Daily Jefferson: Jefferson on Blackstone and British Common Law

According to David Barton, Thomas Jefferson thought Sir William Blackstone was foundational to legal practice. However, Jefferson felt a reliance on Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England  by American law students had led to what he called the "degeneracy of legal science." In fact, Jefferson told  Judge John Tyler in this June 17, 1812 letter that he preferred to rely on no British authorities for legal interpretations after the time of the Declaration of Independence. Following his re … [Read more...]

Why Don’t Christian History Professors Matter When it Comes to David Barton?

Of late, I have gone from trying to change the problem to trying to understand it.Numerous Christian academic historians have weighed in on the historical misadventures of David Barton, often with unclear results in the church world. A recent example is the decision of the Missouri Baptist Convention to sponsor a talk by David Barton in MO near the end of the month. Despite clear evidence from academic Christian historians that Mr. Barton's talks are laced with significant historical … [Read more...]

Missouri Baptists Help Sponsor Conference Featuring David Barton and George Barna


June 26 and 27, David Barton and George Barna will take their tour to Springfield MO for the Turning America Conference. To the chagrin of most Southern Baptist academic historians, the conference is sponsored by the Missouri Baptist Convention which is the state affiliate of the Southern Baptist Convention.The meetings will be held at the Second Baptist Church in Springfield, MO.Contact information for anyone in that neck of woods who might want it is 417-239-4216 and … [Read more...]

David Barton’s Unreal Appearance on Family Research Council’s Washington Watch

David Barton was on Family Research Council's Washington Watch Live yesterday to talk about his version of America's founding. The host sitting in for Tony Perkins was Craig James.As I was listening to Barton rattle off some of his usual distortions, it occurred to me again how far apart Barton and the Family Research Council are from Christian academia and the real world of scholarship. For instance, James introduced Barton as "one of the most respected historians in America."In what u … [Read more...]

Kent Hovind Acquitted on Contempt of Court Charge

Kent Hovind

Closing the loop on my earlier articles on Kent Hovind, I can point readers to this piece at Forbes and the judge's order, filed yesterday, which acquitted Hovind on the contempt of court charge.Nothing in this order or an earlier dismissal of charges exonerates him on his tax crimes.I was interested in this primarily because David Barton decided to get involved via his interview of Hovind, a creationist who has run afoul of other creationists on sciency creation science. … [Read more...]

David Barton Misleads Ukrainian Pastors and Politicians about John Locke

In June 2014, David Barton went with PA Pastors' Network president Sam Rohrer to lecture Ukrainian pastors and a few politicians on the Christian nation thesis. Nine minutes of Barton's speech (through an interpreter) is on You Tube.In the video (at about 4:20 through 6:20), Barton talks about John Locke's use of Bible verses on the establishment of civil government. Watch:Transcript: This man is named John Locke. He was a great lawgiver in history and he was also a theologian.  He … [Read more...]

Gary Scott Smith on Religion in the Oval Office


My Grove City College colleague Gary Scott Smith is featured talking about his new book on American presidents and religion in a podcast on conservative website Ricochet. Click the image to listen to the interview. Gary is chair of the history department at GCC and an immense help to me in understanding how historians operate. He has reviewed and offered helpful suggestions for many of my blog posts debunking David Barton.You can read an interview with Gary about the book at … [Read more...]

David Barton Hosts Kent Hovind on Wallbuilders Live

Today, David Barton's Wallbuilders Live broadcast their interview with Kent Hovind.There is a vigorous group of folks who have taken positions on Hovind's crimes and I will be interested to read their comments about the interview.Barton began by saying that people who do what Hovind did spend an average of 18 months in prison, if they spend any time there at all. Barton and Green think the length of his sentence is a red flag.Hovind said he didn't know any better, and he said the … [Read more...]