Institute on the Constitution: There Is No Reason Why Men Should Not Discriminate On Grounds of Religion, Race, or Nationality

On Institute on the Constitution's website, a 1956 essay by Calvinist thinker Frederick Nymeyer describes discrimination which is permitted within a society.  John Lofton, IOTC Director of Communications, reprinted this article from a journal recommended by Christian reconstructionist Rousas Rushdoony.Nymeyer lays out his thesis clearly:The word discriminate has in late years acquired a bad flavor. There are three kinds of discrimination which are under special attack: discrimination on … [Read more...]

1984 Press Conference: Ronald Reagan opposed discrimination against gays

In a post earlier today, I referenced a Baltimore Sun article where Democrat Presidential nominee Walter Mondale said he heard President Ronald Reagan speak against discrimination against gays. I found a transcript of that June 14, 1984 press conference in the Reagan archives which supports Mondale's statement. Here is the brief answer to a reporter's question about gay rights in employment:Employment Rights for HomosexualsQ. Mr. President, there is a move afoot in the Congress that has … [Read more...]

Photographer focus of human rights complaint

The Washington Times reported Monday that a New Mexico photographer is defending herself against a human rights inquiry because she declined to take wedding pics for a lesbian nuptual. Should the photog, Elaine Huguenin, have to do the job?What if this was a Catholic photographer who refused a Protestant wedding? Or what if it was a polyamorous wedding? What if it was a florist who did not send flowers? Or a caterer? Or what if it was a counselor who did not want to provide pre-marital … [Read more...]