Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill: What are American Christians doing?

This post will be a work in progress in that I am going to list organizations with connections to those in Uganda who are suporting the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. As I learn of various statements and positions of American Christian groups, I will post them, even if there are no particular ties to promoters of the bill. I need to caution readers that being listed here does not mean that the organization or anyone in it supports the bill. Reactions have varied and those reactions are what I am trying … [Read more...]

Video: Rachel Maddow Show covers the Fellowship Foundation’s opposition to Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

I didn't see the link so it will be hard for viewers to find it, but the guest post by Jeff Sharlet made the Rachel Maddow Show tonight. Have a look for yourself:Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyVisit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyAs I note here, the prospects for the February, 2010 National Prayer Breakfast to be business as usual depends on what happens in Uganda over the next month or so. … [Read more...]

Is The Family behind the Anti-Homosexuality Bill?

Last week on NPR's Fresh Air, Jeff Sharlet reported that The Fellowship Foundation (aka The Family) supports an organization in Uganda called Cornerstone Development which, according to Sharlet, is linked with the main government officials behind the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009. Is this accurate?According to their IRS 990 tax forms, the Fellowship Foundation indeed does support Cornerstone Foundation in Uganda. Less clear is what, if any, relationship exists between Cornerstone and the … [Read more...]