House and Senate consider resolutions opposing Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

This comes from Jirair Ratevosian, Deputy Director of Public Policy with The Foundation for AIDS Research, based in Washington, DC. In a letter dated march 22, 50 organizations, primarily relating to AIDS research and treatment, called on the House and Senate to pass resolutions H Res 1064 and SRes 409, respectively. Contact your Senator and Representative to ask them to co-sponsor and vote for these resolutions. Here is the letter supporting the Senate resolution:March 22, 2010RE: S. Res. … [Read more...]

Exodus International Board and members condemn Uganda’s proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill

As a follow up to a letter delivered to Uganda's President Yowari Museveni, the board and many member ministries of Exodus International have issued a statement condemning Uganda's proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009.Due to the continued threat of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009, introduced before the Ugandan parliament on October 14, 2009, and bills like it in other nations, the Board of Directors of Exodus International and its North American membership felt a vital need to issue t … [Read more...]

VIDEO: ABC News Nightline on Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

ABC News Nightline went to Uganda and filmed Martin Ssempa showing porn in church and then got Scott Lively on camera. Here it is: … [Read more...]

How about an Anti-Sodomy Bill?

Reading an op-ed by Nicholas Kristof titled, "Learning from the sin of Sodom," I was reminded of the biblical passage, written by the prophet Ezekiel where the nation of Israel was judged by God. Here is the paragraph from Kristof:In one striking passage, Stearns quotes the prophet Ezekiel as saying that the great sin of the people of Sodom wasn’t so much that they were promiscuous or gay as that they were “arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy.” (Ezekiel 16:49 … [Read more...] Join the dialogue

Martin Ssempa wants to dialogue on his blog. He has been blogging the past few days and wants some company, even inviting Pam's House Blend to join in.I posted a couple of brief comments neither of which has been approved as yet. One of the comments requested that Rev. Ssempa post a link to a copy of the bill. Then his readers can evaluate the accuracy of this statement:A lot has been spoken about the death penalty creating hysteria among some of you that we propose to run around and round … [Read more...]

Petition delivered to Uganda’s Parliament; Ssempa miffed is hosting a petition opposing Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill. The first installment of signatures was delivered earlier today to the Speaker of the Parliament, Edward Sekandi. From anti-gay bill was tabled in parliament by member of parliament David Bahati in October 2009. Since then a lot has been debated about the harshness of punishments in the bill.The petition was today morning presented to the speaker of Uganda parliament Edward Sekandi by four people who … [Read more...]

Martin Ssempa defends gay porn presentations

The following news release is Martin Ssempa's attempt to justify his recent pornography presentations in Uganda (here and here). I received this from Rev. Ssempa's supporting church, Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas. Canyon Ridge supports the Ssempas as missionaries to Uganda.On Screening Gay Porn1You can also view this statement here.Rev. Ssempa is either unaware or unconcerned that heterosexual people also engage in the practices he is displaying to h … [Read more...]

Ssempa’s “million man march” halted – UPDATED

UPDATE: A "hundreds person march" was held in Jinza. Video is at the end of the post and the Daily Monitor has an article about it.It may be temporary but the Uganda version of the "million man march" on Kampala may be off. The Daily Monitor reports:On Sunday, Police moved to halt a planned demonstration in support of the controversial Anti-Homosexuality Bill saying that the government is still sorting 'issues out' as pro-gay activists under the Unitarian Universalist Church of … [Read more...]