PFLAG wants discussion on reparative therapy?

PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) released a statement yesterday saying they want a discussion about "reparative therapy." Well, that is interesting news since they have already decided they don't like it. I wonder what they want to discuss.Here is the statement with commentary from yours truly.Statement on Tennessee Teen's Release from "Ex-Gay Camp"July 26, 2005 – Washington, D.C. – As Zach Stark, the Tennessee teen who recently gained national attention after bl … [Read more...]

Judge Roberts will be confirmed

I am way outside my area of expertise when I wax upon things political. However, my opinion is that the liberal opposition to Judge Roberts is mostly about rallying the troops and fundraising. On what basis would he not be confirmed? If Ruth Bader Ginsberg can be confirmed with her history with the ACLU then questions about former clients and charities and personal beliefs should be off the table.Immediately, PFLAG and HRC are out in front along with NARAL in opposition to the nomination. … [Read more...]

Fayetteville Arkansas controversy over sexually explicit books

This is a developing story and is already pretty big in Arkansas. As I said in the article, I cannot understand what educational value these books have. I remember in helping with child abuse investigations in Southern Ohio, perpretrators would give material such as is in these books in order to groom kids for a sexual advance. I don't care what your political ideology is, I would hope we could get to some common ground on removing sexually explicit material from public … [Read more...]

Clarification regarding study quoted in essay about Exodus founders

In my recent article regarding the founders of Exodus, I made the following quote referencing a study of counseling with gays and lesbians:"For instance, in a recent study of 2000 episodes of counseling with 600 gays, only 13 episodes were identified as involving sexual reorientation therapy."The reference for the study is: Jones, M.A., Botsko, M., & Gorman, B.S. (2003). Predictors of psychotherapeutic benefit of lesbian, gay, and bisexual clients: The effects of sexual orientation … [Read more...]

New Essay: Are Sexual Preferences Changeable?

Are Sexual Preferences Changeable? Warren Throckmorton, PhD July 19, 2005”(Wayne) Besen tracks down a dizzying array of former ex-gay leaders who later came out of the closet for good, including the two founders of Exodus.” From an article by Mark Benjamin on, July 18, 2005.The article containing the above quote is entitled, “Turning Off Gays” and is the first of a four part series on the Internet site, The series is billed as “an investigation into the Christia … [Read more...]

Salon Goes Undercover to Investigate a Reparative Therapist

In part two of their series on reparative therapy, Salon's Mark Benjamin lies to Maryland therapist, Barry Levy to get his story.The session with Mr. Levy sounds believable enough, although I would want to hear from Mr. Levy as well. Several aspects of the commentary on the story however are questionable. Benjamin writes:The theory that homosexuality is a mental disorder that needs to be cured is the moral underpinning of the Christian right's crusade against gay marriage, sodomy laws, gay … [Read more...]

Feedback on Salon article: 80% of Exodus Founders are still straight

Here is a quote from the Salon article regarding the founders of Exodus International:"Besen tracks down a dizzying array of former ex-gayleaders who later came out of the closet for good, including the two founders of Exodus."This is not true. Only one of the founders are gay today (Michael Bussee). His partner (Gary Cooper) was not a founder and died of AIDS several years ago. 80% of the founders are still ex-gay. I know; I have talked to all of them personally to research it. This should … [Read more...]

More links on the Love in Action Issue

Here is a Salon article on reorientation therapy. The issue is getting a lot of press at the moment. Here is a place you can track the bloggers on the issue.I am growing concerned serious therapists are going to be dismissed simply due to a belief in the flexibility of sexual feelings. There are so many serious questions about the nature of the science that are being ignored due to polarization on this issue. Gay activists in particular are loath to allow any serious questioning of the sexual … [Read more...]