I will be on the Bill Martinez Show this morning

The show begins at 9am and I will be on from 9:00-9:30am, ET.You can listen live here.We are going to discuss Getting Jefferson Right and the material which directly addresses the misinformation in David Barton's The Jefferson Lies.I wrote about Barton's appearance on the Martinez show in this post.  … [Read more...]

Monday Night Live with Jerry Newcombe

Last night I was on Jerry Newcombe’s Monday Night Live talk show which is aired on WAFG-FM, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Newcombe’s views lean toward the Christian nationalist side of things, having co-authored, What if America was a Christian Nation Again? with D. James Kennedy as well as George Washington’s Sacred Fire with Peter Lillback. I was on the show to discuss Getting Jefferson Right, and more specifically aspects of Jefferson’s life and views. The point of the show was not to focus on the mist … [Read more...]

David Barton’s 700 Club Interview: The Things We Didn’t Say

Guest post by Michael CoulterDavid Barton was interviewed for the July 4, 2012 edition of the 700 Club.  It is 9 minutes of remarkably misleading television.   There are many false claims about Jefferson, but I want to focus on Barton’s reference to our book Getting Jefferson Right in this post.Without being asked about the book, Barton says: A lot of that goes back to a whole academic viewpoint of  Deconstructionism. . . there’s a couple of professors who hate this book and they’ve got … [Read more...]

David Barton on CBN today; Confuses Everson v. Board of Education with Something Else

David Barton will be on the 700 Club today and although the video is not yet available, a summary of his appearance is on the 700 Club website. He is supposed to talk about Jefferson and says falsely that Jefferson was an active member of the Virginia Bible Society, that he financed a Bible edition in 1798, and that he demonstrated interest in bringing Christianity to Indians. He will apparently also discuss the Jefferson Bible.Under the church and state section, the narrative refers to the … [Read more...]

The Founders’ Bible – Really?

Rolling over in their grave, they are...I wonder if Thomas Jefferson provides commentary on some of the books. Prior to the book of Revelation, Jefferson could enlighten readers with this little gem:It is between fifty and sixty years since I read it [the book of Revelation] and I then considered it as merely the ravings of a maniac no more worthy nor capable of explanation than the incoherences of our own nightly dreams. I was therefore well pleased to see in your first proof sheet that … [Read more...]

USA Today: Jefferson – Our least Christian President

USA Today weighs in a bit on The Jefferson Lies. … [Read more...]

More Evidence David Barton is Wrong About Jefferson and Slavery: Robert Carter’s Emancipation Deed

I talked about Robert Carter in a prior post. Carter set in motion a plan to free his slaves beginning on August 1, 1791. Fresh from the Northumberland District Court in Heathsville, Virginia, I have copies of the Deed of Gift which Carter filed on August 1, 1791. I will pull out a couple of pieces of it and then provide links to all the pages which you can click through to review.David Barton wrote in The Jefferson Lies that Thomas Jefferson was unable to free his slaves due to Virginia … [Read more...]

David Barton Continues the Whitewash of Jefferson as Slave Owner on the Bill Martinez Show

In prior posts, I have demonstrated that Thomas Jefferson was allowed by Virginia law to emancipate his slaves. Barton says he couldn't do it, but we demonstrate in Getting Jefferson Right that Barton omitted from The Jefferson Lies the citation to Virginia law that proves Jefferson could have done so.In a June 14 podcast of The Bill Martinez radio show, Barton compounds the problem by distorting the situation even more. About Jefferson and his slaves, Barton tells Martinez starting at 11:10 … [Read more...]