Review: When You Buy a Goat from a Charity, You May Not Actually Give a Goat

Charity Christmas catalogs are here and many want you to give an animal for a needy family. World Vision and Gospel for Asia are two catalogs which arrived recently. I wouldn't give a nickel to GFA but if I gave to national charities, I would consider World Vision (with this caution - almost all of my donating is local). Since the Christmas giving season is underway, I thought a little review from two years ago might be helpful. Here I reprint a post about animal giving to World Vision from … [Read more...]

Voting for an Independent Candidate Is an Acceptable Option

Recently, several big name Christian leaders have made a case that a vote for a third party/independent candidate is a waste of a Christian's vote and will only serve to elect Hillary Clinton. Dire warnings and shaming accompany these appeals.Here are several reasons I disagree and believe that voting for an independent or minor party candidate is a good option.*No one owns or is entitled to my vote and support. If the GOP and Democrat parties put up unqualified and unfit candidates, I … [Read more...]

Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager Whipping Up Hysteria Over Voting Machines (UPDATED)

This tweet from Kellyanne Conway is highly irresponsible and may serve to gum up the works at polls around the country.Here is what she tweeted (by the way Eric Metaxas retweeted this - see below).Woman Tried to Vote Straight GOP Ticket, But Machine Showed Hillary Clinton |— Kellyanne Conway (@KellyannePolls) October 26, 2016Trump partisans on social media are going absolutely insane over the report of one woman in TX who said her vote for the … [Read more...]

Faculty and Freedom of Expression at Liberty University

Two articles are out today (Atlantic and Politico Magazine) featuring the petition launched at Liberty University to protest Jerry Falwell, Jr's vocal support for Donald Trump. I posted that letter when it came out.The student protest doesn't represent a majority of LU students it seems, but their bravery is having an impact.Politico Magazine's article seems more pointedly focused on the anxiety felt by Liberty faculty about speaking on the record. No Liberty faculty would go on the … [Read more...]

Eric Metaxas Illustrates What Evangelicals Need to Correct

As the Donald Trump saga nears the end, it will be good to reflect on what can be learned. One thing I hope for is a backlash against false or misleading information being used by evangelicals to make their political points.Case in point:Metaxas desperately pushing older line of conspiracy theories, gets put in his place. This is ugly indeed. Imagine his email forwards.— Eric Youtaxus (@ericYouTaxus) October 26, 2016Of course, this kind of thing has … [Read more...]

Some Questions about Victor Davis Hanson’s Case for Trump

A week ago at National Review Online, Victor Davis Hanson made a case that conservatives should vote for Donald Trump. Hanson is clearly my better when it comes to scholarship, but I wasn't convinced by his essay. Provoked by his article, I have some questions for anyone who wants to defend the case for Trump with Hanson's essay.Why does Hanson minimize Donald Trump's statements on the Access Hollywood audio?Instead of saying Trump described sexual assault, Hanson said Trump "crudely … [Read more...]

The Trump Campaign Calls for Breaking up Media Organizations

Supporters of Donald Trump warn that Hillary Clinton will weaken the Second Amendment. Perhaps they should worry first about the First Amendment. Read this campaign press release from Trump senior economic advisor Peter Navarro.- OCTOBER 23, 2016 - STATEMENT ON MONOPOLY POWER OF NEW MEDIA CONGLOMERATES "Over a hundred years ago, a pro-business Teddy Roosevelt busted up more than 40 oil, railroad, steel and other “trusts” that were wielding their rapacious monopoly power to gouge consumers a … [Read more...]

A Call to Scholars and Writers Against Trump

A little over three weeks ago, a group called Scholars and Writers for America made a statement in favor of the candidacy of Donald Trump. Currently 156 Trump supporters have signed.More recently in response, 152 scholars and writers have joined a group called Scholars and Writers Against Trump.  Very simply, the group affirms the following:Scholars and Writers Against TrumpWe are writers, academics, critics, historians, and authors who have voted for Republican presidents a … [Read more...]