The Day After: Ugandan Television Examines the New Anti-Gay Law

NTV Uganda devoted multiple segments to coverage of the enactment of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Here is what the network posted on You Tube:Entire signing ceremony (over 1 hour)(H/t Box Turtle Bulletin) … [Read more...]

The Day After: Tabloid Publishes List of 200 Top Homosexuals; Ssempa Offers Gay Rehab; Far Right Reacts

The Uganda rag, The Red Pepper, has published what it says is a list of 200 Top Homosexuals.One problem with the story is the statement that first time offenders can be sentenced to 14 years. According to the copy of the bill I posted yesterday, first offenders may be sentenced to life in prison. For touching.This action is disgusting. I pray it does not incite Ugandans to persecute these people.In this NY Daily News article, a picture is posted of Martin Ssempa who is now offering … [Read more...]

Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2014 – Full Text

A pdf of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2014 as signed today in Uganda is here.Some reports indicated that the penalty for "the offence of homosexuality" would be 14 years in prison. However, the penalty is actually life.The offence of homosexuality. (1) A person commits the offence of homosexuality if—c) he or she touches another person with the intention of committing the act of homosexuality. (2) A person who commits an offence under this section shall be liable, on conviction, to i … [Read more...]

Former Member of Uganda Ministry of Health Committee on Homosexuality Objects to Political Direction; Declines to Sign Report

According to a Uganda Media Centre spokesman, President Museveni will sign the Anti-Homosexuality Bill today. However, he will do so amid discord on the committee he has appointed for political cover. Dr. Eugene Kinyanda is one name that was on the initial committee but does not appear among the signers of the final report. I have learned that he has declined to sign the report.Dr Kinyanda wrote to fellow committee member Dr. Ezati and said: I would like to state that I will not be signing … [Read more...]

Uganda Media Centre Spokesman: President to Sign Anti-Homosexuality Bill at 11am Today (UPDATED)

Update:President Museveni signs anti-homosexuality bill.— Maurice Mugisha (@MauriceMugisha) February 24, 2014Pres Museveni arrives at state house Ebb in upbeat mood to sign ati-homosexuality law— Ofwono Opondo (@OfwonoOpondo) February 24, 2014Ofwono Opondo tweeted earlier that Uganda's President Museveni will sign the Anti-Homosexuality Bill at 11am Monday. Pres Museveni to sign the Anti-homosexuality law today 11.00am State House, media invited— Ofwono Opondo ( … [Read more...]

Exclusive: Changes Made in Final Report of Uganda’s Ministry of Health Committee on Homosexuality

I have obtained a copy of the final report of the Ministry of Health Committee on Homosexuality. Dated February 23, this report is more extensive than the first report with changes to the contents as well as the membership of the committee.This report provides a more extensive look at research (although it is still missing some very important papers) and more significantly does not include recommendations regarding legislation. Two members were added to the committee: Assoc. Prof Charles … [Read more...]

Is Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill On Hold?

In a statement dated February 18, but widely available just today (e.g., the Observer), Uganda's President Museveni seems to leave open the door that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill could be put on hold while he seeks additional input from researchers and scientists. Here is Museveni's statement in full: to a Reuter's report, the president's spokesperson said the bill was on hold pending more … [Read more...]

African Media Watchdog: NRM Caucus Misinterpreted Ministry of Health Report on Homosexuality

Earlier this week, Peter Mwesige of the African Centre for Media Excellence scrutinized the way the Ugandan press handled the facts surrounding President Museveni's decision to sign the Anti-Homosexuality based on a report by an ad hoc committee of the Ministry of Health. In his article on the matter, Mwesige points out that the president's political party caucus distorted the committee report by saying homosexuality was "an abnormal behavior." Significantly, Mwesige quoted one of the committee … [Read more...]