David Bahati intervenes in UK asylum case

This in from Lezgetreal.com:Brenda Namigadde left Uganda 8 years ago, in 2003. She lived together with her partner, a Canadian woman Janet, but they were threatened, and both left the country, first Janet back to Canada, then Brenda went to the UK:“Our relationship led us to be sworn at, threatened. Even the house where we were living was hurt, so we had to live in hiding for a month. Janet had to go back to Canada, the last time I saw here was in 2003. I’ve been in the U.K. for 8 years, ap … [Read more...]

Uganda round up: Ssempa summoned to court, Rolling Stone hearing slated for Dec. 31

According the Daily Monitor, Martin Ssempa and a group of cohorts have been summoned to court over charges they conspired to injure the reputation of Robert Kayanja. According to authorities, the bunch paid people off to say Kayanja engaged in homosexual behavior.  According to the Monitor:The Buganda Road Court yesterday summoned pastors Solomon Male, Michael KyazzeMartin Ssempa and Robert Kayiira to appear in court on January 4 to answer charges of conspiracy to injure Pastor Robert … [Read more...]

Buturo censors human rights documentary

In Uganda, Nsaba Buturo is serving out his term as Minister of Ethics and Integrity. He lost his bid for re-election and will presumably not be back in that role. However, even as a lame duck, he is making waves. According to the Monitor:Human rights defenders yesterday gathered in Kampala to voice their distress following Monday’s incident where Ethics minister blocked the viewing of a movie chronicling their experiences.Led by Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) chairperson Medi K … [Read more...]

State Department: Anti-Homosexuality Bill “major violation of human rights” but Bahati was not asked to leave country

Just a bit ago, I talked to Andy Laney of the U.S. Department of State who contradicted a report in the Uganda Observer that David Bahati was asked to leave the country.Mr. Laney said, "We did not ask David Bahati to leave the country," adding that the State Department did not have that authority.However, Mr. Laney confirmed that State Department officials met with Mr. Bahati while he was in the United States and told him...that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is a major violation of human … [Read more...]

Author of Uganda anti-gay bill on his way home

I am trying to confirm these facts but this article from the Uganda Observer says David Bahati is on his way home, with a little help from the US State Dept.He is not answering his phone and has not returned emails. I suspect he is indeed in transit. … [Read more...]

David Bahati on the Rachel Maddow Show, Parts 1-3 with commentary

Here are the Rachel Maddow Show segments with Ugandan MP David Bahati.Part one:Part two:Part threeVisit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyUS Connections with guest Jeff SharletVisit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyMaddow's opening commentary:Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy … [Read more...]

Bahati criticizes conference ban

As I noted yesterday, David Bahati, currently in Washington DC representing the Ugandan Parliament, was barred from entrance to a conference on financial management hosted by the International Consortium of Governmental Financial Management.ICGFM spokesman, Doug Hadden, told me that Bahati “arrived mid-morning and was informed of the decision [to bar him from the conference]. There was a frank but calm discussion and Mr. Bahati was not able to enter the building.”Contacted by email, Mr. B … [Read more...]

Christian Science Monitor errs on Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Another mainstream media source is falsely reporting that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill has been withdrawn. An article by Scott Baldauf in the Christian Science Monitor incorrectly says:In Uganda, where homosexuality is already illegal under British colonial-era laws, the parliament briefly debated and then withdrew a proposed bill that would have imposed lengthy sentences, and in some cases the death penalty, for homosexuals.CNN reported it in late October and I have confirmed it here and her … [Read more...]