Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability in Communication with Mars Hill Church

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability is "in communication" with Mars Hill Church amid questions about the Mars Hill Global fund.Recently, Michael Martin, Legal Counsel and Director of Member Services told a questioner via email: We are aware of the issues you mention and are in communication with leaders of Mars Hill concerning matters which relate to ECFA standards. The questioner informed the ECFA that Mars Hill Global has been raising money under the heading of "Mars … [Read more...]

Megachurch Methods: Apparently Mars Hill Global Money Can Be Spent Anywhere


Those in charge of Mars Hill Global seem to agree with me that Mars Hill Global is really Mars Hill Church.Last week, I posted a 2011 document about the rebranding of Mars Hill Global (among other things, "cultivate an international audience and giving base") and a slide showing the dramatic rise in giving on behalf of the MH Global brand. After those posts appeared, a sentence was added to the website description of MH Global: Mars Hill Global has the same mission as Mars Hill Church - ev … [Read more...]