Palin Claims Deconstructed

Since Sarah Palin was named to run with John McCain for the White House, the examination of Sarah Palin’s record as mayor of Wasilla and governor of Alaska has been intense and unrelenting. I have been interested mainly in the claims regarding spending on social programs and present my work in examining them here. The page will expand as I get time to devote to it. I also will add links to other blogs and news sources.

1. Sarah Palin slashed funding to teen mothers. False.

Also see Covenant House Executive Director Deirdre Cronin’s exclusive statement to me that the operating budget was not reduced by governor Palin.

2. Palin voided the WIC (Women, Infants & Children) program in Alaska. False.

Newsweek issued a correction re the teen mom and WIC claims:

3. Palin cut Special Olympics’ budget. False.

My challenge to Keith Olbermann re: his false reporting regarding Sarah Palin.

4. Palin cut funding to Catholic Charities. False.

Other sources for Palin claims and rumors:

Excellent article on the Special Olympics claim – Sarah Palin Story

Palin Rumors – Explorations – As of 9/23, he is up to 91 rumors/claims.

Comprehensive list of debunked Palin rumors – Long list of links.

If you hear of any other rumors/claims, let me know.