David Barton Comes Close on Military Desegregation History

Yesterday, David Barton did a good thing by calling attention to the anniversary of desegregation of the military. I mean that sincerely. I think it is a milestone which should have been celebrated by at least a tweet from the Commander-in-Chief. Watch: Did you catch the error right off the bat? Barton said the event was in 1944. Truman took office on April 12, 1945 after the death of Roosevelt. His desegregation order was issued on July 26, 1948. Furthermore,… Read more

Why Does Gateway Church Charge for Entertainment and Pizza?

One of the arguments I often hear in favor of megachurches is that they offer so much more than a small church can. They have programs for every age and with all of the tithe money, they can create larger events involving more people for a larger impact. If that is true, then why charge for these events? Why not take in all of that money and then pay to give away the Gospel? Let me take Gateway Church as… Read more

Gateway Church Now Pruning Senior Staff

Gateway Church is still pruning the vine. I confirmed today that Associate Senior Pastor Bobby Bogard has been let go at Gateway. Bogard was the head of Gateway Network and the pastor who famously said God had given Gateway a mission to rich people. In a speech earlier this year Bogard said: And so, as we look at our bulls eye, God has called us, to reach professional people.  That’s our bulls eye.  We’re still gonna help the down and… Read more

The American Association of Christian Counselors Conference Features Court Evangelicals

The American Association of Christian Counselors hosts a regular conference in September which is often as much glitz as professional development. Contemporary Christian music artists sing (Mercy Me this year) and big name speakers speak (e.g., Eric Metaxas). There are also professional workshops and training sessions and materials to buy galore. Full disclosure, I have presented workshops at these conferences and once upon a time was on the AACC advisory board even though we rarely advised anyone about anything. This year’s… Read more

Virginia Law Allowed Thomas Jefferson to Free His Slaves

There he goes again. Nearing the anniversary of the largest pre-Civil War slave emancipation in U.S. history, David Barton is again claiming that Thomas Jefferson could not free his slaves because Virginia law did not allow it. He made the claim this week in a WorldNetDaily article out on Tuesday. Barton said: “They [Louisiana Democrats] purportedly separated themselves from Thomas Jefferson because he owned slaves,” Barton told WND. “However, they ignored the fact that African-American civil rights leaders in the… Read more

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – The Delegates Adjourned until August 6

July 26, 1787 (Click to read Madison’s notes on the day) Summary The delegates continued discussion about the president and approved a proposal to allot the executive a 7-year term. In this proposal, the executive would not be eligible for re-election. They also decided to remove land ownership as a qualification for holding office. The delegates reviewed their resolutions and adjourned until August 6, 1787 in order to allow the Committee of Detail to prepare the draft. Influences on the Delegates… Read more

Describing Depression: An Experienced Voice

After studying depression for three months, Christian filmmaker Ray Comfort thinks he understands the subject. After his research, he made a movie about suicide, called Exit, which is available on his website for $20. Yesterday, he told David Barton on Wallbuilders Live that after awhile the movie would be free on YouTube.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, but judging from the interview, I have to question how well he understands depression. Yesterday, I reviewed the Wallbuilders interview and found the… Read more

Depression is Not a Culture War Battle

One does not need to be a Christian to oppose suicide. People of all religions and none view suicide as a tragedy. Read more

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – Can the Election of a President Be Fair?

July 25, 1787 (Click to read Madison’s notes on the day) Summary Since the delegates appointed a Committee of Detail (see yesterday’s post), they planned to take a break beginning July 27. The committee worked through the break and hammered out a draft of the Constitution. In session, the delegates debated, then defeated a proposal to allow the Virginia plan to be printed and given to the delegates during the break. Madison was particularly active today and outlined the previously… Read more

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – Will the President Be an Elected King?

July 24, 1787 (Click to read Madison’s notes on the day). Summary A committee was chosen to compose the decisions made thus far into a document for consideration (Rutledge,  Randolph,  Gorham,  Ellsworth, and  Wilson). The delegates discussed against the method of choosing the chief executive and at this juncture approved appointment by the national legislature. Influences on the Delegates North Carolina’s Hugh Williamson advocated reconsidering much of what the delegates had already covered. He also appealed to the differences between… Read more