ABC 20/20 examines "gay gene" debate

Tonight, at 9pm est, 20/20 will feature a segment examining homosexuality and genetics and more. Read the segment here... … [Read more...]

Sexual orientation theorizing: Is change possible?

I post often about causal factors in sexuality; such factors are puzzle pieces that interest me (along with other human traits and variations). In addition, the intersection of personal values and sexuality ratchets up the interest level. Thus, the recent article, "Respecting Ex-gays"by John Corvino is a must read.Corvino wants to take a live-and-let-live approach. He ends his piece with a familiar, but altered soundbite:So when ex-gays announce, from billboards and magazine ads, that “Ch … [Read more...]

Call it Biagra – A drug to switch orientation?

The new fruit fly research has observers wondering about a drug to alter sexual orientation. This article by John Tierney raises some of the inevitable questions which will arise if indeed such a bridge can be made between flies and humans.He quotes an email from researcher David Featherstone on the controversy:I asked Dr. Featherstone if it might be possible one day to quickly alter humans’ sexual orientation. Here’s his answer:Although I am not sure my research is a big step in this d … [Read more...]