Mars Hill Church Announces More Layoffs; Blames People For Lack of Giving (UPDATED)

Today, on the church website, Mars Hill Church leaders announced additional layoffs. On a page titled simply, "Financial Challenges," church leaders said: Two weeks ago we shared in The Weekly some of the financial challenges we are facing at Mars Hill Church. While our church has been financially healthy for many years, we are now facing the most serious budget challenge in our history. Church budgeting is really a simple process in one respect: we are able to provide the level of staff and m … [Read more...]

Seattle Times: First Mars Hill Will Close Churches, Then Layoff Staff

There is one cost cutting move I didn't see in this article. See if you can figure it out.On the eve of what will probably be a sad day at Mars Hill, the church revealed to the Seattle Times that layoffs are coming. According to the Times report, the church will cut between 30-40 staff on the heels of today's church closings.Justin Dean acknowledged that attendance is way down to between 8-9,000 per Sunday.  … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church to Close Three Locations; Another on Hold (UPDATED)


According to sources last evening and in church this morning, Mars Hill pastors at four locations told their congregations that their church location would be closed or possibly closed in the near future.Mars Hill Downtown Seattle, and University of Washington District will be closed and asked to join Mars Hill Ballard. Mars Hill Phoenix, AZ will close at the end of September while Huntington Beach, CA will remain open for awhile pending giving increases. If there is a turnaround, the H … [Read more...]

GoFundMe Account Set Up For Resigning Mars Hill Pastors

A GofundMe account has been set up for Adam Ramsey, Gary Shavey and Dustin Kensrue.  These three were part of the nine Mars Hill Church pastors who called on Mark Driscoll to submit to an elder directed restoration process.  A group of supporters have now set up a fund to help them with the transition after resigning this week.The website gives more explanation for the effort: To date one of the volunteer elders was dismissed from his role at the church. The remaining elders have been given … [Read more...]

Mark Dunford Explains Dismissal from Mars Hill Church and Much More

Mark Dunford was one of the nine elders who called on Mars Hill Church lead pastor Mark Driscoll to submit to an elder directed restoration plan. Dunford was relieved of his status as an elder at Mars Hill Portland by Tim Smith, lead pastor at Mars Hill's Portland franchise. It has been assumed that Dunford was relieved of his elder status (he was an unpaid elder) due to his participation in the letter. Now, the rest of the story from his vantage point is available in a statement he just … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll No Longer Teaching at Corban University?


The question mark in the title is because I was unable to get anyone from Mars Hill Church or Corban University to confirm the meaning of what is now on Corban's website regarding the course in Apologetics Mark Driscoll was supposed to teach during this academic year. Classes have started but apparently Mark Driscoll isn't at the head of the class at Corban. Another executive elder Dave Bruskas has also been removed. The course was slated to be led by Driscoll at Mars Hill Church but now the … [Read more...]

More Mars Hill Pastor Resignations: Adam Ramsey and Gary Shavey

Two more of the nine pastors who directed Mark Driscoll to step down and enter a restoration plan have resigned from Mars Hill Church. Adam Ramsey, director of student ministries for Mars Hill (youth ministries), and Gary Shavey, biblical living pastor at Bellevue have resigned and issued brief statements. Both signed the letter which expressed dismay over the ministry culture at Mars Hill and called for significant changes in the executive leadership.On his Facebook page, and in an email to … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Posts Bylaws


Apparently Dustin Kensrue's resignation letter (and perhaps this post today) sparked enough concern at Mars Hill Church to add a line to the Governance page of the church website. Earlier today, I noted Kensrue's call for transparency and noted that the state of Washington and the ECFA require disclosure of bylaws to members. For Mars Hill Church, members refers to elders and not church members. The posting of this link, especially if they somehow let members know they can now see them, is an … [Read more...]