Will Ted Cruz’s 1% Charitable Giving Hurt Him With Tithing Evangelicals?

Robert Morris and Ted Cruz Wilks Bros

As the Iowa primary approaches, Ted Cruz is facing criticism from rivals over his lack of tithing as indicated by tax returns for 2007-2010 disclosed when he ran for Senate. The Cruz family reported donations which amounted to about 1% of their income.Some Christians who have spoken quite favorably of Cruz believe God requires Christians to give 10% to the church. For instance Gateway Church pastor Robert Morris has preached that Christians are cursed if they don't tithe (see the video at … [Read more...]

UK Charity Commission Now Evaluating Claim that £8.2 Million May Be Missing From Gospel for Asia UK

Just a day after the UK Charity Commission announced that it is considering a probe of Gospel for Asia, another claim has been added to the list.According to former auditor Jason Watkins, over £8 million does not show up in India in public reports there.This is similar to my findings regarding GFA in the US. GFA claims to send an amount to India, but the Indian field partners have disclosed much less than the U.S. claim.Recently, GFA in the U.S. received the strongest sanctions … [Read more...]

World Evangelical Survey: Rubio Increases Lead Over Cruz

Today, World magazine reports that Marco Rubio's lead over Ted Cruz increased in their survey of evangelical leaders.Nearly half of the respondents chose Rubio as their first choice.The other new development was some new support for Donald Trump (5%).As the mainstream media focuses on the feud between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, this sampling of evangelicals seems somewhat split between Rubio and Cruz, with support perhaps moving toward Rubio.While I know a few of the … [Read more...]

David Barton’s Conservative Critics: Debunking the Liberal Attack Claims

To promote David Barton's second edition of The Jefferson Lies, World Net Daily, Glenn Beck, and David Barton claim the first edition was pulled from publication by publisher Thomas Nelson due to ideologically motivated attacks by liberals.World Net Daily:Despite the wildly popular success of the original hardcover edition, or perhaps because of it, a campaign to discredit Barton’s scholarship was launched by bloggers and a handful of non-historian academics. What happened next was s … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz’s Super PAC Hosts Ted Cruz’s Campaign in Iowa

From the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier: Ted Cruz is heading to Waterloo for a rally hosted by Keep the Promise Super PAC which will feature Cruz and his national campaign co-chairs, Steve King and Bob Vander Plaats. The Super PAC's coordinator and the director of Glenn Beck's charity Mercury One, David Barton, will be speaking too. Oh, Beck will speak too. I'm sure this is just happening with no coordination between the campaign and the Super PAC. … [Read more...]

U.K. Charity Commission Considering Probe of Gospel for Asia


The Gospel for Asia rumbles have reached across the pond.Earlier today, the Civil Society News reported that a Charity Commission spokesperson told them that "The Charity Commission is assessing the information provided to see what role there is for the Commission."The article referred to reports from this blog and Christianity Today as playing a role in the assessment.The UK board is much like other boards. K.P. Yohannan and his son sit on the board with two others. The independent m … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Donald Trump’s Speech at Liberty University on January 18

Jerry Jr. likes The Donald and thinks Trump is like Jerry Falwell. Falwell said Liberty wasn't endorsing a candidate but the introduction certainly sounded like an endorsement.Rev. Falwell, I think America is still great. We don't need Donald Trump to make it great again. It is great now.John Fea on Donald Trump's Two Corinthians.Trump says he is going to protect Christianity. How about protecting all religions? Instead, he wants our country to get together around Christianity. … [Read more...]

David Barton and Wallbuilders Double Down on The Jefferson Lies Accusations


In his new edition of The Jefferson Lies, David Barton claimed that I recruited Jay Richards to find Christian historians who would engage in a campaign against him. That charge is still false.I denied the charge in a post here and in a review on The Jefferson Lies Amazon page.Today someone at Barton's organization, Wallbuilders, replied to my review with an accusation that I told one story in the review and another story to some undisclosed persons. See below: I then … [Read more...]