Does Abortion Impact the Mental Health of Women? Warren Throckmorton, PhD A new study from New Zealand, published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, raises important questions about the impact of abortion on the mental health of women. Researchers found that those reporting abortion prior to age 21 had rates of mental disorders from age 21 to 25 that were over 1.5 times higher than the rates for women who did not become pregnant and those who became… Read more

Another brain study showing differences between gays and straights. Read more

Listen and laugh… Read more

In the neighborhood of 30 newspapers ran the Happy Holyday piece along with a slew of websites. Alas, to make sure these sources knew I had not deceived them, I sent this out today. Editor: Thank you for publishing or considering for publication my recent article, Happy Holyday. The response to this piece has been significant with mostly favorable reactions. My reason for writing has to do with some feedback from readers I have received pointing out that the Dodgeville… Read more

I read the original short story Brokeback Mountain (you can too, follow the link) and I have to say it doesn’t seem like a love story to me. It seems more like a tragic tale of obsession and broken people. The reparative theory supporters will have a great time with the two main characters who fit almost all of the stereotypes. Abused/tragic boys grow up to become broken men willing to do anything to keep body and soul together. Alone… Read more

Hope this brings a chuckle: This Christmas season is just getting stranger as we go. All over the place people are trying to figure out what to say to each other (“Happy holiday(s),” “Merry Christmas,” “Get out of my way, I want that iPod”) and how to talk about the time of year we are in. I tried just saying Happy December to a few people and they just rolled their eyes. I agree; it didn’t do much for me… Read more

Nearly every discussion about sexual education focuses on preventing sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. However, recent research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine finds that, especially for girls, the discussion needs to include a third negative possibility: depression. Most medical and mental health professionals would agree that there is a link between depression and sexual and drug using behavior in adolescents. However, it is commonly assumed that depressed teens use sex and drugs to “medicate” their depression. Thus,… Read more

Read about the Real Saint Nick… Read more

Email me. Over the years, a number of people (gay and ex-gay) have contacted me to say that the reparative model just doesn’t fit their relationships with their parents. I have kept some but not many of those emails or letters. If you fit this description, please contact me via email ( I am piloting a possible research effort and would like to correspond. Read more

With the Christmas season upon us, I felt it would be a public service to provide the signs and symptoms of a common but not well-researched malady known as Post-Christmas Stress Disorder. Be warned and well. Diagnostic Criteria for 311.5x Post-Christmas Stress Disorder A. Four (or more) of the following symptoms have been present during the same two-week period and represent a change from previous functioning. (1) refuses to take down Christmas decorations within one week after Christmas. (In chronic… Read more

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