David Barton, Guns, and the Second Amendment

I recently purchased David Barton's book on the Second Amendment and had planned a mini-series on it. However, Chris Rodda beat me to it with several detailed posts on his book and other statements Barton has made recently.  This post just gives some examples and points you to her articles.First, regarding Barton's book on the Second Amendment, Rodda takes several citations from Barton's book and demonstrates how he edits them to suit his purposes. For instance in his book, Barton quotes the … [Read more...]

What is the Source for David Barton’s Kids with Guns Story? (UPDATED)

UPDATE (2/26/13) - David Barton responded to this post on his website, admitting that the kids with guns story came from a Louis L'Amour novel.  He claims that sharing this story as historical fact is alright since L'Amour claimed the story was true. I examine that claim and compare it to the story of George Washington and the cherry tree in this post: David Barton, Kids, Guns and Historical Fiction.................(Original post begins here)On January 16, on the Glenn Beck Show, … [Read more...]