Bob Barr’s Strange David Barton Claim

This is old news but an article on right wing opinion site American Thinking got me to writing.Bob Barr and Barry Loudermilk are seeking the GOP nomination next week to run for Georgia's 11th District Congressional seat. Last week, they debated and in the debate Bob Barr made a strange charge against Barry Loudermilk. Watch, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:Barr accuses David Barton of being anti-Semitic and challenges Loudermilk to deny Barton's endorsement. The article that caught my … [Read more...]

GA House Candidate Barry Loudermilk Says No Greater Expert On The U.S. Constitution Than David Barton

Georgia State Senator Barry Loudermilk is running for Congress from Georgia's 11th congressional district. Today on Twitter he announced that David Barton has endorsed his candidacy.  On Loudermilk's website, he has this to say about Barton: There is no greater expert on the U.S. Constitution and the underpinnings of American government, than David Barton Wow, no greater expert?In addition to academia in general, scores of Christian professors would disagree with that … [Read more...]