Here are a few things I have been thinking and reading about. Ravi Zacharias, Ligonier Ministries, and His Oxford Thing UPDATE: As of January 10, the bio has been changed to remove the claim that Zacharias is a senior research fellow at Wycliffe Hall. I thought Ravi Zacharias would be more careful after his brush with controversy over his credentials. However, he is speaking for Ligonier Ministries this summer and they are billing him as a current “senior research fellow… Read more

In an offbeat selection for “The Lives They Lived” section of the New York Time Magazine, Joseph Nicolosi is remembered by Benoit Denizet-Lewis as an “artist, innovator and thinker” who died in 2017. I had a few things to say about Nicolosi when he passed, and a lot to say about reparative therapy during his life. This piece provides a view of a side of Nicolosi that I saw often — he simply could not be convinced that he could… Read more

In 2017, the following ten posts received the most page views: 10. K-LOVE’s Pledge Drive: Money Behind the Music (2017) 9. Former Newsping Pastor Perry Noble Incorporates Second Change Church (2017) 8. American College of Pediatricians v. American Academy of Pediatrics: Who Leads and Who Follows? (2011) 7. After the Demise of Mars Hill Church Mark Driscoll Landed on His Feet with Over One Million in Donations (2017) 6. IRS and Postal Service Agents on Scene at Benny Hinn’s Office (2017) 5. Mark Driscoll Spins the End of Mars Hill… Read more

Once again, a wonderful performance. Recorder artist Victoria Rigel plays two recorders at once in this 2008 version of O Come, O Come Emmanuel with yours truly on the guitar. She adds the second recorder at the beginning of the second verse.   Read more

In what has become a tradition around Christmas, I am again posting a selection from Audible Waters, a music project involving frequent commenter R. Jesperson. Here is Audible Waters’ video of their version of We Three Kings. Enjoy and Merry Christmas Eve! Read more

As usual, I have been soaking in Christmas music during December. Also, as usual, this brings back memories of playing and listening to music throughout my life. The first song I recall singing in church was Precious Memories. I sang it in a quartet with my future wife, future father-in-law, and another friend from the church. I still love the simple harmonies and serene lyrics of this song and I really enjoy this simple version by Alan Jackson and hope… Read more

On November 21, Gospel for Asia CEO K.P. Yohannan and his fellow GFA defendants were dealt a legal setback in federal court when Judge Timothy Brooks ordered them to respond to plaintiffs discovery requests for information. GFA initially argued that plaintiffs had made too many requests. Furthermore, GFA said they couldn’t get answers because GFA doesn’t control the relevant entities in India. Later, GFA argued that those entities (e.g., Believers’ Church) had decided to turn over documentation of how funds… Read more

I’m just going to leave this here: When last we visited our intrepid preacher, he was fronting a new church – the Second Chance Church. Now he’s saying no to second helpings of whatever is on the menu with his new weight loss devotional series.  For only the perfect amount of $7, you get: A 10-day devotional written to help you begin your journey A custom workout plan (including printouts) to help you get physically fit Access to a private Facebook… Read more

Charles C. W. Cooke is the online editor for National Review Online and recently had this to say about self-styled historian David Barton. David Barton is a fraud who makes up quotes completely, carefully misquotes/selectively quotes, and willfully rewrites American history. — Charles C. W. Cooke (@charlescwcooke) December 17, 2017 Generally, an individual occupying such a position with NR is not known as a liberal or even a “liberal bastard” as Glenn Beck once said about David Barton’s critics…. Read more

WFAA ABC News Dallas tonight dropped a major story about Gospel for Asia. The tax exempt status of the homes on their Wills Point, TX is being challenged because the homes are not occupied by ministers. According to TX law, the homes of ministers may be exempt and GFA claimed the homes of staff members were housing ministers. However, staff members working on all aspects of their nonprofit live there. It is simply misleading and dishonest to say they are ministers…. Read more

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