The 1787 Constitutional Convention – Delegates Debate How to Choose a President

July 19, 1787 (Click to read Madison’s notes on the day) Summary Today the delegates agreed to reconsider the appointment, duration, and eligibility of the president. They agreed to the electoral process via electors chosen by state legislators. The also decided that the executive would be eligible for re-election with a term of six years (obviously they revisited this later). Influences on the Delegates The loquacious Mr. Morris called for a citizen’s president as guardian of the poor. Morris repeatedly... Read more

David Barton Picks History He Likes and Omits the Rest

On his Wallbuilders Facebook page, self-styled historian David Barton engaged in some historical revisionism which illustrates his approach to history. In the image below, he reproduced only the part of an John Adams’ quote that he likes. Adams wrote this to Thomas Jefferson in a letter dated June 28, 1813 (Barton cited this letter here, also selectively edited on his website). Barton also did this in The Founders Bible, a must avoid collection of historical half-truths surrounded by Holy Writ. Adams... Read more

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – Presidential Veto Power Decided

July 18, 1787 (Click to read Madison’s notes on the day’s debate) Summary Today was more harmonious but not without debate. The delegates agreed that the president would have veto power over Congress but that a 2/3 vote of the legislature could override the veto. They considered but remained deadlocked on who — executive v. Senate — would appoint the judges. They agreed to create district courts under the Supreme Court and began considering the need for republican governments in... Read more

Was the Constitution’s Political Vision Formed by the Bible?

In the July 3 issue of the Philadelphia Inquirer, American University historian Daniel Dreisbach said the Constitution’s political vision was in part formed by the Bible. Dreisbach wrote that “The Constitution gives evidence of a political vision informed, in part, by the Bible, and it includes features that were familiar to a Bible-reading people.” He added that “the founders’ devotion to the separation of powers and checks and balances reflected a biblical understanding of original sin and a reluctance to... Read more

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – The Connecticut Compromise Holds

July 17, 1787 (click to read Madison’s notes) Summary The delegates had a busy day. The large state delegates caucused to discuss the matter of equal representation in the Senate. These delegates didn’t like the idea and felt equal representation was not consistent with a republican government. However, they decided not to challenge the Connecticut compromise. Madison’s notes regarding this meeting can be read in his posting for 7/16/17. Regarding the new Congress, the delegates passed a motion allowing the... Read more

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – Despite Call to Prayer and Compromise, Some Delegates Want to Quit

July 16, 1787 (click the link to read Madison’s notes) Summary Today, Elbridge Gerry’s committee reported with a very close vote in the affirmative. The delegates agreed to the following motion: In Convention, — On the question for agreeing to the whole Report, as amended, and including the equality of votes in the second branch, it passed in the affirmative, — Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, (Mr. SPAIGHT no) aye — 5; Pennsylvania, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, no — 4;... Read more

Social Crusader and Metropolitan K.P. Yohannan Waxes Eloquent about Charity in India

Yesterday, K.P. Yohannan, self-styled social crusader and Metropolitan of Believers’ Church, published an article in the Indian online publication Bureaucracy Today on charity finances. Next issue, BT should invite Bernie Madoff to pen an article on business ethics.   Some highlights: However, checks and balances in the NGO space, like in any other system are an integral part of this support mechanism.  Without effective and robust assessment machinery, it will become very difficult to sustain the credibility and utility of... Read more

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – Should Representation of New States Be Limited?

July 14, 1787 (Click the link to read Madison’s notes) Summary The delegates decided not to limit representation of new western states and defeated an effort to make Senate membership based on on population. Influences on the Delegates Madison appealed to the Dutch government as an example of one means of representation: In the Dutch Confederacy the votes of the provinces were equal; but Holland, which supplies about half the money, governed the whole Republic. He enumerated the objections against... Read more

Gateway Tightens Belt More, Discloses Large Debt to Staff

Staff at Gateway Church are being asked to tighten their budgets even more as the church is working to reduce $55-million in debt. According to sources in the Gateway Church Ministry Staff meeting earlier this week, pastor Todd Lane said that budgets would be cut by 10%. The church had earlier disclosed significant staff cuts. Of late, sources within the church have said that additional cuts have gone as high as 50% of staff in some departments. On the up... Read more

Trump’s Praying Pastor Touts Unearned Life Christian University PhD

Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne are a husband and wife ministry team with a little more fame today. On Monday, Howard-Browne posted an Instagram  picture of him with President Donald Trump and the group of pastors and other court evangelicals who laid hands on Trump in the Oval Office. I recognized the Howard-Brownes as recipients, along with Joyce Meyer and David Barton, of unearned PhDs from Life Christian University. Life Christian University says these degrees are earned but the “students” don’t... Read more