David Barton Criticizes Public Schools Then Incorrectly Links Quote to Lincoln

You can't make this up.Writing for OneNewsNow today, David Barton claimed to know the thinking behind the protestors who descended on Washington DC during the inauguration weekend. Without providing any polling or even anecdotal evidence, he said the protestors were unaware of the reasons why a candidate for president could win the popular vote but lose the election. He said the protestors were unaware that America is not a pure democracy. Somehow, Barton knows the views of all those … [Read more...]

HarperCollins: Monica Crowley’s Book Will No Longer Be Offered for Purchase

HarperCollins just told CNN's Andrew Kazcynski that they are pulling Monica Crowley's 2012 book, What the Bleep Just Happened Here?After taking a little time to study the matter, the publisher decided to stop selling the book "until such time as the author has the opportunity to source and revise the material." (HC statement from the CNN article)In the past when confronted with plagiarism charges against Mark Driscoll, HarperCollins acknowledged the "citation errors" and then quietly … [Read more...]

Ecclesia College Benefited from Arkansas Bribery Scheme

UPDATE: Ecclesia College president Oren Paris III tonight issued a statement denying any wrongdoing in this case.A news report out of Arkansas sounds ominous for some of the blog's favorite people.Ecclesia College received $200,000 from an Arkansas government agency to build a building on campus. According to the report a sitting State Representative took a $18,000 bribe in order to funnel the money to Ecclesia.This isn't the first time Ecclesia benefited from public funds. The … [Read more...]

More Questionable Quotes from David Barton: Who is Disrespecting History?

I realize this isn't exactly big news but David Barton's use of questionable quotes caught my eye because there is a local connection.In a WND article out yesterday, David Barton described a situation in nearby Oil City, PA. Here is his not-quite-accurate version: Because these groups are non-discriminatory in their God-hating, even our venerated military heroes are not off limits. The Veterans of Foreign Wars in Oil City, Pennsylvania, placed a bench in a city park, and on the bench was an … [Read more...]

David Barton Criticizes the Accuracy of Bill O’Reilly’s History Books

This is a classic.Self-styled historian David Barton (with the fake PhD he won't explain) now comes forward with criticism of the accuracy of Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly's history books. Lack of self-awareness, thy name is Barton.The context is Barton's daily Wallbuilders Live (which is recorded) radio show. Barton responds to a question from a listener about the accuracy of O'Reilly's books, especially Killing Reagan. Now actual historians have ripped O'Reilly's book on Reagan so … [Read more...]

David Barton’s PhD School Life Christian University Claims America’s Founding Is Church History

Nearly three months ago, David Barton proudly proclaimed that he had an earned PhD. The very next day he removed the video claim from his websites and never explained why. We later learned that Barton's earned degree came from Life Christian University, a diploma mill based in Lutz, FL. Barton's degree was given based on his published works in history which Life Christian considered to be part of Church history.Now, via another statement from Life Christian University, more details are … [Read more...]

Joyce Meyer No Longer Calls Her Life Christian University PhD an Earned Degree

After I pointed out that it is illegal in Missouri to claim an earned PhD when you don't have one, mega evangelist Joyce Meyer has changed the description of her Life Christian University doctorate. Here is what she used to claim:She claimed that she had "an earned PhD in theology from Life Christian University..."Now she accurately refers to the degree as honorary.David Barton referred to his Life Christian University degree as earned but where it is illegal to do so, Joyce … [Read more...]

Michele Bachmann and David Barton: God Rigged the Election

Those are my words, but that's about what she is saying. Yesterday, Michele Bachmann and David Barton produced a chart showing Trump's chances of election were increasing as Clinton's chances were decreasing. The lines crossed at about 8:30pm eastern time and Barton and Bachmann credited the Daystar prayer requests for the victory. Watch:Many polls were closed at that time. Perhaps God engaged in vote tampering.Although it is true that many polls were open, millions of votes had … [Read more...]