Sarah Palin ABC News interview – Open Forum

The Palin interview is reverberating through the blogs. What do you think about her performance? The questions?Open forum...Various links to segments and transcripts:Christianity Today and Palin on social issuesEntitlement programsEarmarks/infrastructureABC News misrepresents Iraq war comments … [Read more...]

A conservative defense of sex research

During the Saddleback Civil Forum, if Rick Warren had asked the candidates about funding sex research, it might have gone like this.Warren: What is your position on researching sex?McCain: (with resolve and without hesitation) - Missionary!Obama - Uh, well, it depends on how you define "sex" and "research." Scientifically and politically, it is above my pay grade to determine what my position is in that arena.Pure fiction, of course. I doubt sex research will come up in this … [Read more...]