New Iowa Attack Ad Highlights Ted Cruz’s Meager Charitable Giving

Ted Cruz's evangelical strategy may not be working as well as he hoped.New polls show a dramatic drop in evangelical support among evangelicals for Cruz and he is facing renewed criticism over his meager charitable giving in this new attack ad:Mormon Glenn Beck and activist David Barton may feel Cruz is the one but increasingly evangelicals may be moving toward The Donald.  … [Read more...]

Boston Globe Endorses John Kasich in New Hampshire Primary


Calling a vote for John Kasich a blow to "divisive demagogic candidates," the Boston Globe endorsed Kasich in the New Hampshire primary on Feb 9. The Globe calls Kasich a moderate conservative and touts him as a candidate who can get results.He has shown independence as Ohio governor and is a fiscal conservative.Whether it is Kasich or Rubio or Bush, I do hope someone other than Trump or Cruz makes a strong showing in NH. … [Read more...]

K.P. Yohannan Will Not Speak at Downline Missions Conference; Still on GMMA 2016 Conference Schedule

Yesterday, I posted a link to a Memphis missions conference which featured Gospel for Asia's K.P. Yohannan as a speaker. Today, I have learned that the Downline Summit conference director is now telling people who ask that Yohannan and the organizers have agreed Yohannan will not appear. A trip to the conference website fails to find Yohannan's picture or any references to GFA.Still on GMMA 2016 ScheduleAnother organization which has not decided what to do with K.P. Yohannan is the … [Read more...]

Jerry Falwell, Jr Endorses Donald Trump for President; Trump Still Leads in Evangelical Support

Shrewd move Jerry Jr.Many will scratch their heads. Some will complaint and maybe stage a protest. Some donors will stop giving to Liberty but The Donald will no doubt make that up going forward.In a CNN poll dropped today, Donald Trump leads all others among evangelicals with 39% favoring him. I think I understand this now.Trump is rich and famous. These are two values celebrated among modern evangelical pastors. Trump is the perfect candidate for those who equate wealth and fame … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz “Really is the Guy” Glenn Beck and David Barton Have Been Praying For

Some readers will focus on David Barton praying over LDS member Glenn Beck.Some readers will focus on Beck and Barton's certainty that Ted Cruz is really the anointed candidate.Some readers will wonder why Ted Cruz, if he really is the guy, only gave 1% of his income in charitable deductions from 2006-2010.Some readers will question David Barton's role in the Cruz campaign while he is the leader of one of Ted Cruz's Super PAC.Some readers will question if the Holy Spirit's job in … [Read more...]

Indian Government Reverses Course, Says Gospel for Asia’s Land Use Was Illegal

In November 2015, I wrote about a special deal Gospel for Asia got from the Indian government. GFA essentially violated wetlands regulations by re-routing a stream and filling in wetlands as a part of the construction of the Believers' Church Medical College. However, in November of last year, the Times of India reported that the government planned to let the violations slide.But then, on January 22, the Times of India reported that the federal government reversed the decision: An order … [Read more...]

Gospel for Asia’s CEO K.P. Yohannan to Headline Memphis Missions Conference


Apparently, the Metropolitan will return to the United States for a missions conference in February. K.P. Yohannan is scheduled to speak at the Downline Summit which takes place at Hope Church in Memphis, Feb. 5-6.Yohannan's organization hasn't had the best year since April 2015. Gospel for Asia lost their membership with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, was denied membership in the Independent Charities of America, was sanctioned to greatest extent possible by the U.S. … [Read more...]

David Barton: Thomas Jefferson Would Like Ted Cruz for President

Over at World Net Daily, David Barton says that [Ted] Cruz is the candidate who comes closest to Jefferson and what he believes were the third president’s principles on “debt, religious liberty, and the war on Islam.”Barton has been elevated to "historian and Thomas Jefferson scholar" and uses his WND platform to assert that the Founders are relevant to politics today. Barton says Cruz and Jefferson hold similar policy positions.It now seems clear why Barton and WND brought out The Jeffe … [Read more...]