And the winner is…

Rod Learned was the original drummer for the 80s band Berlin. He was also the reunion drummer for the band when they were featured in 2004 on VH1' s Bands Reunited show. He is also a very good friend of mine, living here in Western PA. His wife Jeniece is Director of Pregnancy Services of Western PA and they do an amazing amount of good for young teens. His work on I Do Exist is here and for good measure, some other good percussion work is here. Check the last post for the winner... … [Read more...]

Just for fun: Music trivia

I am in the mood for trivia and there is a payoff. If you are the winner, you can have one of anything I make (music CD, talk CD, DVD, etc.).Name the drummer for the theme music track from the DVD I Do Exist. Hint: He was also the original drummer for the band who did the song "Take My Breath Away" from Top Gun.Post your answer and email it as well to me. First right answer wins. … [Read more...]

Press release – Counseling practices and reorientation therapy

Grove City College press release regarding the study of counseling practices and reorientation therapy. … [Read more...]

Silo Rains on Penguin Pride Parade

Silo and Roy have split up. After 6 years of same sex relationship bliss, Silo has become ex-gay. Reached for comment earlier today, Silo insistes he was not pressured into his new identity. He denies rumors that he has been hired by Focus on the Family to begin a zoo ministry among gay penguins. No word on custody arrangements for their adopted daughter Tango. Silo's ex, Roy, has refused all requests for interviews. Reportedly, he is considering a request from Vanity Fair for an exclusive … [Read more...]

New Op-Ed – Pledge of Allegiance case

Pledge of Allegiance case - New op-ed... … [Read more...]

waiting for a call

Still waiting... … [Read more...]

Advanced look at article to be published in December, 2005

Here is a pre-publication copy of a study to be published in the Journal of Psychology and Christianity, Winter, 2005.I had originally planned to do a follow up on this study but I cannot locate all of the participants. Instead, I am collecting data regarding those who once sought change and will follow them for 5-10 years. This will include those who consider themselves ex-ex-gay as well as ex-gay. … [Read more...]

What will Arnold do?

California's legislature passed a gay marriage bill. Will the Governator veto, sign it, or allow it to become law? … [Read more...]