The world an end, and faith a means

The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis provide a narrative of an experienced demon, Uncle Screwtape, mentoring his nephew, Wormwood, in the family business -  luring people away from God. Lewis weaves in philosophy, psychology, theology and then-current events into his work and provides an evangelical look into temptation. Last night reading Letter #7, I came across a passage which brought to mind some of the pitfalls of the culture war for Christians. In 1942 wartime context, Lewis, via Screwtape, … [Read more...]

LDS scholars critique Byrd, Cox & Robinson review

Monday, I posted a statement from J. Michael Bailey, prolific sexual orientation researcher at Northwestern University, regarding what he called a "blatant misquotation" and misrepresentation of his views by Dean Byrd, Shirley Cox and Jeffrey Robinson in a 2005 book review of In Quiet Desperation. Yesterday, I posted a link to the rebuttal by In Quiet Desperation co-author, Ty Mansfield.Today, I am posting another rebuttal to the review from Byrd et al, this time from four LDS scholars who … [Read more...]

The Pink Swastika and Hitler

In the hunt for the gay Nazis, the biggest prize is Mr. Nazi himself, Adolf Hitler. And Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams do not let us down. In Chapter 4, from about page 151 on, Lively and Abrams weave together various rumors to make a case that Hitler was homosexual. In fact, they have an ally of sorts with Lothar Machtan, a German historian. Machtan believes Hitler was gay and wrote The Hidden Hitler to prove it.Machtan is a historian and his book is to be taken more seriously that The … [Read more...]

The Pink Swastika and Hate 2 Hope

In light of my series on The Pink Swastika, I thought it would be fitting to re-post this 20/20 episode regarding the white supremacist who reformed.You can read more about Tim Zaal and Matthew Boger at this prior post on Hate 2 Hope.A strict application of the thesis found in The Pink Swastika would make the story of Zaal and Boger very confusing.Prior posts in this series:May 28 - Scott Lively wants off SPLC hate group listMay 31 - Eliminating … [Read more...]

Situation worsens in Uganda

Yesterday, a prominent Catholic priest, Anthony Musaala fought off allegations he is gay.Today the same news service, New Vision reports the following:MPs want gay group's activities regulatedThursday, 2nd April, 2009MPs want government to regulate the activities of homosexuals who have come out publicly to defend their rights.Kawempe North MP Latif Sebaggala says Government should not allow homosexuals to hold press conferences to iron out their issues because the vice is … [Read more...]

Aftermath of the Uganda conference on homosexuality

Much has happened in Uganda since the Family Life Network's conference on homosexuality was conducted March 5-7 (All of my posts are linked at the end of this post). This post provides links to the stories and some commentary on the matter.In short, it appears that the intent of the organizers of the conference is being realized. The conference organizers wanted to fight homosexuality and use the conference as a means of awareness for that purpose. In the days since the conference, a series … [Read more...]

Report from the Uganda conference on homosexuality: Open forum

Frank Mugisha is the chairperson of a gay advocacy group in Uganda called Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG). An unnamed person from his group attended all of the meetings in Kampala and filed this report. Obviously, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of it and I think it should be considered one person's impressions of the event. There are some issues raised in it however, which I am exploring and will probably post about in the future. For now, I am just going to post a link to the report and open … [Read more...]

Research note: Gay and straight men assess parental qualities

I am re-examining (in some cases examining for the first time) older studies of parenting and adult sexual orientation. This post will look at a paper from 1983 - Sipova, I., & Brzek, A. (1983). Parental and Interpersonal Relationships of Transexual and Masculine and Feminine Homosexual Men. Journal of Homosexuality, 9, 75-85.This Czechoslovakian study claims to find differences between assessments of parents by gay, straight and MtF transsexuals. However, the actual data do not support … [Read more...]