elsewhere... … [Read more...]