From a article regarding Equality Ride’s visit to the media, I mean campus of Union University: Dawn Davridge said that she and her partner, Kathryn Davridge, were expelled from Union two years ago after administrators found out they are lesbians; and in a relationship. “I fell in love with my best friend,” Davridge told about a dozen students who gathered to hear from the riders. “I am not sick, and I am not a sinner. Two years ago, our… Read more

In an email Mark Yarhouse, detailed his account of the E Ride visit: We had Equality Ride come to the campus on Monday and Tuesday. The university had made arrangements to hold three forums with ER: one meeting in one of my classes, one panel discussion, and one training through the institute I direct. However, due to the way the university was being portrayed on their web page the week prior to the visit, the administration withdrew the offer, in… Read more

It’s the second most wonderful time of the year. March Madness. My bracket is already corrupted but I love it. Read more

During the segment, Leslie Stahl asked Michael Bailey’s views of how gay and straight men compare. “… Straight men are more interested than straight women in having casual, uncommitted sex. Gay men are like that, too,” says Bailey. “One has the impression that gay men are much more inclined toward casual sex than straight men,” Stahl said. “They’re just more successful at it, because the people they’re trying to have sex with are also interested in it,” Bailey explained. “But… Read more

Update: The producer made some comments about the segment on the CBS website. Just some of my reactions to the 60 Minutes segment on sexual orientation. This is addressed to an assistant to the segment’s producer who invited me to respond. Robin: In the piece, this narration was near the end: “Then there’s the question of how something in the womb could affect one twin but not the other. There are many more questions at this point than answers, but… Read more

Here is a press release from SoulForce about Regent University. In contrast to this release, I had a conversation with Mark Yarhouse at Regent today about several matters and in the process he let me know that he was disappointed about how Equality Ride has misreprented Regent. He was looking forward to having some of the riders in on of his classes and a number of other activities were planned on campus. According to Mark, Regent backed out because the… Read more

60 Minutes is airing a segment about the science of sexual orientation Sunday night – looks like “must see tv.” Read more

Off to jail for the Eriders in the first stop… Read more

I posted below about the join effort of GLSEN and CEAI to endorse the First Amendment Center’s Guidelines about sexual orientation in public schools. The link was broken and now the guidlines are on the FAC’s website: This is a good effort and perhaps should be consulted by Soulforce. Read more

Imagine you’re a liberal democrat and your conservative republican neighbor calls and says, “Hey, we are coming over to your house next Tuesday in order to dialogue with your kids about the benefits of conservativism.” Your neighbors say they will drop in sometime that day and leave a copy of God and George Bush by Paul Kengor; copies of the National Review and some literature from Focus on the Family for your kids to read. While they are there, they… Read more

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