Gospel for Asia Has Changed Some Promises To Admit They Can Spend Donations As They Want

In a mailing to donors asking for money for new church construction in India, Gospel for Asia has changed their promise about how funds are used.On their website, GFA still promises that 100% of donations go to the "field" with nothing taken out for administrative costs.However, in this new mailing, GFA tells donors:I wonder how long the 100% promise will remain on the website. As of right now, the messages are contradictory. Website donors are still being misled. This new … [Read more...]

Former Bush Administration Lawyer Harriet Miers is Member of Gospel for Asia’s Legal Defense Team

When it comes to legal defense against the recently filed RICO lawsuit, Gospel for Asia is going big.Locke Lord of Dallas is a large firm which boasts former Bush Administration Chief Counsel to the President Harriet Miers.  Miers is among the attorneys who will represent the GFA defendants. In 2005, Miers was nominated by Bush to fill Sandra Day O'Connor's seat. However, the administration later withdrew her name amid controversy.If GFA is paying full freight, I suspect the "Where Most N … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz Says Politicians Should Not Wear Their Faith on Their Sleeve

My head exploded when I heard this:Ted Cruz sounded critical of politicians who say God told them to run. Oh my.He needs to have a conversation and at least his father, wife, David Barton and Glenn Beck. Just days ago, Beck told Utah that Cruz had been anointed by God to be president.What Cruz said was fine but there is no evidence that any of his closest advisors and supporters think so. … [Read more...]

David Barton and Tithing: I Wonder What’s On Ted Cruz’s Odometer?

On his Foundations of Freedom program, president of one of Ted Cruz's Super PACs David Barton told Glenn Beck that God will bless you if you tithe, including -- as an illustration -- the provision of a car that run for 200,000 miles. He seems to have a similar view of the subject as does Gateway Church pastor Robert Morris and Ted Cruz's father, Rafael. Watch this clip provided by Right Wing Watch:I would like one of the Cruz inner circle to explain how Ted Cruz can hope to be blessed … [Read more...]

Trump’s Campaign Manager Charged with Battery; Trump Says Nothing Happened

Corey Lewandowski was charged today with battery in the case of former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields. Here is the security footage. Fields is next to Trump and Lewandowski is behind her. What do you see?To get oriented, here is a screen cap at the beginning with the people identified.Here is Trump's tweet about it:Wow, Corey Lewandowski, my campaign manager and a very decent man, was just charged with assaulting a reporter. Look at tapes-nothing there! — Donald J. Trump … [Read more...]

Gospel for Asia Defendants Request Extension to Prepare Response to RICO Suit

Gospel for Asia defendants K.P. Yohannan, Gisela Yohannan, Daniel Punnose, David Carroll, and Pat Emerick have requested until May 9, 2016 to respond to the RICO lawsuit filed on behalf of former GFA donors Matthew and Jennifer Dickson.In February, the Dicksons filed a racketeering suit against the leadership of Gospel for Asia alleging misuse of funds and fraud (click link for the suit and more information). The entire document is here.UPDATE: Although the defense … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll’s The Trinity Church Holds Open House Amid Protest

Four protesters and at least one news crew greeted Mark Driscoll's debut in Phoenix on Sunday evening.According to one protester, the police arrived to tell the picketers that the sidewalk was public property. On person on the scene estimated that about 40 cars were in the parking lot about 15 minutes before the service, some with Washington plates. Another thought more like 70 cars were in the lot by the beginning of the service.Driscoll was interviewed by Jeff Van Sant at … [Read more...]

So I Got Duped

So I got duped by the Steven Smith parody account...shame on me. I'm in good company but it still stinks.In a little while I will probably delete this post but for now, I am eating humble pie.On the subject of the original post, the Daily Beast is reporting that Rubio allies tried to sell the Cruz affairs story for months. … [Read more...]