Florida Got On the Cain Train

Wow, Hermann Cain scored a big win in the Florida straw poll today. Beat out Perry - who was expected to win - by nearly 22 points. Herman Cain: 37.11% Rick Perry: 15.43% Mitt Romney: 14.00% Rick Santorum: 10.88% Ron Paul: 10.39% Newt Gingrich: 8.43% Jon Huntsman: 2.26% Michele Bachmann: 1.51% Michele Bachmann had Peter Waldron deployed to FL and she still finished lower than Huntsman. Time to follow T-Paw back to MN? … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer is no longer alone

He has GOP¬†presidential¬†hopeful¬†Hermann Cain as his partner in the war on the First and Fourteenth Amendments. Anyone want to predict how that will work out for Mr. Cain? … [Read more...]