Ongoing conversation regarding reorientation therapy

I have learned that the Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) passed out a paper by Richard Carlson criticizing my views on reorientation counseling at the recent PTA convention. I wonder why the PTA thought such information had anything to do with school safety. To pick up the conversation from the beginning, see “Sexual Reparative (Conversion) Therapy Revisited” followed by a response from me (“Sexual Reorientation Therapy Reconsidered”). Recently, he answered me back in print with an article… Read more

Well the NEA New Business Item 82 passed

See the NEA resolution post below. The resolution passed; we must be doing something right. Read more

Never surrender

Here are new words to live by, courtesy of my daughter Emma, spoken in reference to her little brother but with wisdom for those who have ears to hear: Never surrender to someone who is not wearing pants. Now there is a saying to ponder. Read more

NEA delegates may vote to attack conservatives on gay issues

As I write this, the delegates to the National Educational Association convention in Los Angeles are debating a new business item that would put the NEA on record as opposing conservative views regarding the presentation of sexual orientation in schools. Here is the New Business Item: NEW BUSINESS ITEM 82 NEA will develop a comprehensive strategy to deal with the new and more sophisticated attacks on curricula, policies, and practices that support GLBT students, families, and staff members in public… Read more


Here is an email from a man who read the MSNBC article regarding Love Won Out that mentioned my views: Dr. Throckmorton, I just read your post to MSNBC. Because of where you work I assume you count yourself an evangelical Christian? Regardless, my general question is why “should” homosexuals consider trying to change teams in the first place? Why not consider acceptance? You wrote “… I have observed a variety of difference resolutions to sexual orientation distress in my… Read more

New cover art

How is this for a cover for the new version? Read more


This is a test, nothing but a test. A test of your routine blogcasting network. Read more

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