David Barton Told Eric Metaxas an Untrue Story about the Jefferson Bible

Last week, Eric Metaxas had David Barton on his radio show and told the audience that he loved Barton and his work. He also said he used some of Barton's work to help write his new book If You Can Keep It. That book has been the subject of many critical reviews.They also briefly discussed Barton's pulled-from-publication book, The Jefferson Lies. In particular, Barton claimed to enlighten the audience about what is commonly known as the Jefferson Bible. Metaxas started to ask Barton a … [Read more...]

K-LOVE First Promises Answer to Listener about Executive Compensation Then Fails to Follow Through

Back in May of this year, I published information about the finances of radio giant K-LOVE's CEO and other executives. Several K-LOVE listeners who also read the blog thanked me for the information and also contacted K-LOVE to ask why the CEO made so much and why K-LOVE represented their financial picture as being precarious.One couple, Bill and Sandra Ford, was promised a reply from K-LOVE. First, here is the Ford's letter followed by K-LOVE's reply.From: Bill Ford [ … [Read more...]

GOP Platform Members: What Happened to Arms Help for Ukraine?

This WaPo article said Trump intervened in one issue during the week of putting together the GOP platform: Ukraine.Specifically, the Trump camp did not want the platform to call for providing arms to Ukraine to defend themselves against Russian aggression.Most conservatives want to help defend Ukraine. Why doesn't Trump? Perhaps, his advisors and his own view of the world is that Putin isn't a threat or that Ukraine isn't our problem.Ukraine watchers are worried and I believe Trump … [Read more...]

Eric Metaxas: I Just Love David Barton and His Work

Maybe because it is so hard to believe after all of the 2012 events, I post this to reinforce what I posted yesterday.I just LOVE @DavidBartonWB & his work with https://t.co/ftgTyS4WpS! Here's our interview! https://t.co/2o02BsNnUT pic.twitter.com/3lhe2xyXzr — Eric Metaxas (@ericmetaxas) July 23, 2016You remember 2012 right? American University prof and author Jay Richards recruited 10 Christian historians to read David Barton's book on Thomas Jefferson (The Jefferson Lies, the o … [Read more...]

Eric Metaxas Used David Barton’s Work to Help Him Write His New Book “If You Can Keep It” (AUDIO)

Even though Eric Metaxas didn't footnote him, he said on his radio show today that he used David Barton's work to help him with history for his new book, If You Can Keep It. He lauded Barton's historical work as helping him understand the Christian foundations of the nation.This explains a lot, including his smug reaction to actual historians who have exposed the problems in his new book.  Barton didn't spend much time trying to defend errors until his brand was threatened. Now that … [Read more...]

The Daily Show on Donald Trump’s Divine Side (Video)

This video illustrates several biases, including confirmation bias and group serving bias.These people actually think Trump is a good Christian because he is successful and he says he is.Mark Burns needs an intervention. … [Read more...]

Eric Metaxas Blows Off Historical Errors in His New Book

With Ann Coulter on his Monday radio show, Eric Metaxas seemed stunned that historians would critique his new book, If You Can Keep It. Coulter warned people that her new book would likely contain errors and Metaxas jumped off of that comment to complain that people have written essays about the errors in his book. Listen:He acknowledges that he got religious liberty in the colonial period wrong but implies he could change a sentence around to make it accurate. He glosses over his error b … [Read more...]

Republicans Divided from the Start, Security Kicks Out Press

When I said the vanguard of American fascism, I wasn't far off. The RNC in partnership with Donald Trump is according to Sen. Mike Lee in "uncharted territory."Watch:Uncharted territoryUtah Senator Mike Lee commented that the disregard of rules is uncharted territory for the RNC. The press was kicked off the convention floor at one point as well.Police kicked me & my crew along w/other media organizations off GOP convention flr when things got testy after rules vote. No … [Read more...]