What If Country Mill Farms Discriminated Based on Race?

Country Mill Farms and legal advocacy group Alliance Defending Freedom is suing the City of East Lansing with a claim of religious discrimination. According to the complaint, the City of East Lansing acted to exclude "a farmer whose family farm is twenty-two miles outside the City from participating in its city-run farmers market solely because the City dislikes the farmer’s profession of his religious beliefs about marriage on Facebook." CMF claims that the policy "violates the First and Fo … [Read more...]

Metropolitan of Believers’ Church K.P. Yohannan Will Face Jury in Fraud Case

This is the same news as I reported yesterday but with a twist. The organization which funnels money from all over the world to India -- Gospel for Asia -- is at the center of two racketeering and fraud lawsuits brought by former donors in Arkansas. The founder of GFA and Believers' Church in India (the main recipient of GFA's funds) -- K.P. Yohannan -- is a defendant in the lawsuits. So is his wife and son. One of those suits was cleared by a federal judge to proceed with discovery and to hold … [Read more...]

David Barton and Kevin Conover: Public School Bible Classes Teach Christianity

On the Educate for Life radio show, guest and self-styled historian David Barton agreed with host Kevin Conover that the public school Bible classes offered by the National Council of Bible Curriculum in Public Schools teaches Christianity. Watch:Barton agrees when Conover says, "they're offering not just a Bible as history class but it's literally a full on Christian class." Understandably, Conover seems surprised by this.According to the president of the Council, the purpose of the … [Read more...]

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – Let the People Vote!

June 6, 1787Today the delegates decided against having state legislatures elect the first federal legislative house. Some delegates distrusted the people to directly elect their federal representatives, preferring instead to have the people elect members of state legislatures who in turn would elect federal legislators. After debate, the delegates decided to allow people to vote on what became the House of Representatives.James Madison gave a speech which I first reported on June 4. … [Read more...]

Federal Judge Sets 2019 Trial Date for Fraud Case Against Gospel for Asia

Today, a federal judge in Western Arkansas ruled that one of the fraud and racketeering cases against Gospel for Asia will go to trial in 2019. U.S. District Judge Timothy Brooks set the date for a jury trial on April 15, 2019.Despite numerous legal maneuvers by GFA's lawyers, the Murphy RICO case will move ahead. This is a significant win for the plaintiffs since GFA has tried on multiple occasions to have this and another case thrown out. The earlier case involving another Arkansas couple, … [Read more...]

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – Without the Help of Moses, the Delegates Debated Judges

June 5, 1787In a busy session, the delegates debated multiple facets of the judiciary. They agree on a Supreme Court and inferior courts but declined to have the legislature approve them. The delegates debated various aspects of forming an interim government and agreed on a policy of admitting new states into the union.The delegates cited experience, Scotland, and Athens as foundations for their positions. Mr. WILSON opposed the appointment of Judges by the National Legislature. … [Read more...]

Benjamin Franklin’s Prophecy about Those Who Seek To Be President

On June 2, 1787, PA delegate James Wilson read a paper written by the elder statesman of the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin, which made a case against paying the chief executive a salary. While Franklin thought the executive should be reimbursed for expenses incurred while serving, he did not believe a salary would bring out the best candidates. In fact, he was direct about the kind of people who would seek an office promising power and money. And of what kind are the men that … [Read more...]

In Constitutional Convention – Could a Monarch Arise in the United States?

June 4, 1787During this session, the delegates engaged in debate over the executive branch and agreed on a single executive with veto power over legislation. They decided that vetoes should be subject to a 2/3 vote by each branch to override. The delegates also agreed to a national judiciary.The experience of the states was cited by at least two delegates in favor of a single executive magistrate. Roger Sherman agreed with the single magistrate but called for a council of advisors for … [Read more...]