Same Sex Attraction and social factors

In preparing a publication, I ran across this article:Same-sex attraction in a birth cohort: prevalence and persistence in early adulthood Authors: Dickson N.1; Paul C.; Herbison P. Source: Social Science and Medicine, Volume 56, Number 8, April 2003, pp. 1607-1615(9)Abstract: There is a continuing debate about the importance of social versus biological factors in the expression of same-sex attraction. Investigation of prevalence, continuities, and changes over time among young adults … [Read more...]

Abortion and Mental Health: A Pro-Life Reaction

'Evidence Doesn't Matter' -- APA Spokesperson Says of Abortion ComplicationsStudies Showing Emotional Problems Not Relevant to American Psychological Association's Pro-Choice AdvocacyTo: National DeskContact: Amy Sobie, for the Elliot Institute, 217-525-8202 SPRINGFIELD, Il., Feb. 17 /Christian Wire Service/-- According to a spokesperson for the American Psychological Association, the APA's pro-choice position, first adopted in 1969, is based on a civil rights view, not on scientific … [Read more...]

An apology accepted

I recently wrote to the Dept of Health and Human Services about a drug and alcohol abuse website that catered to a GLBT audience. There were multiple inaccuracies on the website and I thought it could have done a better job providing information regarding STIs and the associations to drug and alcohol use. At any rate, here is the reply I received from an anonymous contractor to the DHHS:I find it interesting that you use a higher education email account to communicate such rhetoric. Does Grove … [Read more...]

What does change mean?

A commenter on the Brokeback article brought up the recent article by Tim Wilkins where Tim said he would not go see Brokeback Mountain because it would be tempting for him. Thus, if Tim still has attractions to men then is he really ex-gay or is he still a homosexual? Clearly, Tim believes he is post-gay at least, meaning that he has structured his life around his more recently acquired heterosexual attractions and not his homosexual attractions which may have initially seemed more natural. So … [Read more...]

Brokeback Syndrome?

Another thought on Brokeback... … [Read more...]

Video clip of Dr. Robert Spitzer discussing sexual orientation research

View a clip of Dr. Robert Spitzer discussing his research regarding sexual orientation. The clip is from the documentary, I Do Exist. … [Read more...]

New poll on public perceptions of sexuality

Scientific American MIND Nationwide Poll Reveals Surprising Perceptions of Sexual Orientation Among Americans50% Believe Choice Plays No Role in Sexual Orientation; 47% Believe "All People Have the Potential to Be Attracted to Members of Both Sexes"NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 02/06/2006 -- Half of all Americans believe sexual orientation is "innate, genetic or predetermined by other factors such as environment," a new nationwide Zogby Interactive poll shows. The surprising findings are … [Read more...]

Some reflections on Brokeback Mountain: The story

"What Jack remembered and craved in a way he could neither help nor understand was the time that distant summer on Brokeback when Ennis had come up behind him and pulled him close, the silent embrace satisfying some shared and sexless hunger." Annie Proulx - Brokeback Mountain.I have yet to see Brokeback Mountain. However, I have read the short story and so my comments are based on the brief tale of the same name by Annie Proulx. About the movie, it’s by now like the Gulf Coast to me: I have … [Read more...]