Christ is Risen – Matt Maher

He is Risen!Happy Easter 2016... … [Read more...]

Happy Easter – 2015

Joy to the World; He is Risen! … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll Appears on James Robison’s Life Today Show; Also Appears on T-Shirt

I guess moving out of celebrity status is hard.Mark Driscoll appeared as a guest on James Robison's show today discussing Driscoll's  book A Call to Resurgence. The interview was tame compared to his interview with Janet Mefferd back in November 2013.  As you can see from the transcript, Robison didn't bring up any uncomfortable issues.In mid-March, Driscoll said he would be doing "very few media appearances, if any." Until Easter, Driscoll's live preaching was mostly to staff. I wonder i … [Read more...]

Christ is Risen – Matt Maher

Happy Easter! … [Read more...]

I will rise – Chris Tomlin

Happy Easter - He is risen! … [Read more...]

Pre-Easter music video – Meant to live – Switchfoot

Been too long between music vids. Here is one that was popular a few years ago but remains one of my top ten Switchfoot songs. … [Read more...]