Does Christianity Need Donald Trump’s Help?

Editors' Note: This article is part of the Patheos Public Square on Faith and the Election. Read other perspectives here.Now that Donald Trump is the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee, we can look back at some of the promises he has made. Of interest to the current Patheos Public Square conversation on faith and politics are his promises to make businesses say Merry Christmas and his pledge to “work like Hell” for Christian power.In February, Pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas … [Read more...]

Should America Establish Christianity as a State Religion?

Everyone who reads here should know where I stand on that question -- absolutely not!I was surprised and sad to see that among Republicans, I am in the minority. According to a Public Policy Polling survey (question 17), 57% of Republicans said they "support establishing Christianity as the national religion." Thirty percent did not support that policy and 13% were unsure.Tom Ehrich pointed to the poll results in his commentary opposing the establishment of Christianity. Ehrich asks, if … [Read more...]

Pentagon again addresses rumors of crackdown on Christians

Yesterday, the Pentagon issued another statement regarding the rumors of a crackdown on religious speech. The Hill picked up on the comments and I have the Department of Defense statement here. In response to queries from various sources, Lt. Cmdr. Nate Christensen sent along the following comments:EEOC rules do not apply to military personnel.There is no DOD wide policy that directly addresses religious proselytizing.  Furthermore, there is no effort within the department to make … [Read more...]

Al Mohler presents us with a conundrum

Rev. Al Mohler, who lately has been calling evangelicals to speak honestly about homosexuality, seemed to defend religiously based orientation change yesterday in a column on his website.Much of what he writes about sin and redemption most evangelicals would agree with, but then he says this about Christians and same-sex desire.Christians with same-sex sexual desires must know that these desires are sinful. Thus, faithful Christians who struggle with these desires must know that God both … [Read more...]

Common cause: Stop the Afghan “kill the Christians” movement

UPDATE: In addition to the group below, I have organized another group here. Please join and invite your network to join.I have been saying for months that one powerful motive for Christians to care about the persecution of gays in Uganda is the common cause we have. Christians are persecuted the world over, primarily within governments based on Sharia law. Uganda's lurch toward Levitical law should be troubling for those who treasure freedom of conscience and value Christian compassion. … [Read more...]

Joe Dallas on Christian love for gays

Relevant to the recent Golden Rule, Day of Silence and Sally Kern posts is this article from Lillian Kwon at the Christian Post.Maybe gays are having a hard time with the love thing when they are considered a worse threat than terrorists. Go figure. … [Read more...]