PFOX evicted from the Virginia School Counselors Association Conference

Thursday, March 30, PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-gays and Gays) was evicted from the Virginia Schools Counselors Association annual convention. They had applied for, paid for, and received permission to exhibit at the conference. While setting up their booth, several members of the VASC leadership, including current president Tammy Davis, and past-president Carol Kaffenberger, requested to meet Regina Griggs, PFOX director. The school counselors objected to some materials on their table and … [Read more...]

New Study: Correlation is Causation

This will be good news to some and not so good news to others. Oh well, I guess dress hem lines do predict the stock market... … [Read more...]

David de Alba: Masculine gay males in denial

Today in social psychology class I showed the Christmas Day, 1977, episode of All in the Family where transvestite Beverly LaSalle is killed by thugs and Edith has a crisis of faith as a result of the loss.In looking for more information about the man who played BLS, Lori Shannon, I found an interview with female impersonator, David de Alba. The interviewer was Chris Lee and I found this exchange interesting.Chris: What's your explanation of the connection between Female Impersonation and … [Read more...]

Invisible Children Documentary

I interrupt the normally scheduled blog to bring you this important public service announcement. Everybody reading this, please go to I saw the documentary this morning in church and I was blown away. The documentary is a call to action for the West to help the children of Sudan and Uganda. I think we will be doing the Global Night Commute later in April. Pass the word (maybe it is all over blogosphere already, I don't know, but here is my little part). … [Read more...]

I am not a reparative therapist

I do not see this as a final word but I am reflecting on reparative therapy these days and wanted to get some of my thoughts down.I am not a reparative therapist.UPDATE: For more information regarding a framework for interventions regarding sexual identity, see the Sexual Identity Therapy guidelines... … [Read more...]

Diversity Day Cancelled

A school district cancelled a diversity day because an ex-gay asked for some time. Perhaps, the school should consult the First Amendment Center's Guidelines regarding sexual orientation and public schools. … [Read more...]

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

My middle school aged daughter was assigned to read this book. I read through it and thought it was a step up from a comic book, not much literary value that I could discern. Actually, I think I would rather her read Fantastic Four comics over the Guide. Maybe I am missing something? … [Read more...]

More on First Amendment Center's Guidelines for Consensus on Sexual Orientation in Public Schools

Lengthy op-ed by Charles Haynes in USA Today about the First Amendment Center's Guidelines regarding discussions of sexual orientation schools. My perception is that these are not being well received on the hard right or hard left. … [Read more...]